Zach is every reason you need a first look session. This groom shared the most authentic first look with his bride that we were left searching for the Kleenex ourselves. But, it didn't stop there. He hit us with all the feels again as Pia came down the aisle in her Sachin and Babi wedding gown from Kleinfeld Bridal. We can only imagine what it would have been like as a guest as this gorgeous Texas wedding with its Filipino wedding influences and traditions sprinkled into the ceremony. Restoring Moore Photography was behind capturing every raw emotion throughout the day. Not only how this groom shared the most authentic first look, but also the reveal to her tribe! Gasps and tears flowed in that moment too. It could be because Zach and Pia's love story began in kindergarten. It could also have to do with the fact that we are told they are the kindest people with the most genuine of hearts. That kind of authenticity is infectious! And it radiates through this gorgeous gallery frame after frame.

This Groom Shared the Most Authentic First Look

Can you imagine sitting next to your soul mate in kindergarten and sharing a seat next to them all the way to the 5th grade? This is how Pia and Zach's story began. Interrupted by a move that took them to differing states. Years later it was Pia who spotted Zach playing the drums at a music festival they both attended. They reconnected over burgers from there ended up moving to New York together as adults. The utter storybook romance had just begun though as Zach pulled off a proposal in the most city of love. Yes, Paris - of course - right in front of the Eiffel Tower. Seriously, is this even real life? For the wedding day, the Bella Donna Chapel in McKinney, Texas made for the most stunning backdrop for their vows. These two created a space for a romantic and quiet first look right outside the Adriatica Bridal Suite where this groom shared the most authentic first look, as the bridesmaids peeked from the windows above. Zach was tearing off his glasses to wipe the tears from his cheeks when he saw Pia for the first time, spinning her around and around to take in her beauty. Just moments later, he stood at the altar wiping those same tears as he watched his bride walk down the aisle. After they nuptials in the chapel, they sealed their ceremony by ringing the bell outside the chapel to let the world know they were officially husband and wife. From the crisp white florals that popped beautifully against the girls' Lulus dresses to the spiffy Topman tuxedo from Generation Tux, what was most refreshing, inspiring and memorable about this day was greater than the details. Above all, Pia + Zach remained steadfast in their joy of becoming husband and wife. Their joy was unwavering and their love was radiant for one another and for those that joined them because they were giddier about the thousands of days that they would soon experience together as one, above the intentional, unique and simply stunning details that made up their wedding day. And that is all in the words of the photographer which left us swooning!