Marriages of Notable People

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John Dominic Crossan
John Donley Adams
John Dorrance III
John Dossett
John Doucette
John Douglas Morrison
John Douglas Simon
John Drew Barrymore
John Drew Sheard Sr.
John Drury (television anchor)
John du Pont
John Ducey
John Duffy (medical historian)
John Dugan (actor)
John Dukakis
John Dumelo
John Duncan McRae
John Duncan Sr.
John Dunn (university president)
John Dunsworth
John E. Anderson
John E. Baldwin
John E. Bardgett
John E. Barley
John E. Corbally
John E. Dowling
John E. Fogarty
John E. Freund
John E. Herbst
John E. Hines
John E. Hurley
John E. Jacobs
John E. James
John E. King
John E. McCormick
John E. Nelson (Nebraska politician)
John E. Pepper Jr.
John E. Rigby
John E. Rudder
John E. Shaw
John E. Sununu
John E. Thomas
John E. Thrasher
John E. Visser
John E. Walker
John E. Worthen
John Eakins
John Eales
John Earl Jelks
John Eastman
John Eatwell, Baron Eatwell
John Eccles (neurophysiologist)
John Eden, Baron Eden of Winton
John Eder
John Edgar Ainsworth
John Edgar Wideman
John Edgcumbe
John Edmond
John Edmund Parry
John Edward
John Edward (civil servant)
John Edwin Windrow
John Egerton, 6th Duke of Sutherland
John Eggleston (professor)
John Ehle
John Eichelberger
John Eisenhower
John Elferink
John Elfström
John Elkann
John Elliot (author)
John Elliott (historian)
John Ellis (Fianna Fáil politician)
John Elvin Shaffner
John Emery (actor)
John Enderby
John Enfield
John Englehardt
John English (Australian politician)
John Enos III
John Eren
John Erick Dowdle
John Ericson
John Ery Coleman
John Esp
John Estrada
John Evangelist Walsh
John Evans (artist)
John Evans (Idaho governor)
John Everard (diplomat)
John Ewart
John F. Baldwin Jr.
John F. C. Turner
John F. Collins
John F. Cosgrove
John F. Davis (artist)
John F. Dunlap
John F. Gaffney
John F. Gore
John F. Gregory
John F. Griffiths
John F. Kain
John F. Keenan (state senator)
John F. Kelly
John F. Kennedy
John F. Kennedy (Georgia politician)
John F. Kennedy Jr.
John F. McBurney III
John F. McCarthy Jr.
John F. O'Leary
John F. Raper
John F. Rider
John F. Shelley
John F. Slade III
John F. W. Rogers
John F. Wood Jr.
John F. Yardley
John Fahey (politician)
John Faircloth
John Fang
John Fante
John Farley (actor)
John Farquharson (journalist)
John Farris
John Farrow
John Fasano
John Fedo
John Feehery
John Feinberg
John Ferejohn
John Fernandez (Indiana politician)
John Ferraro
John Ferren
John Ferris (Ontario politician)
John Fetterman
John Ffowcs Williams
John Fichter
John Figueroa
John Finney
John Fishwick
John Fitzpatrick (athlete)
John Flack (bishop)
John Flanagan (author)
John Fleming (American politician)
John Fleming (Australian priest)
John Flerlage
John Fogg
John Foot, Baron Foot
John Forbes (Iowa politician)
John Forbes Nash Jr.
John Ford (bishop)
John Forfar
John Forslund
John Forsythe
John Fortune
John Frame (theologian)
John Francis Daley
John Francis Kennedy (politician)
John Frankenheimer
John Franklyn Mars
John Fredriksen
John Freeman (British politician)
John Fremantle, 4th Baron Cottesloe
John Fremantle, 5th Baron Cottesloe
John Freshwater
John Fugelsang
John Fuller (Australian politician)
John Fullerton (politician)
John Furia Jr.
John Furlong (sports administrator)
John Furnival
John G. Avildsen
John G. Bernander
John G. Castles
John G. Cramer
John G. Fuller
John G. Good
John G. Hawthorne
John G. McKnight
John G. Rowland
John G. Smale
John G. Trump
John G. Williams (Canadian politician)
John Gabriel (actor)
John Gage
John Galbally
John Gallaudet
John Galloway (American politician)
John Garamendi
John Garcia Gensel
John Gardner (British writer)
John Garfield
John Garrett (British politician)
John Garton (bishop)
John Garza
John Gaul Lebo
John Geddert
John George (magician)
John Georgiadis
John Gerrard (doctor)
John Gerretsen
John Getreu
John Getz
John Gibson (political commentator)
John Gidding
John Gilby
John Gildred
John Gilligan (criminal)
John Gilpin (dancer)
John Gilroy (politician)
John Gladwin
John Glen (politician)
John Glenister
John Glenn
John Glover (actor)
John Goddard (bishop)
John Godfrey
John Gokongwei
John Goldingay
John Goldkamp
John Goldwyn
John Goleby
John Goodman
John Gordner
John Gordon Lane
John Gordon Sinclair
John Gorham Palfrey (academic)
John Gormley
John Gorst (Hendon North MP)
John Gotti
John Graham (policy analyst)
John Graham White
John Graham-Cumming
John Green
John Greenway (British politician)
John Greenwood (Australian politician)
John Gregory Dunne
John Gregson
John Gribbin
John Griffith-Jones
John Grigg (writer)
John Grisham
John Grogan
John Groves (journalist)
John Gruber
John Grubesic
John Grundy (television presenter)
John Guedel
John Gulager
John Guleserian
John Gummer
John Gunther
John Gunther Dean
John Gunyou
John H. Burt
John H. Coates
John H. Cooke
John H. Cox
John H. DeWitt Jr.
John H. Eastwood
John H. Ebersole
John H. Eicher
John H. Esquirol
John H. Garvey
John H. Geiger
John H. Land
John H. McArthur
John H. Owen
John H. Panabaker
John H. Sengstacke
John H. Smith (bishop)
John H. Stamler
John H. Taylor (bishop)
John H. Terry
John Hall (American businessman)
John Hall (Canadian artist)
John Hall Buchanan Jr.
John Hall-Jones
John Hallam
John Halligan (politician)
John Halpern
John Hanafin
John Handcox
John Hannah (actor)
John Hans Krebs
John Hardy (aviator)
John Harland Bryant
John Harrison (Canadian politician)
John Harrison Burnett
John Harron
John Hart (actor)
John Haslem (politician)
John Havelock Parker
John Hay Whitney
John Hayes (British politician)
John Hayes (director)
John Hays (businessman)
John Hayward (stained glass maker)
John Haywood (British historian)
John Head (peace activist)

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