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When we read that the iconic red of a Louboutin sole inspired wedding ideas for this editorial we couldn't think of a better way to close out our blogs for 2019. Stemmed from the affection for fashionable shoes is a step in the right direction for us shoe lovers too. Luxe by Minihaha & Co wanted to replicate love and romance and brought together a host of talented industry creative to pull off this fabulous Christmas shoot. They develop a scene that is about combining personalization and creativity while showcasing a glamorous and opulent table scape that complimented The Grand seamlessly. Stewart Barker Photography packaged the beautiful interpretation of the iconic red of a Louboutin sole inspired wedding ideas.

Iconic Red of a Louboutin Sole Inspired Holiday Wedding Ideas

Fun fact about the story behind the iconic red of a Louboutin sole. After stealing his assistant's red nail polish, Louboutin painted the boring black sole on a shoe just to see what it looked like. But in the end, he loved the result so much that from then on he produced all his shoes with a red lacquered sole. For a venue, they instantly there was no other choice than The Grand, York. It was the perfect grand feeling for a venue for this to unfold. The recently renovated venue and the entire property is full of these meticulous details. Luxe by Minihaha & Co cherishes as a planner and stylist and played perfectly into the inspiration for the styled shoot. They brought a glamour to the world of weddings by tying in subtle French inspiration and natural styling. The design goal was to meld her love for modern romance with an appreciation of high fashion. She was looking for spectacle and fabulosity so they used red and black color scheme. A hint of gold as well as metallic and velvet were used as an added touch to create something awe inspiring for brides to be.