From the outfits to the backdrops, this couple's chic elopement in Spain is wildly gorgeous. It's a tale of a beautiful hike through Mallorca, a meticulous timeline and intimate "I Do's" captured by Romany Flower. If the gallery is any indication of Lindsey and Erik's easy going approach to life, we are certain they are in for an insanely adventurous marriage. Get ready to escape to their chic elopement in Spain where they shared a first look at the lush Jardines de Alfabia, enjoyed a private wedding dinner at the classy Belmond de la Residencia and a vow exchange at sunset by the sea. All coordinated by their photographer who did two full days of scouting locations for Lindsey and Erik's chic elopement in Spain aligning to their ideas of a fun and adventure to perfection.

Chic Elopement in Spain

When Lindsey and Erik approached Romany Flower, their elopement plans were still very fluid - leaving much of the details up in the air. This was not taken lightly and much time was spent in finding one truly special spot. Apparently, it is not easy to find epic AND private places in Mallorca! In the end, they found the picture perfect location - Instagram-worthy. A little private viewpoint overlooking the peninsula of Sa Foradada. Lindsey and Erik instantly fell in love with the place even though it was just accessible by a little hike. That's why Lindsey decided to swap her high heels for sandals and opt for a hiking elopement. To ready for their adventure, Lindsey and Erik each prepared in a beautiful suite in Belmond de la Residencia. There were countless little pearls that build the story of this day. Erik put on the beautiful mechanical watch he inherited as well as wore a military tag that was an heirloom from his grandfather. That look that they both exchanged when Lindsey brought some pizza for Erik before sending him off downstairs. How Lindsey carefully unpacked her wedding dress before carefully stepping into it. Countless little pearls that build the story of this day. For their vow exchange as part of their chic elopement in Spain, Lindsey and Erik walked to a beautiful old olive grove bathed in the magical light of the setting sun. They were relaxed and playful and the intimacy shines in every frame. After their private vows they shared a dinner on the terrace overlooking Deia. Candles illuminated the scene in soft light - the place could have been straight out of Shakespeare's Midsummer Nights Dream.