Marriages of Notable People

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John Heald
John Healey (politician)
John Heard (actor)
John Heatwole
John Hedley Brooke
John Hegarty (politician)
John Heilemann
John Heinz
John Hely-Hutchinson, 7th Earl of Donoughmore
John Helyar
John Hemming (politician)
John Hench
John Henry Clavell Smythe
John Henry Haines Root
John Henry Kyl
John Henry Osmeña
John Henry Waddell
John Henson (comedian)
John Henson (puppeteer)
John Heppell
John Herbert (Queensland politician)
John Herrmann
John Herron (Australian politician)
John Hersey
John Hewer
John Hewson
John Heyer
John Hickenlooper
John Hill (British politician)
John Hill (game designer)
John Hill (screenwriter)
John Hillaby
John Himmelfarb
John Hinchcliff
John Hind (bishop of Chichester)
John Hipwell
John Hnatyshyn
John Hockenberry
John Hodgman
John Hodiak
John Hoffman (Minnesota politician)
John Holbrook (bishop)
John Holiday
John Holland (athlete)
John Holmes (British diplomat)
John Holsclaw Jr.
John Hope Franklin
John Hope, 1st Baron Glendevon
John Hopkins (political activist)
John Hopper (politician)
John Horam
John Horgan
John Hornaman
John Horsley (actor)
John Hoskyns (policy advisor)
John Hostetter
John Hostettler
John Hottinger
John Houck
John Houlder
John Hourican
John Houseman
John Howard
John Howard (American actor)
John Howard Davies
John Howard Griffin
John Howard Locke
John Howard Sanden
John Howard Yoder
John Howarth (politician)
John Howell (politician)
John Hoyt
John Hubbard (actor)
John Huey
John Huggins
John Hugh MacMillan
John Hughes (bishop of Kensington)
John Hughes (filmmaker)
John Hugya
John Hume
John Humphrys
John Hunt, Baron Hunt of Fawley
John Hunter (Canadian politician)
John Hurt
John Huston
John Hyson
John I. Kane
John I. Sauls
John Inge
John Inman (golfer)
John Ireland
John Ironmonger (writer)
John Ivison
John J. B. Wilson
John J. Benoit
John J. Cali
John J. DeGioia
John J. Duffy Jr.
John J. Fisher
John J. Giblin
John J. Gleason
John J. Hafer
John J. Hainkel Jr.
John J. Herrera
John J. Hickey
John J. Mack
John J. Marchi
John J. Maurer
John J. McNeill
John J. O'Connell (politician)
John J. Phelan Jr.
John J. Shea Jr.
John J. Slater Jr.
John J. Sullivan (diplomat)
John J. Walsh
John J. Williams (politician)
John Jacob Astor VI
John Jacobs (English golfer)
John Jacobs (evangelist)
John Jakes
John Jamelske
John James Grant
John James Smith
John Jarman
John Jay Hoffman
John Jay Lee
John Jay Mortimer
John Jay O'Connor
John Jefferson Davis
John Jess
John Johnson (Mississippi politician)
John Jolliffe (librarian)
John Jonas Gruen
John Jonides
John Joseph (actor)
John Joseph Ford
John Jost
John Joyce (American politician)
John Julius Norwich
John Junkin
John Justin
John K. Frost
John K. Hutchison
John K. Walton
John K. Yambasu
John Kampfner
John Kapoor
John Karlen
John Kasich
John Kass
John Kassir
John Katzman
John Kay (journalist, born 1943)
John Keay
John Kefalas
John Kelly (journalist)
John Kemp, 1st Viscount Rochdale
John Kennedy (Louisiana politician)
John Kennedy (Pennsylvania politician)
John Kennedy-Good
John Kenneth Galbraith
John Kenneth Hilliard
John Kerr (actor)
John Kerry
John Kessel
John Keston
John Key
John Kihlstrom
John Kilner
John King (journalist)
John King Fairbank
John King Jr.
John Kingston (Australian politician)
John Kingston III
John Kinloch Anderson
John Kirby (attorney)
John Kiriakou
John Kirkham (bishop)
John Kirwan (rugby)
John Kituyi
John Kitzmiller
John Klenke
John Kluge
John Kneebone
John Kohn
John Komba
John Kooiker
John Kotter
John Kovalic
John Krasinski
John Krebs, Baron Krebs
John Kriesel
John Kroger
John Kuempel
John L. Anderson
John L. Bohanan Jr.
John L. Brownlee
John L. Hanigan
John L. Harmer
John L. Horn
John L. Murray (judge)
John L. Myers
John L. Said
John L. Valentine
John La Rose
John LaBruzzo
John LaFalce
John Lahr
John Laird (American politician)
John Lake (journalist)
John Lamb (rugby union)
John Landgraf
John Lang Nichol
John Langley
John Lardner (sports writer)
John Larroquette
John Lasseter
John Latham (physicist)
John Lauchlan Farris
John Laurence Lambert
John Laurinaitis
John Lavett
John Lawlor (actor)
John Laws
John Lazarou
John le Carré
John Leahy (executive)
John Lee (government official)
John Lee-Barber
John Legend
John Leggett
John Leguizamo
John Lehman (Wisconsin politician)
John Lennon
John Leo
John Leonard (critic)
John Lesch
John Lesher (producer)
John Levene
John Levi (rabbi)
John Lewis
John Light (actor)
John Linder
John Lindow
John Linehan (entertainer)
John List (murderer)
John Lister-Kaye
John Lithgow
John Lloyd (producer)
John Lockwood (Australian politician)
John Lone
John Longville
John Lovick (politician)
John Lowe (Nebraska politician)
John Lowrie Morrison
John Lujan
John Lund (actor)
John Lupton
John Lutz
John Lyle (pilot)
John Lynch-Staunton
John Lyon-Dalberg-Acton, 3rd Baron Acton
John Lyttelton, 11th Viscount Cobham
John Lytton, 5th Earl of Lytton
John M. Andrist
John M. Ashbrook
John M. Belk
John M. Budd
John M. Conroy
John M. Coyne
John M. Crowther
John M. Deutch
John M. Duhé Jr.
John M. Ferren
John M. Goshko
John M. Jackson
John M. Jacobsen
John M. Kelly (politician)
John M. MacKenzie
John M. Merriman
John M. Ryan
John M. Schiff
John M. Steadman
John M. Tobin Jr.
John M. Walker (Pennsylvania politician)
John M. Zwach
John MacArthur (American pastor)
John Macco
John Mack (civic leader)
John Mackenzie, 5th Earl of Cromartie
John Mackey (businessman)
John MacLachlan Gray
John MacLeod of MacLeod
John MacMenamin
John Macquarrie
John Macurdy
John Madigan (politician)
John Maginnis (Louisiana political writer)
John Maisto
John Maitland (Conservative politician)

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