California's redwood trees are natural wonders. Towering over hundreds of feet tall this national park is quickly becoming a nature-loving couple's dream location to tie the knot. Need some proof? Get lost in what we believe is the most magical woodland wedding in the redwood forest with a birds and nature theme and vegetarian menu. Magnolia Weddings takes us into the wildly romantic day of Ana and Bryan with frame after frame of pure prettiness. Their enchanting day is seriously the stuff of woodland fairytales and was all inspired by Ana's mood board. Le Bloomerie used the vision as their guide to the whimsical look Ana desired in shades of purple, peach and yellow. Ready to explore the most magical woodland wedding in the redwood forest? Fair warning, you may want to carve out some to pin this beauty!

We wouldn't be surprised if a magical woodland wedding in the redwood forest is the next big thing as far as location trends. And why not? Take today's backdrop at Felton Guild that Ana and Bryan chose. With its serene setting and utterly private feeling it offers a natural cathedral of huge redwood trees to say I Do beneath the branches. Instant magic and grandeur. Ana and Bryan both happen to be designers which means they have an eye for this kind of detail. They landed on their birds and nature theme as she paints during her free time and "bird" just so happens to be his term of endearment for her too. Awe. They planned a vegetarian menu to go along with their environmentally friendly lifestyle approach working with a local cheese farm. Additionally, she and Bryan took inspiration from James Bond movies. While they planned their wedding themselves, their main advice is to "definitely get a wedding planner and find a venue that has a kitchen and a dumpster." Not only is the planning time consuming, they ran into issues that typically are not at the forefront when going through the checklist. For them, since they wanted to be more green and eco-friendly, not being able to use the dumpster created a slight problem as the restaurant also specialized in meats and barbecue. Not exactly what they were looking for. Despite the small glitch this is magical woodland wedding in the redwood forest we've seen be executed. Right down to Ana's nymph like gown by BHLDN.

Photographer: Magnolia Weddings Ceremony Location: Felton Guild Floral Designer: Le Bloomerie