If your style leans toward the unconventional, trust us when we advise you to scope out Mikaella Bridal's wedding dresses. This Canadian designer's collections are packed with fashion forward wedding dresses for the untraditional bride. Since we were first introduced, we immediately felt that Mikaella Bridal was the "cool-girl" designer. Always a step ahead of the trends while also offering a plethora of classic, timeless choices too. These wedding dresses are inherently romantic, but certain design elements elicit an extra dose of femininity or fashionable detailing that can make a more personalized style statement. Today, we take a deep dive into the fashion forward wedding dresses for the untraditional bride that Mikaella Bridal offers breaking down five trend worthy elements and techniques that are incredibly versatile too.

Fashion Forward Weddings Dresses for the Untraditional Bride

Whether you're a bride looking to step away from the quintessential bridal look or wanting something that says "that's so me" and parallels your everyday style, these fashion forward wedding dresses for the untraditional bride are on point. Mikaella Bridal has been delivering a range of dress styles and silhouettes that appeal to brides-to-be for decades on an international level. As the sister brand to Paloma Blanca, they are proud to offer gowns that give brides the look, the feel, the style, and the cultivated beauty of high fashion couture gowns, at an attractive price. We talked about their "it" factor and trademark looks in the release of their 2020 Collection too. Mikaella Bridal has harnessed the ability to blend elegance and edgy making them a sought-after designer who designs fashion forward wedding dresses for the untraditional bride. Without further ado, let's take a look at the designs that catch our eye that encompass the most talked about trends as we get ready to enter 2020 and say hello to those most newly engaged!

Sheer Wedding Dress Styles

We feel like we've been saying "do not fear the sheer dear" for decades. Think nude, illusion lace and well - simply sheer beauty. This is where a bride can slay some serious details known to drop jaws. They say that the "naked" dress is one of the newest bridal trends from 2019, due to bridal's ever evolving bohemian style. That's the barely-there gown covered in lace, sheer fabrics and flesh-toned linings. But the sheer look takes on many variations. The dare-to-bare sheer looks of Mikaella Bridal are not only chic but devastatingly elegant. Sheer bodices paired with solid fabric skirts. Fashion forward wedding dresses for the untraditional bride that are enough to push the envelope while still staying in a sophisticated comfort zone. Take the full lace elegance of Style 2100 with its fit and flare shape and nude lined bodice. Or the multi-organza layers of Style 2287 that speaks to a modern-day Cinderella bride putting a little edginess into her fairytale.

Sheer Wedding Dress Styles (Left to Right): Style 2100, 2190 and 2287.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Styles

We'll be the first to admit we thought when two-piece wedding dresses hit the scene that it was just a fad. Lucky for us, and today's bride, Mikaella Bridal knew better. With more brides letting go of the preconceived notions of what a wedding dress should look like and embracing their personal daily style we see how the alternative two-piece style is here to stay. Being on the forefront of fashion forward changes like this also means Mikaella Bridal is refining options along the way as they introduce even more designs for this category. We're talking about cool crop tops found with Style 2293 and pretty skirt combinations that prove two can be far more stylish than one. These options become the perfect combination of party on the top - we see you Style 2283 - and formal on the bottom making them highly stylish and unique which is embodied in Style 2053.

Two-Piece Wedding Dress Styles (Left to Right): Style 2053, 2283, 2293, 2298.

High Slit Skirt Wedding Dress Styles

Since the skin-baring phenomenon known as "Angelina Jolie leg," high skirt slits have taken to the runways by storm. The edgy, sexy-yet-chic detail alludes to what lies beneath without being overly gauche. With every shift in body movement, a high slit can give a new shape while a well-placed skirt slit can maximize the comfort level of curve hugging silhouette. Style 2107 offers not just the bold high skirt slit in the fit and flare design, but also a sumptuous deep V in the bodice and a back that holds just as much drama for your exit. In contrast, the easy flow of the A-line skirt of Style 2208 with its high skirt slit combines with the sheer lace bodice. Of course, the Carrie Bradshaw in us always has us thinking about rocking some statement shoes for those peek-a-boo moments that high skirt slits offer up down the aisle and on the dance floor.

High Slit Skirt Wedding Dress Styles (Left to Right): Style 2107 and 2208.

Statement Bow Wedding Dress Styles

Anyone that knows us at Strictly Weddings, knows we have an affinity for huge bow embellishments. When tying the knot, we love how a bow ties in femininity while making a powerful wow statement. Let it be known too that last season, Mikaella Bridal forever won our hearts with Style 2267 - we weren't shy about proclaiming our overall love for the Fall 2019 collection as it was a game changer in the romance department. But now, competing for that rapid pitter-patter of our hearts are Styles 2282 and 2292, both from their new Spring 2020 collection about to hit stores and completely different from one another.

Statement Bow Wedding Dress Styles (Left to Right): Style 2090, 2267, 2282 and 2292.

Unique Cutout Wedding Dress Styles and Features

Unique cutouts and features may seem like we are lumping in a catch all phrase, but there really is something to an unexpected cut for a little risqué aesthetic. Or the ability to take a classic style like the new timeless romance of Style 2284 and turning it on its head with a contemporary tweak or two - say with an empire waist, petite bow and inverted box pleat skirt with pockets. These unique cutouts and design features are about ensuring you're not mistaken as wearing your grandmother's wedding gown and added bonus your groom will also give a double take too. Whether it's a plunging scalloped edge v-neckline like Style 2286 or the deep v-trimmed in lace of Style 2297 both offer an edginess while still feeling entirely ladylike. As for unique cutouts Style 2250 tops the charts for us with its artful illusion back that wrap around the sides to the front in a total different way without a complete reveal of the midriff like Style 2295.