Come to the dark side with us and Jasmine Bridal's new lead designer Jose Dias today. We're shedding the light on a fashionable trend that is making a comeback. That's right, wearing a black wedding dress is not as taboo as you might think. Not only will we tell you why but, perhaps more exciting is that we get to reveal three of Jose's exciting new designs. Giving you the first sneak peek at what Jasmine Bridal is adding to their already magnificent line up when it comes to this stylish black and white statement. If you're thinking about wearing a black wedding dress, or more importantly if you haven't yet considered the notion, these impressive gowns may just sway you with their pitch-black beauty and high-contrast looks. We also give you a teaser to what you can anticipate in Jose's inaugural Jasmine Bridal collection for Spring 2020.

Wearing a Black Wedding Dress

Did you know that wearing a black wedding dress actually dates back before the early 1800's? Spanish cultures embraced the color to symbolize their devotion to the marriage vow - 'til death do us part. It's pretty romantic when you think about it. In fact, brides actually loved color and chose to wear the gown that looked best on them no matter its shade. But then in 1840, one white ball gown designed in a color that best showcased its lace changed wedding history. The day Queen Victoria's no none sense fashion approach influenced an entire century. And her two biggest contributions can be summed up in two words: black and white. Now hitting twenty years into the 21st century, we continue to see a shift on the topic of a white wedding dress. Bolder design moves are bringing black out of the shadows. For a few seasons, Jasmine Bridal has taken that lead. Already offering a variety of styles for our princesses that like a modern twist to their fairytale style. It makes sense that this will be amplified this upcoming season too for the brand with Jose at the designing helm. His inspiration comes from major fashion moments making the Spring 2020 collection a time capsule that will lead brides on a vogueish journey. Or in his own description: Retro Glam. Think fun flapper dresses with elaborate beading, iconic clean lines in ball gowns to effortless fabric blends for a carefree vibe and bold glamorous details. One thing we know about fashion forecasting is that the idea of "making a comeback" IS the next big thing. But, 2020 is ushering in the era of extra because it's a time to be about standing up and standing out. If you think about it, wearing a black wedding dress is actually a pretty epic throwback. A fashionable redux to the 1800s.