There aren't many words that can be written to properly introduce this post. This bride and groom pure and simple radiate light and love. There's the moment this paralyzed groom stands for his vows and not a dry eye is found by the guests in attendance. But it's so much more than that triumph and touching space in time. You see the warmth Savannah and Kollin share for one another in the smallest of gestures. There is a light tenderness and joy about them. You witness it in glances toward one another, soft smiles exchanged between them and in the touches affectionately given throughout the day. In one of the more honest, more sincere, more wholly love-focused weddings we've ever seen - photographed beautifully by Branson Maxwell Photo & Video - this is what it's all about. As wedding bloggers, we are privileged to see a lot of beautiful weddings. But, this one is different. Savannah and Kollin's wedding is the very definition of a fairytale come true.

To be frankly honest, not a lot of information was given to us about why or how this paralyzed groom stands for his vows. And that's ok because Savannah and Kollin story is not about that. It's about normalcy. On a beautiful summer day in Utah, they shared their "I Do's" in an intimate outdoor ceremony in the family's backyard surrounded by friends and family. They had met through Kollin's cousin. The cousin had asked one of Savannah roommates in college to a casual group gathering and they both were there. Savannah says she knew he was the one on their first date feeling like they had known one another for years and falling in sync with each other. They were engaged at Kollin's family ranch in Wyoming, a special place to him as it had been a tradition for proposals to occur on the property. While out exploring, he took her to big hill overlooking the property. Turning the four-wheeler off, he turned to her and said "I have something for you." Kollin presented Savannah with a book he had made filled with pictures of them dating, things he loved about her and other sweet things. On the last page, it had a picture he drew of himself on bended knee to Savannah, since he is paralyzed and couldn't kneel. When she looked up overwhelmed by the incredibly special proposal he had her ring in hand asking her to marry him. Coming full circle to their backyard wedding day celebrating their very special love, we couldn't be more humbled to share Savannah and Kollin's beautiful and authentic fairytale.