Be-YOU-tiful. That's the message that will transcend from the runway to the aisle after seeing designers from across the global showcase their 2020 collections during this year's New York Bridal Fashion Week. Buckle up as we break down our top 8 chic 2020 wedding dress trends that expand on empowerment and individuality with a return to some classic bridal roots. From the bows and beading, blooms and butterflies to the bold colors and breathable fabrics, our partner Duke Images captured it all in glorious fashion. Let's just start by saying that there's no shortage of show stopping options for the non-traditional or traditional bride.

Top 8 Chic 2020 Wedding Dress Trends

Our recap, defining the top 8 chic 2020 wedding dress trends, highlights renowned designers who have become household names and social media superstars. We look to them as they are steadfast in presenting fashion forward concepts. Berta and Ines Di Santo set the tone for couture with their greatly anticipated runway shows. Year after year, they remind us to expect the unexpected and we count on them to deliver buzz worthy wow factor. They did not disappoint. Both designers offer depth to each trend we touch on. Pnina Tornai with her Kleinfeld Bridal show fantastically strayed from her bling. Trust us. She still reigns as the Queen of Bling. Her finale gown once again secures that title - as did her opening number. But dreamy lace blends and sleek silhouettes commanded the runway for us with the debut of her Real Collection. One after another, we saw how Julie Vino had a gown that fit every trend factor. She also unveiled styles that incorporate several of these top trends. That brings us to the triple threat designers of JLM Couture. This fabulous trio never disappoints and always drops jaws. Each designer has their own standout aesthetic where they continue to dominate. Yet this season, we see more cross over with each of them. Allison Webb is packing an edgy punch to her typically classic styles and the debut of her new line named Lucia. And oh-be-still-our-hearts with her pearly prettiness and bow-dacious beauties. Lazaro brings more shine to the stage for the non-traditional bride with color, color, color! And of course, America's sweetheart designer Hayley Paige put her own stamp on the trend roundup with her rodeo nod on the runway. Let's get right to our recap and what you can expect to see arriving at bridal salons in the coming months or - better yet - at trunk shows now.

Top: Berta | Left: Allison Webb | Right: Ines Di Santo

The Two-Part Trend: Sleeves

The long and short of it is that we are going to break down the sleeve factor into a two-part trend alert. If you don't make it past top trend, you're still covered. As far as we are concerned, this is where Spring 2020's bridal story beginnings. Long sleeves, removable sleeves, bubble sleeves, peekaboo splits and draping off-the-shoulder looks.

Long Sleeves Styles

Traditional brides are going to obsess over statement sleeves. We saw everything from the return of the illusion and lace to a re-engineered puffy sleeve. Don't worry. This is not an 80's throwbacks. Then there is ever growing popularity of the removable sleeve. We can't wait to see the enthusiasm from our fans who leave the "not for a church wedding" comments on our social pages with this fashionable resurgence. When a trend is ruling street fashion, we're never surprised to see it hit the bridal runways too.

1. Berta | 2. Hayley Paige | 3. Pnina Tornai | 4. Ines Di Santo | 5 - 8. Allison Webb | 9 - 12. Julie Vino | 13 - 14. Berta

Off the Shoulder Looks

Off the shoulder is all about romance and it's a look that works for any silhouette. Most popular to the A-line which is the favorable fit for any shape and size. This season brides will have a multitude of choices from the lacy floral or whispy draped fabric. Sheer wraps offer that off the shoulder romance while a floral lace cutout is just the right eye catching detail.

1. Julie Vino | 2. Berta | 3. Lazaro | 4. Pnina Tornai | 5. Hayley Paige | 6. Ines Di Santo | 7. Lazaro | 8. Berta | 9. Pnina Tornia | 10. Julie Vino

Sizzle & Shine

The designers didn't forget the sizzle and shine. In our opinion, they may have taken a bride's glow even more seriously this season. It's not just about the beading anymore ladies. It's about moon dust, pearlescent vibes and metallic. You will see how rhinestone variations in size can amplify the sparkle effect with a variety of blends and smatterings. Not only have rhinestones leveled up, but so have pearls. Which was indicated last season, but continues to thrive as a bedazzling embellishment. In this trend category, you also want to keep your eye out for the metallic foils that bring a new dimension to the sizzle and shine factor a bride can achieve.

1. Lazaro | 2. Allison Webb | 3 - 4. Julie Vino | 5 - 6. Ines Di Santo | 7 - 8. Lazaro | 9 - 10. Berta

Feathers & Fringe

We may be cheating a slight bit to combine feathers and fringe. But, we're going to call these two fanciful trimmings. Feathers and fringe were seen on hems, necklines, sleeves and capes. Subtle detailing or a touch of dramatic flair, these textures are pretty embellishments that can look both delicate and feminine or have a bold and chic effect. Whichever volume you go for we love seeing more of these texture and design elements to choose from when it comes to bridal fashion. This trend is a sure fire way to highlight your individual style.

1 - 2. Berta | 3 - 6. Ines Di Santo | 7. Lazaro | 8. Allison Webb | 9. Berta | 10. Allison Webb | 11. Lazaro | 12. Hayley Paige | 13. Lazaro | 13 - 14. Allison Webb

Tie the Knot

Why not (literally) tie your look together with this extra-special detail that we find so delightfully feminine. Bows continue to take on many forms in 2020 collections. From the bold and beautiful to the demur and detailed. It's a tie on which kind of bow we love the most. Around the waist, on the shoulder, off the hip or the full-length tails that act as a train. Brides will find this motif varies greatly from look to look.

1 - 2. Pnina Tornia | 3. Julie Vino | 4. Pnina Tornai | 5. Julie Vino | 6. Ines Di Santo | 7. Julie Vino | 8. Berta

Floaty Fabrics

Breathable, light weight, ethereal fabrics that give off that effortless vibe. There's a plethora of options coming in 2020 whether you classify yourself as a fashion-forward bride or you're the princess yearning for the ultimate fairytale wedding dress. We saw a flurry of floaty fabrics in a range of colors from soft to vibrant. Speaking to Ines Di Santo's collection alone - we'd love to fill our closet with these new frocks. For us, this is where a bride can indulge her feminine side with a soft airy fabric choosing color or floral prints that look so dreamy.

1. Pnina Tornai | 2. Ines Di Santo | 3. Hayley Paige | 4. Berta | 5. Zac Posen for White One | 6. Hayley Paige

All About the Bash

Let's get this party started! It seemed that every designer had their own version of party dress for your pre-party or after bash occasion. The message is that where ever and whenever you want to rock a short frock there are choices at your fingertips to show off those legs. These party dresses are full of personality. All you need to do is find the dress that fits your fun factor and dance like everyone's watching!

1. Hayley Paige | 2. Berta | 3. Ines Di Santo | 4. Hayley Paige

The Butterfly Effect

Here we are at number 8. Did anyone else notice the butterfly effect on the runway this season? Us trend seekers raise our hands high! We have three top designers and their interpretation which are each so unique. Lazaro hit on combining his butterfly gown blending it with the feather trend. Pnina Tornai was a little bit harder to spot but here fluttered in with a hint of bling - because hello - signature! And Ines Di Santo had us bowing down to her plum with the butterfly bow.

1 - 2. Lazaro | 3 -4. Pnina Tornai | 4 -5. Ines Di Santo