Imagine downloading a dating app, only to delete it after your first match. That's the story of the couple behind today's decadent downtown Seattle wedding. From Craig's emotional first look at Christie in her Morilee by Madeline Gardner gown to the reception's fun speakeasy vibe, you can almost feel the whirlwind of emotions that Luma Weddings captured. This gem at the AXIS Pioneer Square is not only visually gorgeous, but comes with three valuable pieces of advice directly from the bride and groom.

When asked about their decadent downtown Seattle wedding, Craig and Christie offered up some sound advice. First, Christy learned on the wedding day that there IS such a thing as too much glitter. If you're planning on using something like glitter poppers for your "getting ready" photos or confetti canons for the ceremony or reception, less is more. Her bridesmaids were using tweezers to pull glitter from Christy's hair all night. Lesson number two comes down to time lining. If you're doing any of the planning or DIY-ing items for the wedding, set a time and date a few days before the wedding to finish everything. Whatever is done by that point is what's getting done. Whatever is not, doesn't need to be done. Christy says to allow yourself several days to really step back and enjoy your guests, each other to soak up all that is going on around you rather than rushing around stressed for the final days before your wedding. And the final sage piece of advice? Brides - set a point person to answer all the questions on your wedding day if you don't hire a planner. From coordinating vendors, the bridal party, and all the players of the day. Christy didn't have many text or phone call questions while getting ready, but when everyone got together, she became pretty overwhelmed by the number of questions being asked of her throughout the day. Appoint a groomsman, bridesmaid, other close friend as the point person and layout before the wedding to them exactly how you want the day to run. Then let them answer all incoming questions so you can just sit back and enjoy the day without having to give direction or make decisions.