The 50s were an exuberant time, weren't they? Easy elegance. A touch of traditional mixed with quirky charm. This retro Hollywood glamour wedding day in California reflects the era of times gone by with just that combination. And it has our love affair with the past - the colors, textures and styles -deepening. It's weddings like Eunicia and Garen that keeps the nostalgia of era-themed weddings alive as we see retro vintage reappear with a fanciful twist. Shapes, patterns and color. Give it all to us and more! Rene Zadori Photography tells the story that unfolds in two parts for today's bride who chose to different looks - one part whimsical fairytale and the other dramatic opulence. Both inspired by the 50s with a contemporary feel.

Retro Hollywood Glamour Wedding

Eunicia and Garen's retro Hollywood glamour wedding theme from the color of the flowers to the choice in venues was spot on. They wanted their portraits at the Huntington Library & Gardens to be more whimsical with a fairy tale like quality. Florist Dolce Fiore ensured that with her lush pink peony bouquet alone. The reception at the Bella Blanca was more about the drama and romance. The checked dance floor is ideal for this feel coupled with the bold red roses blended with pink blooms in cascading installations of various shapes and sizes throughout. Having attended many weddings together, Eunicia and Garen wanted theirs to be original. Something that did not feel done before. Forgoing the pastel blends and lighter tones, they opted for darker and lustrous. The second they entered the ball room they knew it was perfection under the moody lighting everything simply popped in the right places. Eunicia learned that during the wedding planning process - everyone is going to give their opinion. Whether asked for our not. The process brings out the best and worst in people. Her advice to brides is to keep a level head and always be positive. "Your wedding is a day of celebration and one of the most important days of your life, so don't let the little things take away from that," says Eunicia. "Your vendors will become your best friends, so it's important to choose them not only based off their skill, but their personalities and how you mesh together."