Marriages of Notable People

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Henry Cabot Lodge Jr.
Henry Calvin
Henry Caruso
Henry Chalfant
Henry Charlton Beck
Henry Cianfrani
Henry Corden
Henry Crichton, 6th Earl Erne
Henry Cubitt, 4th Baron Ashcombe
Henry Czerny
Henry D. Sahakian
Henry Daniels
Henry Darrow
Henry Dimbleby
Henry Dreyfuss
Henry du Moulin de Labarthète
Henry Dumas
Henry E McDaniel
Henry E. Petersen
Henry Earl Singleton
Henry Elghanayan
Henry Ellenbogen
Henry Engelhardt
Henry Ephron
Henry Eyring (chemist)
Henry F. Dobyns
Henry F. Schaefer III
Henry Fitzalan-Howard, Earl of Arundel
Henry FitzRoy, 12th Duke of Grafton
Henry Fonda
Henry Foner
Henry Ford II
Henry Ford Kamel
Henry Friendly
Henry G. Hager
Henry G. Plitt
Henry G. Saperstein
Henry G. Schermers
Henry G. Walter Jr.
Henry George Fischer
Henry Gibson
Henry Giordano
Henry Globe
Henry Gluck
Henry Golding
Henry Goodman
Henry Gordon (magician)
Henry Graff
Henry Green
Henry Grover
Henry H. "Hank" Price
Henry H. Minskoff
Henry Haig
Henry Hale Rand
Henry Hall (physicist)
Henry Haller
Henry Hepburne-Scott, 10th Lord Polwarth
Henry Herbert, 17th Earl of Pembroke
Henry Herbert, 7th Earl of Carnarvon
Henry Hermand
Henry Hicks (Nova Scotia politician)
Henry Hill
Henry Hillman
Henry Hite
Henry Howard (Georgia politician)
Henry Howell
Henry Hu
Henry Hunloke
Henry Hunt (artist)
Henry Hurwitz Jr.
Henry I. Louttit
Henry I. Louttit Sr.
Henry Ian Cusick
Henry Ingwersen
Henry J. Abraham
Henry Jackson (businessman)
Henry James (civil servant)
Henry James Price
Henry Jarecki
Henry Jayasena
Henry Jerrim
Henry Jones (actor)
Henry Kalis
Henry Kemp-Blair
Henry Kenny
Henry King (musician)
Henry Kingi
Henry Kissinger
Henry Koerner
Henry Koffler
Henry Kravis
Henry Kulka
Henry L. Joy
Henry L. Langhaar
Henry L. Marsh
Henry Laufer
Henry Lee (forensic scientist)
Henry Lee Junior
Henry Levin (film director)
Henry Lewis (musician)
Henry Litton
Henry Liu
Henry Livengood
Henry Louis Gates Jr.
Henry Luke Orombi
Henry M. Jackson
Henry M. Morris
Henry May (New Zealand politician)
Henry McAdoo
Henry McLeish
Henry McMaster
Henry McQuillan
Henry Milles-Lade, 5th Earl Sondes
Henry Mollison
Henry Morgan (humorist)
Henry Morgentaler
Henry Morgenthau III
Henry Moskowitz (real estate investor)
Henry Moss
Henry Murphy (politician)
Henry N. Parsley Jr.
Henry Nash Smith
Henry Ndukuba
Henry Neijhorst
Henry Nicholas
Henry O
Henry Oaminal
Henry Omaga-Diaz
Henry Ong
Henry Oscar Waffle
Henry P. Sullivan
Henry Paulson
Henry Payne (cartoonist)
Henry Pelham-Clinton-Hope, 9th Duke of Newcastle
Henry Phelps Brown
Henry Picard
Henry Plée
Henry Plumb, Baron Plumb
Henry R. Horsey
Henry Racamier
Henry Rainsford Hulme
Henry Ramos Allup
Henry Regnery
Henry Richmond (bishop)
Henry Rosovsky
Henry S. F. Cooper Jr.
Henry S. Taylor
Henry Saavedra
Henry Samueli
Henry Scagnoli
Henry Scriven
Henry Sears (architect)
Henry Seriake Dickson
Henry Silva
Henry Silverman
Henry Simmons
Henry Somerset, 10th Duke of Beaufort
Henry Somerset, 12th Duke of Beaufort
Henry Stanistreet
Henry Steele Commager
Henry Stern (California politician)
Henry Stern (New York politician)
Henry Strasak
Henry Sturgis Morgan
Henry Sum Agong
Henry Sy
Henry T. Mudd
Henry T. Yang
Henry Tang
Henry Thomas
Henry Thomas Davies
Henry Thynne, 6th Marquess of Bath
Henry Tippie
Henry ToRobert
Henry Trevor Lenton
Henry Trewhitt
Henry Tucker (Bermudian politician)
Henry Vernon Wong
Henry W. Bloch
Henry W. McGee
Henry Ward Oxendine
Henry Welsford
Henry Wiencek
Henry Wilcoxon
Henry Wilhelm Kristiansen
Henry Winkler
Henry Winterfeld
Henry Wolfe
Henry Woolf
Henry Worsley (explorer)
Henry Zakka
Henryk Gołębiewski (actor)
Henryk Jasiczek
Henryk Waniek
Heo Yi-jae
Heraldine Rock
Hérard Abraham
Herb Abrams
Herb Baumeister
Herb Carneal
Herb Edelman
Herb Ellis (actor)
Herb Gray
Herb Jackson
Herb Kaplow
Herb Kelleher
Herb Kirsh
Herb Lotman
Herb Lubalin
Herb Rooney
Herb Rozell
Herb Sargent
Herb Shriner
Herb Stempel
Herb Vigran
Herb Wesson
Herb Wright
Herbert A. Allen Sr.
Herbert A. Donovan Jr.
Herbert Allen Jr.
Herbert Anderson
Herbert Aptheker
Herbert B. Leonard
Herbert B. Newberg
Herbert Benson
Herbert Berghof
Herbert Biberman
Herbert Blaize
Herbert Bowden, Baron Aylestone
Herbert Breiter
Herbert Brodkin
Herbert Brownell Jr.
Herbert Butterfield
Herbert Engelsing
Herbert F. Solow
Herbert Feith
Herbert Ferber
Herbert Fisher (businessman)
Herbert Fisk Johnson III
Herbert Freeman
Herbert G. Baker
Herbert Gold
Herbert Greene (Broadway conductor)
Herbert Gutman
Herbert H. Bateman
Herbert H. Chen
Herbert H. Reynolds
Herbert Harris
Herbert Hill (labor director)
Herbert Hoover Jr.
Herbert Huffman
Herbert Huppert
Herbert Hutner
Herbert Hyman
Herbert J. Gans
Herbert J. Wallenstein
Herbert Jackson (architect)
Herbert Klynn
Herbert Kohler Jr.
Herbert Kretzmer
Herbert Kubly
Herbert Lom
Herbert Louis
Herbert M. Seneviratne
Herbert M. Singer
Herbert Murrill
Herbert R. Kohl
Herbert Richardson (publisher)
Herbert Riehl
Herbert Romerstein
Herbert Ross
Herbert Rudley
Herbert S. Eleuterio
Herbert Saffir
Herbert Schilder
Herbert Schlosser
Herbert Seifert
Herbert Swan (Canadian politician)
Herbert T. Levack
Herbert Tabor
Herbert Täschner
Herbert Tauss
Herbert Thompson Jr.
Herbert Tuckerman
Herbert W. Chilstrom
Herbert Wakefield Banks Skinner
Herbert Zearfoss
Herberto Dumé
Herberto Hélder
Herberts Cukurs
Herbie Hancock
Herbie Seneviratne
Herbrand Sackville, 9th Earl De La Warr
Herfiza Novianti
Heriberto Vélez
Herk Harvey
Herman Aguinis
Herman Asaribab
Herman Boone

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