Even though it feels like spring is just about to grace us with her presence, we're keeping our eye out some newer moody color blends. And let us tell you, they look really good. Dark luxe wedding romance with a tropical twist is an unexpected color theme that totally works. The balance is beautifully captured at The West Events in Tampa Bay, an industrial chic event venue surrounded by the unmistakable feel of old Florida. Elegant Affairs by Design mixes textures for this dramatic scene that has so much exquisite depth we can't stop revisiting each detail Amanda Zabrocki Photography so beautifully captured.

Dark Luxe Wedding Romance with a Tropical Twist

These fresh combinations for a style is one that's all your own when considering a wildly beautiful dark luxe wedding romance with a tropical twist. The blending of dark and soft tones creates a cohesive flow, so every detail looks like it belongs. This fabulous team narrowed down their palette to a few colors keeping elements like the tabletop garland from looking too messy. Added depth without looking too chaotic and especially striking with a bold shade, like black. The nailed a tailored for maximum impact using an abundance of greenery, ghost chairs and romantic candlelight which also made for the perfect mix of modern and luxe using and industrial space. They opted for a black, gold and blush pairing, with an greenery for that tropical twist. These colors blend well together for a spring, or winter wedding. The West Events maintains its original roots while integrating contemporary and modern design. The white brick walls offered a clean palette, while the wood palette walls offered an industrial feel. The mirrored table was a must have to compliment the black chargers and ghost chairs. The combination and contrast of the two made this styled shoot all the more modern in executing that dark luxe wedding romance with a tropical twist. Everything about this editorial is textural with a contemporary flair to the max! Pretty gorgeous, if we do say so ourselves. Clean lines always make a big statement in our book.