Marriages of Notable People

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James Hyde (actor)
James I. Gadsden
James Ingram
James Ingram (diplomat)
James J. A. Gallagher
James J. Cooke
James J. Kennedy
James J. Reynolds
James J. Rhoades
James J. Schiro
James Jebbia
James Jemut Masing
James Jeremiah Wadsworth
James Jesus Angleton
James Jewell (director)
James Johnson Kelly
James Jones (bishop)
James Jordan (dancer)
James Joseph Richardson
James Joseph Rowley
James Jupp
James K. Baxter
James K. Galbraith
James Kallstrom
James Kamte
James Karales
James Karen
James Kasper
James Kelly (Scottish politician)
James Kelman
James Kenneth Logan
James Killen
James Kinley
James Kisner
James Knaggs
James Knowles III
James Kochalka
James Komack
James Kreuser
James Kyson
James L. Allen
James L. Barksdale
James L. Boles Jr.
James L. Brooks
James L. Conrad
James L. Easton
James L. Jelinek
James L. Mathewson
James L. McIntyre
James L. Mills
James L. Nederlander
James L. Nelson
James L. Seward (New York politician)
James L. Swanson
James L. White
James Lafferty
James Lance
James Langstaff (bishop)
James Lankford
James Lascelles
James Lawless
James Lawson (Australian doctor)
James Laxer
James Lee (Canadian politician)
James LeGros
James Lemon
James Leprino
James Lew
James Lewicki
James Lewis (Indiana politician)
James Lindenberg
James Lindesay-Bethune, 16th Earl of Lindsay
James Lindsay (Conservative politician)
James Lipton
James Litterick
James Longman
James Lovelock
James Lowther, 7th Earl of Lonsdale
James Lunney
James Luther Adams
James Luther Mays
James Lye
James M. Beggs
James M. Brailsford Jr.
James M. Brown (attorney)
James M. Hanley
James M. Henderson
James M. Houston
James M. Ideman
James M. Matarazzo
James M. McPherson
James M. Nederlander
James M. Stanton
James M. Wall
James MacArthur
James MacDonald (pastor)
James Madhavan
James Malone Coleman
James Mancham
James Mangold
James Manly
James Mann (South Carolina politician)
James Marape
James Marsden
James Marshall (actor)
James Marsters
James Martin (Maine politician)
James Martin Munley
James Mason
James Mates
James Mathew
James Matisoff
James Matthews (racing driver)
James Maxwell (actor)
James Maxwell Moody
James McAvoy
James McEachin
James McElnay
James McGhie, Lord McGhie
James McNair
James McNeish
James McNulty (Canadian politician)
James Meredith
James Merlino
James Michael Lafferty
James Michel
James Middleton (British businessman)
James Millican
James Moeller
James Moffat (mathematician)
James Molinaro
James Monroe Iglehart
James Moore (Canadian politician)
James Morelli
James Morrison (actor)
James Mueller (Indiana politician)
James Mugira
James Mulva
James Murdoch
James Muri
James Murray (American actor)
James Murray (comedian)
James Murray (English actor)
James Mworia
James N. Gabriel
James N. Mathias Jr.
James Naismith (chemist)
James Nangwala
James Naughton
James Neil Hollingworth
James Nelson (sound editor)
James Nesbitt
James Newcome
James Newell Stannard
James Norick
James Norwood Pratt
James Nyamweya
James O'Brien (broadcaster)
James O'Donnell Quinn
James O'Toole (reporter)
James of Mar, 30th Earl of Mar
James Ogilvy
James Oladipo Williams
James Ongwae
James Orengo
James Ormonde (Australian politician)
James P. Clements
James P. Garrett
James P. Gleason
James P. Hayes
James P. Hosty
James P. Kennett
James P. Leddy
James P. Mitchell
James P. Whyte Jr.
James Packer
James Page Mackey
James Panero
James Patrick Stuart
James Patterson
James Peddie, Baron Peddie
James Penton
James Phelps (actor)
James Philbrook
James Pickens Jr.
James Pierce
James Pitman
James Prigoff
James Purefoy
James R. Buck
James R. Cargill
James R. Cargill II
James R. Houghton
James R. Jordan Sr.
James R. Kearl
James R. Leininger
James R. Moodey
James R. Shepley
James R. Venable
James R. Webb
James R. Williams (lawyer)
James R. Zazzali
James Raideen
James Rajotte
James Ramsay, 17th Earl of Dalhousie
James Ramsden (politician)
James Randal Hall
James Randall (murderer)
James Randi
James Ransone
James Raymond Lawson
James Record
James Redford (filmmaker)
James Reeb
James Reese Phifer
James Reilly (Irish politician)
James Remar
James Robert Brown
James Robertson (judge)
James Robertson Justice
James Robison (author)
James Rolfe
James Roosevelt (lawyer)
James Rorimer
James Rosapepe
James Rosenquist
James Rossant
James Rouse
James Rubin
James Runcie
James Russo
James S. Allen
James S. C. Chao
James S. Copley
James S. Denton
James S. Moody Jr.
James Salter
James Sanders Jr.
James Sassoon, Baron Sassoon
James Schaffer
James Schevill
James Scott (actor)
James Scott (criminal)
James Scott-Hopkins
James Scudamore (author)
James Selfe
James Seymour (Iowa politician)
James Shaner
James Shankar Singh
James Sherwood
James Shields (academic)
James Sie
James Sik Hung Ling
James Sikking
James Sinclair (politician)
James Sinegal
James Sloyan
James Snow
James Spader
James Spallone
James Spann
James Spencer-Churchill, 12th Duke of Marlborough
James Spuhler
James Srodes
James Stacy
James Steven Ginsburg
James Stevenson (illustrator)
James Stewart
James Stewart (archaeologist)
James Stewart (Australian actor)
James Stillman Rockefeller
James Stone (executive)
James Strutt
James Struzzi
James Stuart Holden
James Sturch
James Suckling
James Sullivan (city manager)
James Surls
James Swain
James T. Aubrey
James T. Draper Jr.
James T. Genovese
James T. Goodrich
James T. Rutnam
James T. Stephens
James T. Turner
James T. Walsh
James T. Wiley
James T. Willerson
James Taranik
James Taylor
James Thomas Flexner
James Tien (politician)
James To
James Toback
James Tolkan
James Trefil
James Trotter (Ontario politician)
James Truchard

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