The Destination Wedding Locations with the Best Weather

Planning a destination wedding can be intimidating, from choosing the perfect venue to organising every last detail so that things go smoothly on the big day. Whether you have connections to a country abroad, or just picture your dream wedding in a more exotic location than the typical UK destinations, there are some essential factors to consider before getting married overseas.

We looked at the most popular destination wedding spots around the world, to find out which location has the best weather, in terms of sun, dryness and warm climates. Vacation hotspots including Palm Springs and Honolulu topped our list, while traditionally romantic locations including Paris have some of the worst weather out of all the places we looked at.

The Wedding Destinations with the Best Weather

1. Dubai | Wedding Weather Score: 9.31/10

On the Persian Gulf coast of the United Arab Emirates lies the best destination wedding spot for good weather. Dubai is home to some of the most picturesque and romantic resorts in the world, making it a popular destination for couples getting married.

Of all the destinations we looked at, Dubai has one of the warmest climates, with an average annual temperature of 28°C. Dubai gets around 0.4mm of rainfall every year, therefore has an average of 0mm of precipitation per month, making it the driest destination wedding spot on our list. With an average of 10 sunshine hours per day, Dubai is one of the best sunny-weather destinations to get married.

2. Palm Springs | Wedding Weather Score: 8.51/10

Once known for being the home of old Hollywood movie stars including Marilyn Monroe, Palm Springs is now better known for being an upscale beach destination for holiday lovers and couples getting married.

Out of all of the destination wedding spots on our list, Palm Springs is the best for sunny weather, getting on average 11 sunshine hours per day. Palm Springs is also one of the locations where it is least likely to rain on your wedding day, averaging 1.2mm of rainfall each month. With an average annual temperature of 24°C, the weather in Palm Springs makes it one of the best places for a destination wedding.

3. Ibiza | Wedding Weather Score: 7.13/10

The stunning Mediterranean island of Ibiza is usually known for its nightlife, although its sandy beaches, warm weather and azure blue waters make it the perfect wedding location.

The lowest of our top three, Ibiza has an average annual temperature of 19°C, although the average temperature during the summer months can reach up to 31°C. Ibiza receives plenty of sunshine, averaging ten hours of sunshine per day, and gets around 8mm of precipitation per month.

The Wedding Destinations with the Worst Weather

1. London | Wedding Weather Score: 1.15/10

More and more people are choosing to have a destination wedding in an urban city, and as a global hotspot for history, culture and shopping, London is a popular wedding location for many couples.

Despite its popularity with couples getting married, London has the worst weather of all the wedding destinations on our list. With an average annual temperature of 12°C, it’s likely that a wedding held in London will be affected by cold weather. London also receives around four hours of sunshine per day, making for less than perfect wedding day pictures. On average London gets 48.7mm of precipitation per month, meaning the chances of getting rain on your wedding day are higher in London than in some of the places we looked at.

2. Dublin | Wedding Weather Score: 1.26/10

There is no shortage of beautiful wedding spots in Ireland, and Dublin is one of the most popular places in the world for a destination wedding. Although one of the most picturesque places to get married, Dublin is one of the locations we looked at with the worst weather in terms of temperature, sun and rainfall.

With an average annual temperature of 10°C, Dublin is the coldest wedding location on our list. Also the least sunny wedding destination we looked at, Dublin gets around four hours of sunshine per day.

3. Paris | Wedding Weather Score: 1.49/10

The most romantic city in the world is a dream wedding destination spot for many couples, making it one of the most popular locations to get married.

However, the weather in Paris is less than idyllic, with an average annual temperature of 12°C and around five hours of sunshine per day, those seeking warm and sunny weather might choose to get married in another location.

The Sunniest Wedding Destination | Palm Springs | 11 Average Daily Sunshine Hours
Palm Springs is the best sunny-weather wedding destination on our list, averaging around 11 sunshine hours per day.

The Warmest Wedding Destination | Phuket | 29°C Average Annual Temperature
With an average annual temperature of 29°C, Phuket is the best city on our list for a warm-weather wedding.

The Driest Wedding Destination | Dubai | 0mm Average Annual Precipitation
For those worried about rain on their wedding day, Dubai is the ideal location for a destination ceremony with an average of 0mm of rainfall each month.


We wanted to find the wedding destination with the best weather, therefore we looked at 30 of the most popular global destinations for weddings.

We sourced the average annual mean temperature and average monthly precipitation of each destination. To find each location’s average daily sunshine hours, we calculated an overall yearly average, in each destination.

To find the wedding locations with the best weather, each location was given a relative score out of ten for each category. An overall average of these scores was calculated for each wedding location, to give a wedding weather score out of ten.