Cue the umbrella drinks for an imaginary vacation as we take you to a paradise dream wedding in Maui. This tropical vow exchange is searing with stunning details, as it should be, when the couple has one of the island's top landscapers and florists marrying. Elizabeth and Olin's beautiful shore side ceremony also had Maui's leading wedding professionals rallying to contribute to this dreamscape with Chris J. Evans Photography behind the lens to capture the sandy celebration at the famous While Orchid Weddings Beach House and their team at the planning helm. The vibe was chic, boho, elegant and vintage all nicely wrapped into one dose of pretty and a taste of island life. White sand beaches, tall palm trees, fresh island flowers and leis with tropical colors sweep us away with the crescendo moment occurring as the sun sets for epic newlywed portraits.

Elizabeth and Olin met through a mutual friend. Due to the island's rainy season, rather than working together on a landscaping job, they found themselves on a dinner date. Olin is a certified arborist and landscaper with an emphasis on palms, while Elizabeth focuses on tropical, agaves and edibles as a floral designer and nursery owner. Since Elizabeth's business crosses over to the wedding industry, she had the vision of pooling together her industry friends to create an amazing paradise dream wedding in Maui. The emphasis was to keep the design work local and showcase the amazing vegetation that organically grows on the island that isn't immediately considered for wedding decor. With the assistance of Cloud Flower Protea Farm and Teresa Sena Designs, her vision came to fruition. What can we say, tropical is beautiful - and this romantic beach wedding is a far cry from the blush rose weddings that continue to trend. As an outdoorsy couple, Elizabeth and Olin love to spend time together checking out botanical gardens and discovering new plants. Their passion naturally radiates through their dream day, as if we too just journeyed through one of Maui's botanical gardens.