Marriages of Notable People

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Marcela Sabat
Marcela Said
Marceline Day
Marceline Miéville
Marcelite J. Harris
Marcella Comès Winslow
Marcella Corcoran Kennedy
Marcella Frevert
Marcella Hazan
Marcelle Chantal
Marcelle Ferron
Marcellino Lefrandt
Marcellite Garner
Marcello Dell'Utri
Marcello Mastroianni
Marcello Siniscalco
Marcello Sorgi
Marcelo Álvaro Antônio
Marcelo Buquet
Marcelo Caetano
Marcelo Camelo
Marcelo Crivella
Marcelo Freixo
Marcelo Guinle
Marcelo Mena
Marcelo Quiroga Santa Cruz
Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa
Marcelo Rubio Ruiz
Marcelo Schilling
Marcelo Tinelli
Marcelo Tokman
Marcelo Trujillo
March Fong Eu
Marcheline Bertrand
Marci Klein
Marci Miller
Marci Shore
Marcia C. Inhorn
Marcia Clark
Marcia Cross
Marcia Davenport
Marcia Diamond
Marcia Falk
Marcia Falkender, Baroness Falkender
Marcia Gay Harden
Marcia Guttentag
Marcia Henderson
Marcia Hovey-Wright
Marcia Lucas
Marcia Mae Jones
Marcia Mitzman Gaven
Marcia Morales Howard
Marcia Nasatir
Marcia P. Coggs
Márcia Passos
Marcia Ralston
Marcia Strassman
Marcia Wallace
Marcial Gómez Parejo
Marcial Lafuente Estefanía
Marcie Dodd
Marcin Wrona
Márcio França
Márcio Melo
Marcio Veloz Maggiolo
Marco Alcaraz
Marco Antonio Adame
Marco Antonio Ávila García
Marco Antonio Campos
Marco Antonio de la Parra
Marco Antonio Solís
Marco Arment
Marco Aurélio Mello
Marco Baldini
Marco Banderas
Marco Biassoni
Marco Bocci
Marco Cariola
Marco D'Amico
Marco Dawson
Marco Ernesto
Marco Ferreri
Marco Foschi
Marco Maciel
Marco Pierre White
Marco Reguzzoni
Marco Rubio
Marco Terragni
Marco Torlonia, 6th Prince of Civitella-Cesi
Marco Werman
Marco Zappia
Marcos Caruso
Marcos Ferraez
Marcos Galperin
Marcos Galvão (diplomat)
Marcos Grigorian
Marcos Palmeira
Marcos Pereira (politician)
Marcos Siega
Marcos Yaroide
Marcus A. Hitchcock
Marcus Agius
Marcus Bentley
Marcus Beresford, 7th Baron Decies
Marcus Borg
Marcus Brauchli
Marcus Brigstocke
Marcus Chin
Marcus Daly (New Jersey politician)
Marcus du Sautoy
Marcus Ervine-Andrews
Marcus Evans
Marcus Floyd
Marcus Foster
Marcus Fox
Marcus Fraser (golfer)
Marcus Fysh
Marcus Kaufman
Marcus Lamb
Marcus Lemonis
Marcus Loane
Marcus Lush
Marcus Martins
Marcus Merriman
Marcus Mojigoh
Marcus Mumford
Marcus Notley
Marcus Sakey
Marcus Samuelsson
Marcus Schrenker
Marcus Simon
Marcy Carsey
Marcy McGuire
Marcy Toepel
Marcy Walker
Mare Vint
Mare Winningham
Marea Gazzard
Mareike Carrière
Mareile Höppner
Marek Belka
Marek Borowski
Marek Jurek
Marek Kamiński
Marek Krajčí
Marek Losey
Marek Magierowski
Marek Rocki
Marelen Castillo
Maren Hassinger
Maren Jensen
Maren Morris
Marena Bencomo
Maret G. Traber
Marg Helgenberger
Marga López
Margaret "Peggy" Murphy
Margaret A. Edwards
Margaret A. Ryan
Margaret Ahern
Margaret Alington
Margaret Allan (racing driver)
Margaret Anderson (indexer)
Margaret Anderson Kelliher
Margaret Anne LeMone
Margaret Armen
Margaret Ashcroft
Margaret Aston
Margaret Atwood
Margaret Avery
Margaret B. Seymour
Margaret Bailey Chandler
Margaret Bailey Speer
Margaret Barker (artist)
Margaret Barton
Margaret Beckett
Margaret Billingham
Margaret Birch
Margaret Boden (artist)
Margaret Bonds
Margaret Bonham
Margaret Bourke-White
Margaret Bradshaw
Margaret Brennan
Margaret Bruce Wells
Margaret Bryan Davis
Margaret Burton (actress)
Margaret Bush Wilson
Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll
Margaret Carlson
Margaret Carpenter
Margaret Chan
Margaret Cho
Margaret Chung (actress)
Margaret Chutich
Margaret Cilento
Margaret Clark (political scientist)
Margaret Colin
Margaret Conlon
Margaret Cooper (WRNS officer)
Margaret Courtenay (actress)
Margaret Craven (politician)
Margaret Cunneen
Margaret Cuomo
Margaret Curran
Margaret Dayton
Margaret de Crussol d'Uzès
Margaret De Patta
Margaret Durrell
Margaret Ekpo
Margaret Elizabeth Douglas
Margaret Elsworth
Margaret F. Hood
Margaret Fairweather
Margaret Fay Shaw
Margaret Field
Margaret Fisher (artist)
Margaret Ford, Baroness Ford
Margaret Frame
Margaret Garcia
Margaret Garrett
Margaret Grubb
Margaret Guilfoyle
Margaret Gurney (artist)
Margaret H. Dickson
Margaret Hamilton (actress)
Margaret Hamilton (software engineer)
Margaret Harker
Margaret Harrington
Margaret Hayes
Margaret Hayes Grazier
Margaret Heffernan (Irish businesswoman)
Margaret Heneghan
Margaret Herrick
Margaret Hodge
Margaret Hoover
Margaret Horder
Margaret Hunt Hill
Margaret Hurlstone Hardy Fallding
Margaret Innes-Ker, Duchess of Roxburghe
Margaret Jepson
Margaret John
Margaret Johnston
Margaret Keane
Margaret Keech
Margaret Kenyatta
Margaret Kerry
Margaret L. Plunkett
Margaret Lawder
Margaret Leighton
Margaret Lockwood
Margaret Loutit
Margaret MacDonald (politician)
Margaret Maddocks
Margaret Markey
Margaret Maron
Margaret Marquis
Margaret Mary Ray
Margaret Mason
Margaret Masterman
Margaret Mayo (children's author)
Margaret Mazzantini
Margaret McCain
Margaret McNamara
Margaret Mead
Margaret Millar
Margaret Millard
Margaret Mitchell
Margaret Mitchell (Scottish politician)
Margaret Moncrieff
Margaret Moser
Margaret Murphy O'Mahony
Margaret Nagle
Margaret Nolan
Margaret Nosek
Margaret O'Brien
Margaret of Mar, 31st Countess of Mar
Margaret Orbell
Margaret Owen (plantswoman)
Margaret Pemberton
Margaret Pericak-Vance
Margaret Peterson Haddix
Margaret Phipps Boegner
Margaret Pomeranz
Margaret Ponce Israel
Margaret Ransone
Margaret Raymond
Margaret Reid (minister)
Margaret Reid (politician)
Margaret Renkl
Margaret Reynolds
Margaret Rhodes
Margaret Ringenberg
Margaret Roach Wheeler
Margaret Scott (dancer)
Margaret Scott (New Zealand author)
Margaret Scrivener
Margaret Sellers Walker
Margaret Shelby

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