Long-gone are the days where people associated elopmenets with a quick, hastily planned or super thrifty option.

As romantic as those impulse weddings were, modern elopements are increasingly becoming a far more luxurious option.

Because why should we feel like we have to justify keeping the guest list low? If you want to make your special day about just the two of you, then go for it! Whisk yourselves away, on a dreamy elopement day, which ticks every single box that you’ve ever dreamt of.

And the biggest benefit? Rather than spending thousands on inviting third cousins and great-great aunties, you get to spend your money on making your day full of wonder.

We love it when couples go all out on their elopement days - it makes for a magical, incredibly intimate ceremony, which really speaks to the couple’s personality.

For their Colorado-based elopement, Brianna and Matt featured the spirit of adventure throughout their day.

Brianna and her wedding planner went over a couple of different ideas for what their elopement could look like, before deciding on the perfect option, which beautifully fitted their personalities, hobbies and signature sense of style.

They decided upon a sunrise hike where they could share a first look, private vows, and picnic, before meeting back up with friends and family later on, for a separate, more traditional ceremony.

So, Brianna, Matt and their vendors all met up at the trailhead at 4 am. From there, they hiked under the stars to a secluded alpine lake in Colorado.

The couple then got changed in the woods, ready for their epic first look at the view as the sun rose.

While gazing out onto this most spectacular of natural backdrops, the loved-up couple shared some private vows, before everyone stuffed their faces with a decadent picnic of cheese and champagne.

After a picnic feast, everyone hiked back down again, and headed to Boulder, Colorado. The couple got the chance to freshen up and prepare for their sunset ceremony. This was located at Sunrise Amphitheater, right outside of Boulder.

Bu, just before this ceremony, Brianna shared a private first look with her father. This was definitely one of the day’s highlights. It may have been a small, simple inclusion, but it provided an incredibly special moment for the bride and her father to share together.

The last ceremony of the day was held at the magnificent Sunrise Amphitheater, where Brianna’s sister officiated the ceremony. It was a relaxed, super low-key affair, which was the perfect way to cap off a day full of adventure.

Really, we can’t imagine a more stunning Colorado elopement.

It shows that you can still include traditional elements in your day, even if it’s jam-packed full of adventures. Even when they had finished their hike up to the site of their private vows, Matt brought out his army uniform to wear. This was timeless, traditional and yet still completely true to his character. It also paired beautifully with Brianna’s dress and the awe-inspiring backdrop.

What we love about this elopement day was that Brianna and Matt really went all-out on their vendors. They totally embraced the fact that there are no rules for how your elopement should look - instead of focusing on expectations, they thought about what would make them happiest, and made it happen.

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