If you haven't heard the news, we are calling 2020 the year of something blue as Pantone announces Classic Blue as its color of the year. The much-anticipated announcement was met with great fervor as the color of the year is said to be a snapshot of what we see taking place in our global culture. Serving as an expression of a mood and attitude. Classic Blue, PANTONE 19-4052, was chosen as "a timeless and enduring hue elegant in its simplicity." The shade resembles the color of the sky at dusk that Pantone goes on to describes as being darker than sky blue but lighter than midnight blue. With descriptors like "tranquil," "easily relatable," and "relaxed," their reasoning for choosing a favorite color such as blue, especially after vibrant shades like last year's Living Coral is that it is not fancy but dependable and a good staple. It's a very wearable color that flatters most and as far as the wedding industry trends, we anticipate a shift from black tie events to groom's in blue. That's just one way we see 2020 the year of something blue as Pantone announces Classic Blue as its color of the year. Dive into our inspiration for a few more ideas!

2020 the Year of Something Blue as Pantone Announces Classic Blue

The 2020 color brings us almost full circle to the first color of the year, Cerulean, another blue hue chosen in 1999 to likewise capture a moment in time. The cool thing about Classic Blue is that it has an everyday familiarity that other colors of the year just didn't have. As a quick recap: In 2019, it was Living Coral. In 2018 it was a purply Ultra Violet; 2017 gave us Greenery and 2016 gave us two hues: Serenity - or sky blue - and Rose Quartz - a blush or millennial pink. Classic Blue is dependable, it's resilient. It's always with us and we are totally here for it. Especially if the shade is was chosen for its ability to instill calm, confidence, and connection as, Pantone has gone on to say with their announcement of the color. As we cross the threshold into a new era - it's dependable foundation is the perfect sentiment for something borrowed, something blue. Ways to bring Classic Blue into reinforcing 2020 the Year of Something Blue would begin with a sapphire engagement ring all the way to your lighting and décor. Could we possible see an uptick in squads dressed in blue frocks and perhaps What do you think? Will we see more bride tribes in blue and Chinoiserie details?


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