Rural chic takes many forms. You could go for proper farmyard vibes, a trendy hippie look, or modern boho fashion.

The great thing about an outdoor setting is that it’s a blank canvas - mother nature provides a boundless source of style inspiration.

Natural backdrops bring an effortless, elegant style to a ceremony, without taking over the couple’s signature sense of style.

There are so many ways that you can design a wedding decor that artfully sits in a natural setting, and boho is a great example of this.

Boho style is no longer all about hay bales and cowboy boots (although if that is your vibe, go for it!). This popular theme has undergone a modern reinvention of late, and we love seeing the twists that talented designers are putting on the theme.

This vineyard wedding is a stunning example of how Boho chic can be taken into the 21st century. The use of pampas grass and a deep gold throughout the colour palette made the decor bang-on-trend. These modern touches were successfully fused with more timeless, traditional elements, like roses in a range of pinks and tall candelabras.

The result was highly dramatic, without being loud, brash or clashing with the natural scenery.

What we especially love about this ceremony is how cleverly the couple and their planners adjusted the original idea to fit with current distancing guidelines (you would never have guessed that this was the modified version!).

Although weddings may not look exactly the way we had planned back at the outset of 2020, there is certainly no need to sacrifice style. As restrictions lift and weddings return, we’re seeing more and more couples embrace the new normal. If anything, this shift is helping us all to focus on what really matters - their love for each other.

In fact, there’s definitely a positive side to some of the restrictions. While some have been, understandably, heartbroken by the need to reduce guest numbers, others have been somewhat relieved. There’s no need to invite distant relatives or your best frenemies out of social politeness.

And, by saving hundreds (even thousands) on limiting the numbers, couples have been allowed to reallocate their wedding budgets to focus on the details and activities that matter most to them.

Now is the time to splurge on a full-day photography package or your dream reception dress. Lower guest counts also allow for more decadent catering menus or the elevation of your original tablescape design.

For this ceremony, the extra budget meant that the happy couple could completely transform the outdoor area and create a gorgeous statement with bold decor pieces, elaborate floral displays and the most magnificent tablescape any vineyard has ever seen.

“This design is all about big-impact features and luxury details - when your ceremony becomes more intimate, you have the ability to upgrade those details and add in more statement pieces!"

- Amira Salem, A Design Decor

“We had so much fun capturing the large-scale installations, and I always love shooting pictures of the couple at sunset!”

- Jen Folio, Jen Folio Photography

"The florals and design shone in the candlelight and warm glow of golden hour. Everything about this shoot transported you to a world of luxurious textures and intimate elegance.”

- Nicole Gilbride, Beholden Blooms