What do you get when you have the Horticultural Gardens in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia as a venue choice? Endless options. Art + succulents combine for garden wedding ideas that are utterly unique and crazy beautiful with this stunning location as the backdrop in today's editorial. If you've considered an outdoor garden wedding theme - or even if you haven't - this talented team of professionals are about to help the idea take root. One blossoming detail after another come together with a rustic meets artistic vibe. Foxgloves Flowers, Blue Lily Event Planning and Chelsea Warren Photography are among the ridiculously delightful styled shoot where art + succulents combine for garden wedding ideas. We are 100% on board with every bit of it.

Art + Succulents Combine for Garden Wedding Ideas

If you think about it, art inspires fashion all the time. But, rarely do we hear about how art can impact a wedding theme style. However, this interpretation is all the proof needed that art can translate into weddings in a way that feels beautiful and utterly unique. This vision is peppered with succulents in the most distinctive details - don't miss the groom's bowtie and the flower girl's belt. A rustic charm lends itself to the scene, delivered through the wooden rentals. While the spiral seating is reminiscent of an art walk with charming floral paintings displayed on easels and then complimented on the tablescape as part of the name plates. The bride and groom are stylish chic as gorgeous fresh floral is incorporated into the sweetest of ways for that crowning moment on the flower girl's crown to the bride's own updo. A fresh color palette of strong peach, yellows, pink blends and greenery add a refreshing feel to the theme. As dashes of gold metallic accents add its own luxurious touch. When art + succulents combine for garden wedding ideas as seen here we are now quite certain that this theme will draw just the reaction of oohhs and ahhhs from your guests! What a playful and creative way to individualize a wedding day.