Abigail and Jon are married!!!! These two first met their sophomore year at Purdue University through mutual friends at a soccer tournament. They hit it off pretty much right away and realized they were soulmates! Fast forward to February of 2021 and Abigail and Jon were on vacation at Disney World. Jon had originally planned to propose while they were at dinner but due to them waiting in line for the new Star Wars ride, there wasn't time for him to go back to the room to get the ring. Abigail's parents were on vacation with them, so they went to the ring and got it to Jon during their dinner. After dinner he convinced Abigail to go on a tour of Epcot when it was closing time at the park. They got to the Epcot ball and the lagoon of Countries and Jon got down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She obviously said yes!

Their wedding on Saturday was just perfect! They held their wedding at the Lafayette Country Club in Lafayette, Indiana with their ceremony outdoors and their reception inside. Abigail had been going to the Country Club for a good portion of her life and her and Jon really loved the look of the venue and their gorgeous grounds so it made the perfect location for their wedding. They filled their wedding with blue, yellow, cream, and gold accents and a lot of personal details. Abigail's Uncle Fred married them and they added in lots special music that really means a lot to them and their families for their big day- from wedding entrances and exits to the special dances. Their wedding was perfect and modern and with all of the special touches it made the wedding uniquely theirs!


How/when/where did you meet?

WE met in November of our sophomore year at Purdue (2018), Jon had seen Abba in a few classes the previous semester and had a BIG crush on her.  Abba lived on the same floor as Jon's friend in Hillenbrand Hall and played soccer with her roommate.  Jon's luck changed when his friends asked Abba's roommate and her to play in a co-ed soccer tournament one weekend. Jon was the honorary team manager since he had never played soccer before, but finally had the chance to meet Abba.  It didn't take more than two group get-togethers after meeting each other that we had both realized we had found the person we wanted to marry, and the rest is history.

How/when/where did the proposal happen?

Disney of course!  Where else?  Jon went with Abba and her parents in February 2021.  His original plan was to propose in Epcot before dinner, and have a romantic meal together with the sunset.  But best made plans and all that.  We ended up getting stuck in line for the new Star Wars ride for 3 hours (totally worth it) and had to RUN to Epcot to make our reservation.  We were both in casual clothes (Abba was wearing a Baby Yoda shirt) and grimy from a full day at Hollywood Studios, and the ring was still in the hotel room- not exactly the plan.  Abba's parents went back to get the ring, and Jon met them during a "bathroom break" at dinner to get it.  Dinner was over, the park was closing, and Jon, the ring burning a hole in his pocket, convinced Abba to give a quick tour of Epcot.  We were walking against the flow of traffic deeper into the park while it's nearing pitch black (how romantic) when Abba stops between the Epcot ball and the lagoon of Countries.  We were totally alone, the lights that framed each countered landmarks were reflecting in the water in the most stunning way, the glow of the Epcot ball behind us, and Jon got down on one knee.  He turned an amazing day at the parks into an unforgettable night, Disney style.

What was the vision for your wedding, the style/color/scheme?

We wanted a perfect balance of classy and fun.  Neither of us wanted a traditional, cookie-cutter wedding, so we added a little flair to encapsulate our personalities.  If you have a nickname like Abba, what better way to add flair than to walk back down the aisle to "Dancing Queen"?

How many guests?


Why did you choose your wedding venue?

The Hancock's moved to Lafayette around 2006 and have been going to the Country Club for golf, swimming, and dinner ever since!  It seemed the obvious choice between the beautiful outside golf-course venue, and the ever amazing meals.  Throughout the years, we had seem some truly stunning weddings and it was our first and only choice of venue.

Describe your ceremony, what makes it unique/special?

Jon and Abba have lived in 6 states in the last 5 years, so we needed to find an Officiant that had been there with us every step of the way, so we asked Abba's Uncle Fred.  He got ordained online and we can't wait for him to marry us!  We chose instrumental versions of music we love for everyone to walk down the aisle to: Bridesmaids "With a little help from our Friends" by The Beatles, Bridal Processional "So this is Love" from Disney's Cinderella, and finally "Dancing Queen"  by ABBA for the final walk together!

Describe your reception, what makes it unique/special?

For our grand entrance, we chose to walk in and do our first dance to the incredible trumpets and legendary sounds of "All you need is Love" by the Beatles. We wanted to honor both Abba's Parents and Jon's Mom by ensuring the dances will be prominently featured.  We also included a photo booth with a neon "The Hendricks" sign.  The plan for our guest book is a compilation of recipes put together by Abba where guests can write their recipe for love to the couple.

Describe the flowers used for floral arrangements?

We wanted to capture the blue velvet of the bridesmaids dresses with blue delphinium and a cloud of clue hydrangeas and baby's breath with a surprise of yellow roses.  Jon will be wearing yellow spray roses with some greenery.  Our table settings added an additional pop of color with lavender stock and light pink lilies.  Our flower arches for the ceremony also include the flowers used the the table settings.  For the grandmothers and mothers, we got white orchids, which is the perfect bloom to celebrate all of life's precious moments.

What was the inspiration for your wedding cake?

We wanted our cake to be classy with a bit of fun just like our wedding.  Our cake will have lace details that match Abba's dress, gold pearl accents, and of course a chocolate 3D model of our cat, Sebastian.

Describe the favors for guests?

Growing up, Abba had a marshmallow obsession, so it only seemed right to give "S'more Love" in our favors.  The favors are "S'mores on a Sticks"!