We honestly thought we had seen it all when it comes to fairytale wedding locations. That was until this flat-out jaw dropping, unexpectedness landed in our laps. Honestly, we feel like we just unearthed an exquisite hidden gem wedding venue in Slovenia. This day in age, with social media being what it is, that's a feat! But then again, maybe upon closer look you will recognize the Lake Blend Church in this resort town of Slovenia. Also known as the Church on the Island. Before diving in, we have to give pause and say that we are beyond grateful that UTB Photographers sent in Eric and Theia's adventure fairytale! Between their ceremony at the region's main landmark to their reception at the castle which stands firmly on a high rock on the shores of the lake this exquisite hidden gem wedding venue in Slovenia is pure magic. Breathtaking, beautiful and stylish and completely unique.

Exquisite Hidden Gem Wedding Venue in Slovenia

Eric and Theia's wedding began with the traditional Pletna boat ride to the island. Atop a small island in the lake's center, their ceremony took place in the romantic Pilgrimage Church of the Assumption of Maria, with its steep staircase and bell tower surrounded by the glacial waters of Lake Bend and the foothills of the Julian Alps. Theia's mom and sisters all took a very active part in planning the entire wedding experience. She explained to her family that she wanted the feeling of "ethereal" to come to life and they delivered. It was Theia's mom who discovered this exquisite hidden gem wedding venue in Slovenia. Her older sister chose the color palette while her little sister took care of the dresses, with Theia wearing not one but two Jocelyn Dungca showstoppers. Being a religious family, it was important for her parents to have a Filipino church wedding so they flew in Bishop Anthony to perform the ceremony. Theia and Eric fell in love with Bled and wanted to incorporate their traditions as part of their day. They rang the Bled tower bell after the ceremony and in grand tradition of the church - Eric performed the duty of carrying his new bride up the 99 steps to leading to exquisite hidden gem wedding venue in Slovenia. At Under the Blue Outdoors, UTB Photographers, the company thrives on and encourages adventure travel experiences. So naturally when Eric and Theia approached them to photograph their wedding at Lake Blend Church with their castle reception in Slovenia they were more than happy to oblige. Thank goodness as are elated to be able to share their intimate day with you lovelies too.