There are days that the "boho lifestyle" creates serious goals when facing today's demanding lifestyle that tends to glorify the idea of being busy. Getting back to ways that embrace a free spirit, nonconformist ideals and the wanderlust way of life. It's no wonder that from that vantage point, up pops a whimsical meets earthy bohemian wedding trend for this life style. Enter this stunning editorial from Jamielyn Craft Photography to spectacularly illustrate just what we mean. With the fashionably talented floral designs by Flora & Fauna, a relaxed charm is created with a vintage touch for an incredibly beautiful earthy celebration. Think bridal portraits, intimate elopement or even elements to incorporate into the big day itself!

Whimsical Meets Earthy Bohemian Wedding Trend

Every inch is packed with details that hit on the whimsical meets earthy bohemian wedding trend. A sit down tablescape that guests can cuddle up into a cozy sitting arrangement, lounging on a throw with textured pillows that set the scene. The color palette in shades of amber and copper heighten the draw to the earthy organic vibe complimenting the overall look. Of course, rather than symmetrical round floral arrangements a more wild, untamed expression is created with branching stems and greenery. The cherry on top of this laid-back celebration is the cutest dessert table. Perfect for noshing - hello, donuts - they also added varying mini cakes for a touch of color and eye candy. Vignette areas stand out for today's must have bridal portrait opportunities. We love seeing more swings incorporated into wedding days which take us back to more carefree times. This idea beautiful aligns with the boho lifestyle exemplifying that sense of freedom and self-expression. Not to be forgotten is the bride and groom's fashion. This is where individualism stands out. More and more brides go for an effortless appeal. Flowing gowns with less embellishments are seen like this bride, however lace is a fabulous way to create a timeless look too.