Marriages of Notable People

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John Ray Clemmons
John Ray Webster
John Raymond Hobbs
John Raymond Ylitalo
John Reardon
John Redwood
John Reed (art patron)
John Reed King
John Reesor Williams
John Reid, Baron Reid of Cardowan
John Reilly (Michigan politician)
John Rennie (MI6 officer)
John Rensenbrink
John Resman
John Rhodes (Canadian politician)
John Rhys-Davies
John Rice Irwin
John Richardson (actor)
John Richardson (bishop of Bedford)
John Ricketts (chemist)
John Ridley
John Riley (physicist)
John Ringo
John Riordan (mathematician)
John Risley
John Ritblat
John Ritter
John Robbins (author)
John Robert Beyster
John Robert Colombo
John Robert Mills
John Roberts
John Roberts (Australian businessman)
John Roberts (British businessman)
John Robertson (Glasgow MP)
John Robinson (English actor)
John Rockefeller Prentice
John Roecker
John Rollins (golfer)
John Romero
John Roper-Curzon, 20th Baron Teynham
John Rosemond
John Rosenberg (academic)
John Roskelley
John Rosolu Bankole Thompson
John Row (Australian politician)
John Rowe (Aetna)
John Rubin
John Rubinstein
John Rucyahana
John Russell (actor)
John Russell (Virginia politician)
John Russell Harper
John Russell, 4th Earl Russell
John Ryan (New South Wales politician)
John Ryan (publisher)
John Ryman
John S. A. Green
John S. Brenner
John S. Conway (historian)
John S. Detlie
John S. Edwards (Virginia politician)
John S. Garth
John S. Gibson Jr.
John S. Hassell Jr.
John S. K. Kauwe III
John S. Lesmeister
John S. Tanner
John S. Thornton
John S. Wold
John Salka
John Salmon (entomologist)
John Sankaramangalam
John Sarbanes
John Saunders (journalist)
John Savage (Nova Scotia politician)
John Savage Bolles
John Savident
John Saxbee
John Saxon
John Schiffer
John Schjelderup Giæver
John Schmidt (pool player)
John Schnatter
John Schneeberger
John Schneider (screen actor)
John Schoenherr
John Schoon
John Schroder
John Schubeck
John Schuck
John Schwab
John Scibak
John Scott (writer)
John Scott, 9th Duke of Buccleuch
John Sculley
John Searle
John Sears Casey
John Sears Tanner
John Seigenthaler
John Senden
John Sentamu
John Sergeant (journalist)
John Severson
John Seville Higgins
John Seward Johnson II
John Seward Johnson III
John Sewel, Baron Sewel
John Sewell
John Seymour (California politician)
John Seymour, 19th Duke of Somerset
John Shea
John Shelby Spong
John Shelton (actor)
John Sheridan (New Jersey government official)
John Sherman Cooper
John Shirley
John Shrapnel
John Sichel
John Silber
John Silvester Varley
John Simm
John Simpson (priest)
John Singleton
John Sinnott (politician)
John Skeaping
John Skehel
John Slate
John Slater (actor)
John Slattery
John Sloan (businessman)
John Sloan Jr.
John Smith (actor)
John Smith (Conservative politician)
John Smith (Welsh politician)
John Smyth (barrister)
John So
John Somers Payne
John Sparkes
John Speakman
John Spencer (mayor)
John Spencer, 8th Earl Spencer
John Spencer-Churchill (artist)
John Spencer-Churchill, 11th Duke of Marlborough
John Stalker
John Stamos
John Standing
John Stanley (Tonbridge and Malling MP)
John Stapleton (English journalist)
John Stead (bishop)
John Stears
John Steenhuisen
John Stegner
John Steinbeck
John Stephan
John Stephenson (actor)
John Steppling (playwright)
John Sterland
John Sterling Rockefeller
John Stevenson (British politician)
John Stewart (Northern Ireland politician)
John Stockwell (actor)
John Stoltenberg
John Stonehouse
John Storyk
John Stossel
John Stride
John Strong (sportscaster)
John Stuart Yeates
John Stuttard
John Suchet
John Sullivan (Australian politician)
John Sulston
John Sung
John Sutton (actor)
John Swainson
John Swantek
John Swasey
John Sweeney (Canadian politician)
John Sweeney (labor leader)
John Swinney
John Swinton of Kimmerghame
John Swope (photographer)
John Symond
John Szoka
John T. Cacioppo
John T. Casteen III
John T. Chambers
John T. Cunningham
John T. Davies (politician)
John T. Knox
John T. McDonald III
John T. Montford
John T. Oxley (polo)
John T. Parsons
John T. Scopes
John T. Smithee
John T. Walker (bishop)
John T. Willis
John Taffin
John Talbot Robinson
John Tanton
John Taras
John Tarrant (bishop)
John Tartaglia
John Tate (actor)
John Taylor (archivist)
John Taylor (bass guitarist)
John Taylor (bishop of Glasgow and Galloway)
John Taylor (bishop of St Albans)
John Taylor (public servant)
John Taylor (West Lothian MP)
John Taylor Gatto
John Taylor, Baron Kilclooney
John Taylor, Baron Taylor of Warwick
John Tecklenburg
John Templeton
John Terpak
John Thaw
John Thomas Idlet
John Thomas Mentzer
John Thomas Wolfe
John Thompson (Alberta politician)
John Thompson (journalist)
John Thomson (comedian)
John Thurso
John Thurston (politician)
John Thwaites (Australian politician)
John Tiedtke
John Tierney (journalist)
John Tileston Edsall
John Tingle
John Tinsley Russell
John Toll
John Toohey (judge)
John Tory
John Tower
John Train (investment advisor)
John Tranter
John Travolta
John Tree
John Troy (Australian politician)
John Trudell
John Tsang
John Tu
John Tui
John Turner
John Turner (actor)
John Turturro
John Tyrrell (actor)
John U. Monro
John Ugelstad
John Unger
John Urquhart (sheriff)
John Urquhart Cameron
John V. Fuller
John V. Tunney
John Valdivia
John Van Eyssen
John Vander Horst
John Varty
John Verdon
John Verney (author)
John Vernon
John Vernon Lord
John Vikström
John Vincent Barry
John Vinich
John Vogelstein
John Voldstad
John Volz
John von Neumann
John Vornholt
John Vorster
John W. Beard
John W. Blassingame
John W. Byrnes
John W. Gallivan
John W. Goode
John W. Hennessey Jr.
John W. Henry
John W. Heselton
John W. Howe (bishop)
John W. Kern III
John W. Limbert
John W. Matthews Jr.
John W. McCarter
John W. McDevitt
John W. Mecom Sr.
John W. Mullin
John W. N. Watkins
John W. Olmsted
John W. Pilley
John W. R. Taylor
John W. Reed
John W. Rogerson
John W. Sidgmore
John W. Turnbull
John W. Winters
John W. Yolton

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