Marriages of Notable People

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John Aspinwall Roosevelt
John Astin
John Astor (1923–1987)
John Attard Montalto
John Attenborough
John Attlee, 3rd Earl Attlee
John August
John Augustine Macdonald
John Augustus Raffetto Jr.
John Austin (bishop)
John Austin Meyer
John Austrheim
John Authers
John Autry (politician)
John Avoli
John Aylesworth
John B. Anderson
John B. Boles
John B. Callahan
John B. Cobb
John B. Frank
John B. Goodenough
John B. Keane
John B. Parkin
John B. Veihmeyer
John B. Walthour
John Backus
John Badham
John Baer (actor)
John Bailey (cinematographer)
John Baines (bobsledder)
John Baird Finlay
John Baker (bishop)
John Baldessari
John Ball (bishop)
John Bamborough
John Banner
John Bannerman, Baron Bannerman of Kildonan
John Banville
John Baragrey
John Bardeen
John Bardo
John Bardon
John Barilaro
John Baring, 7th Baron Ashburton
John Barnes Jr.
John Barrasso
John Barresi
John Barrett (Scottish politician)
John Barrowman
John Barry (composer)
John Bartha
John Barton (businessman)
John Barton (theologian)
John Bartrum
John Basilone
John Batchelor
John Battaglia
John Battelle
John Battle (politician)
John Battles
John Bay
John Baycroft
John Bayley (writer)
John Beal (actor)
John Beaman
John Beasley (actor)
John Beddington
John Bedford Lloyd
John Beedell
John Behring
John Bell (Virginia politician)
John Beloff
John Belushi
John Beng Kiat Liem
John Bennet (archaeologist)
John Bennett (actor)
John Bennett Perry
John Bensko
John Benson (Minnesota politician)
John Bentley (actor)
John Bentley Mays
John Beradino
John Bercow
John Beresford, 7th Marquess of Waterford
John Berg (art director)
John Berman
John Berry (film director)
John Berryman
John Besh
John Bessler
John Betjeman
John Bickerton
John Biehl
John Bigelow Taylor
John Biggs (London politician)
John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan
John Bird (actor)
John Birks
John Birt, Baron Birt
John Bishop
John Bitove Sr.
John Black (Missouri politician)
John Blackburn (priest)
John Blackman
John Blair (historian)
John Blashford-Snell
John Blatnik
John Blayney
John Bleifer
John Block (South African politician)
John Bloom (film editor)
John Bloomfield (academic)
John Blust
John Bluthal
John Blythe (actor)
John Boccieri
John Bohlinger
John Boland (Fine Gael politician)
John Bolton
John Bonacic
John Bone (bishop)
John Boorman
John Boozman
John Bowen Coburn
John Bowler (actor)
John Bowman (broadcaster)
John Boyd (actor)
John Boyd-Carpenter, Baron Boyd-Carpenter
John Boyle, 15th Earl of Cork
John Bradbury, 3rd Baron Bradbury
John Brady (Sinn Féin politician)
John Branyan
John Brascia
John Brassil
John Brenden
John Brewin
John Brewis
John Brewis (priest)
John Briggs (politician)
John Bright (biblical scholar)
John Briscoe (water engineer)
John Brittas
John Broadhurst
John Broden
John Brodie
John Brogden (politician)
John Bromfield
John Brotherton
John Brown (cyclist)
John Browne (Fianna Fáil politician)
John Browne (Fine Gael politician)
John Brox
John Bruce (surgeon)
John Brumby
John Bruton
John Bryan Evans
John Bryson Chane
John Buchanan (bishop)
John Buchanan (Canadian politician)
John Buck (winemaker)
John Bucksbaum
John Bucy III
John Budd (politician)
John Buffalo Mailer
John Bugas
John Bunting (public servant)
John Burgess (bishop)
John Burkel
John Burn (geneticist)
John Burningham
John Burns (businessman)
John Burnside (inventor)
John Burris
John Butrovich
John Butterfill
John Button (Australian politician)
John Button (racing driver)
John Byner
John Byrne (playwright)
John Byrum
John C. Bauerschmidt
John C. Beale
John C. Bear
John C. Bogle
John C. Bravman
John C. Buchanan (Virginia politician)
John C. Carpenter (politician)
John C. Chenoweth
John C. Cort
John C. D'Amico
John C. Dvorak
John C. Hamer
John C. Harkness
John C. Harvey Jr.
John C. Holstein
John C. Land III
John C. McGinley
John C. Miller
John C. Mongan
John C. Oxley
John C. Parkin
John C. Pritzlaff Jr.
John C. Quinn
John C. Reilly
John C. Revens Jr.
John C. Stennis
John C. Stewart
John C. Towler
John C. Trever
John C. Truesdale
John C. Waugh
John C. West (philatelist)
John C. Whitcomb
John C. Willke
John Cade
John Cage
John Cain (41st Premier of Victoria)
John Caird (director)
John Cairney
John Callahan (actor)
John Calley
John Calvert Griffiths
John Calvin Jureit
John Cameron Swayze
John Campbell (broadcaster)
John Campea
John Candy
John Cannis
John Carey (critic)
John Carey (Ohio state legislator)
John Cariani
John Carl Buechler
John Carlson (Minnesota politician)
John Carmack
John Carmichael (Canadian politician)
John Carmichael (sportswriter)
John Carona
John Carpenter
John Carradine
John Carroll (actor)
John Carter (actor)
John Carter (Texas politician)
John Carty (Irish politician)
John Carver Meadows Frost
John Casablancas
John Caspar Dreier
John Cassavetes
John Cassidy (magician)
John Castagnini
John Castle
John Cater
John Catsimatidis
John Caudwell
John Cavaletto
John Cavanaugh (politician)
John Cavell (bishop)
John Cecil Holm
John Cena
John Ceretto
John Chabot Smith
John Challis
John Chalmers (moderator)
John Chamberlain (journalist)
John Chan
John Chapman (screenwriter)
John Charles Cutler
John Charles Daly
John Cheetham (composer)
John Cheever
John Cheng
John Chervinsky
John Chew
John Chikati
John Cho
John Christy
John Chynoweth Burnham
John Ciardi
John Clark (actor)
John Clark Mayden
John Cleese
John Clegg (actor)
John Clive
John Cloake
John Cloudsley-Thompson
John Cobin
John Cocks (builder)
John Colapinto
John Cole (choreographer)
John Cole (journalist)
John Coleman (meteorologist)
John Colicos
John Collias
John Collins-Muhammad
John Compton
John Cone
John Connally
John Connolly (FBI)
John Considine (actor)
John Conte (actor)

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