Marriages of Notable People

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James Arness
James Arnold Taylor
James Arthur Frost
James Atherton (photographer)
James Atkinson (theologian)
James Auld (politician)
James Austin (photographer)
James Austin Johnson
James Avery
James Ayatse
James B. Allen (historian)
James B. Brennan
James B. Burkholder
James B. Clark (director)
James B. Cunningham
James B. Donovan
James B. Hagan
James B. Knighten
James B. Loken
James B. Murray
James B. Owens
James B. Pearson
James B. Preston
James B. Smith
James B. Steele
James B. Thayer
James Barbour (singer)
James Barke
James Barr (biblical scholar)
James Barrett McNulty
James Barron (journalist)
James Bartleman
James Beach
James Beal (boxer)
James BeauSeigneur
James Beck
James Becket
James Beim
James Benjamin Stewart
James Bennet (journalist)
James Berardinelli
James Best
James Bevel
James Beveridge Thomson
James Bezan
James Bilbray
James Bilton
James Blanco
James Blish
James Blunt
James Blyden Jenkins-Johnston
James Boggs (activist)
James Booth
James Boyd (engineer)
James Breen
James Broderick
James Brokenshire
James Brolin
James Brooke (journalist)
James Brown
James Brown (bishop of Louisiana)
James Brown (sportscaster)
James Bruce (farmer)
James Burke (science historian)
James Burnham
James Burrows
James Burty David
James Bush (politician)
James Bye (actor)
James Byrne (lawyer)
James C. Brincefield Jr.
James C. Browne
James C. Carrington
James C. Christensen
James C. Humes
James C. Kennedy
James C. Lucas
James C. Quayle
James C. Renick
James C. Russell
James C. Temerty
James Caan
James Caan (businessman)
James Caldwell Cason
James Callaghan
James Callahan (actor)
James Cambias
James Cameron
James Campbell (historian)
James Cantwell
James Cardwell (actor)
James Carlton (athlete)
James Carnegie, 3rd Duke of Fife
James Carpinello
James Cartlidge
James Cayne
James Chan Khay Syn
James Charteris, 13th Earl of Wemyss
James Chesebro
James Chichester-Clark
James Clappison
James Clark (programmer)
James Clavell
James Clements (bishop)
James Cleverly
James Coburn
James Colby
James Comer (politician)
James Comey
James Copeland (actor)
James Corden
James Coulter (financier)
James Cox Chambers
James Cracknell
James Craig (actor)
James Cran
James Crawford (jurist)
James Cromwell
James Cumes
James Cuno
James D. Bales
James D. Bissell
James D. Brosnahan
James D. Conte
James D. Ewing
James D. Griffin
James D. Martin
James D. Norris
James D. Raisbeck
James D. Warner
James D. Weaver
James D. Whittemore
James Daly (actor)
James Darren
James Dashner
James Daunt
James Dauris
James Dawos Mamit
James Day (journalist)
James Deakin (host)
James Dearden
James DeBarge
James DeLeo
James Delgrosso
James Denton
James Derek Birchall
James Dickey
James Dillon (Fine Gael politician)
James Distler
James Dobbins (diplomat)
James Dobson
James Doherty (actor)
James Donald
James Dooge
James Doohan
James Dougherty (police officer)
James Douglas (actor)
James Douglas (composer)
James Douglas-Hamilton, Baron Selkirk of Douglas
James Downey (academic)
James Drury
James Duddridge
James Duff (businessman)
James Duff (writer)
James Duncan (bishop)
James Dunn (actor)
James Dutton (Royal Marines officer)
James Dyson
James E. Briles
James E. Curry
James E. Defebaugh
James E. Fitzpatrick
James E. Hamilton
James E. K. Hildreth
James E. Lockyer
James E. McWilliams
James E. Moore (judge)
James E. Paxton
James E. Proctor Jr.
James E. Ross
James E. Ryan (educator)
James E. Webb
James E. West (politician)
James Earl Jones
James Eastland
James Eckhouse
James Edwards (actor)
James Elisha Brown
James Ellison (actor)
James Ellroy
James Elphinstone, 18th Lord Elphinstone
James F. Almand
James F. Brennan (mayor)
James F. English Jr.
James F. Gennaro
James F. Lind
James F. McNulty Jr.
James F. Moore
James F. Moriarty
James F. Powers
James F. Short
James Farentino
James Farmer
James Farrar (actor)
James Fawcett
James Fergason
James Ferman
James Fisher (actor)
James Fitz-Allen Mitchell
James Flavin
James Fletcher Jnr
James Florio
James Flynn (politician)
James Forsyth (journalist)
James Fox
James Fox (journalist)
James Frain
James Franciscus
James Frank
James Franklin Hyde
James Fraser (surgeon)
James Freeman Gilbert
James Frith
James G. Davis
James G. Exum
James Gaddas
James Gahagan
James Gallanders
James Gallen
James Gammon
James Gandolfini
James Garner
James Gerard Kennedy Sr.
James Gillies
James Glennon
James Gobbo
James Goldman
James Goldston
James Goodnight
James Gordon (Canadian musician)
James Gordon Shanklin
James Gordon, Baron Gordon of Strathblane
James Goss (judge)
James Gowan
James Gray (director)
James Green (author)
James Green (historian)
James Greene (American actor)
James Greeno
James Gregory (actor)
James Greig (potter)
James Griffith
James Gunn
James H. Boyd (Atlantic City politician)
James H. Cone
James H. Daughdrill Jr.
James H. Donovan
James H. Gray Sr.
James H. Merrill
James H. Meyer
James H. Morrison
James H. Nicholson
James H. Ritchie Jr.
James H. Scheuer
James Hackett (businessman)
James Hadley Chase
James Hageman
James Hagerty
James Hahn
James Hahn (golfer)
James Hamilton, 4th Duke of Abercorn
James Hamilton, 5th Duke of Abercorn
James Hanson (rugby union)
James Harkness (actor)
James Harmon
James Haughton (activist)
James Hayter (actor)
James Hazeldine
James Heappey
James Heaslip
James Heathcote-Drummond-Willoughby, 3rd Earl of Ancaster
James Hedges
James Henderson (businessman)
James Hendler
James Henry Carmichael Jr.
James Hill (American film producer)
James Hill (Conservative politician)
James Hilton (novelist)
James Hirshfield
James Holland (author)
James Holt (historian)
James Holzhauer
James Honeycutt
James Hong
James Horan (actor)
James Houghton (artistic director)
James Howard (writer)
James Huang (actor)
James Hughes (sociologist)
James Hutchison (American politician)

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