Having the blues never looked so good. This beach wedding vibe maximizes elegant velvet blues amplifying the serene color in every element right down to the lush ruffled dress. Let's be honest. The color blue doesn't necessarily have the best rapport. Between Picasso's Blue Period and the common phrase "having the blues," there's plenty to suggest that the shade is anything but energizing. But this gorgeous scene with the Hilton Clearwater Beach Resort as the backdrop asserts that the hue - in all its many forms - is one you should certainly consider for your ceremony and reception color palette. Additionally, let's not forget that a bolder, stronger shade called Classic Blue is Pantone's Color of the Year. The following gallery captured by Lifelong Photography Studio is here to prove how a beach wedding vibe maximizes elegant velvet blues with a playful meets effortless twist.

Beach Wedding Vibe Maximizes Elegant Velvet Blues

From ocean-colored blooms, a barely-blue ruffled wedding dress to the groom's suit, there's plenty to suggest that blue is about as dimensional and wedding-worthy as a color can be. The best part? The shade can be modified for any type of wedding style. The shade's incredible range - from the deepest indigo to the clearest sky blue - makes it a malleable shade that'll fit right into your ceremony or reception, whatever you have planned. Another major perk? We've yet to find a shade this hue doesn't play nice with. See here how the team pairs it with greenery, deep plums and rich reds - even the notable black that is hot on trend. As a matter of fact, the beach wedding vibe maximizes elegant velvet blues by playing on its softer tone against the darker moodier shades. See how the moody yet stylish decor includes black ghost chairs, succulents, gold accents and black candle sticks? These darker hues also play into the floral design which allows the velvet blues to create a nice color punch while also adding texture. Shore up these coastal ideas into your Pinterest whether for a winter bride or even a late summer as there are some gorgeous take aways including those sunset photos under the pier and that hexagon arch for the ceremony site. If you are thinking of shaking the blues this gem with inspire your own color scheme pairing.