This is one of those editorials where everything just works. One where sparks fly between the bride and groom and that is jam packed with pinch-yourself-prettiness. Ideas that dance the line between rustic garden charm meets industrial big city wedding romance. Each lovely frame priming us for the fall season and the natural organic beauty that can be achieved. Blushing blends of pale pinks to deep dusty rose hues blossom in pretty details with the prowess of Intrigue Designs and Love Birds Vintage Rentals & Styling thanks to another event with Styled Shoots Across America. Trust us when we tell you that the beautiful imagery of Dan Bushkin Photography is going to transport you to this industrial big city wedding romance that unfolded at Sodo Park in Seattle, Washington - Sodo Park by Herban Feast to be exact.

Industrial Big City Wedding Romance

This rustic garden twist with industrial big city wedding romance is bursting from its seams with a whole slew of cute details. Certain to have brides-to-be inspired by Seattle's chic vibe. Sodo Park certainly delivers when it comes to a rustic ambiance with distinct elements of the Pacific Northwest. The wide-open space of the century old building with its high ceilings, wood beams, romantic light that make it a beacon of Seattle style will sway you. If that industrial vibe doesn't then fact that Herban Feast also caters with an event menu that includes locally grown organic produce - well - need we say more? And how fun is it that the models for this shoot are Seattle celebs - with the bride, Libby Vincek, being from the lastest season of Survivor. Their chemistry is hot! And let's be honest - Sarah of Intrigue Designs - is enough to make anyone flower obsessed with her color crushing blends of lush blooms. This color combination is always one that goes straight to our heart being the pink lovers that we are. Add a kaleidoscope of this pretty hue from light to dark - hello Marsala, we see you - with a dose of peach and this blend is just too fabulous. This too elevates the opulence and grandeur vibe to the overall rustic garden wedding romance for us.