Marriages of Notable People

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Anthony Carbines
Anthony Caro
Anthony Carollo
Anthony Carrigan (actor)
Anthony Caruso (actor)
Anthony Casso
Anthony Catanese
Anthony Cave Brown
Anthony Chen
Anthony Clare
Anthony Clark (powerlifter)
Anthony Clifford Allison
Anthony Coke, 6th Earl of Leicester
Anthony Collins (judge)
Anthony Cox (producer)
Anthony Crastus
Anthony Crivello
Anthony Crosland
Anthony Cumia
Anthony D'Amelio
Anthony D'Urso
Anthony Daniels
Anthony Dawes
Anthony De Longis
Anthony de Sa (civil servant)
Anthony Delon
Anthony Devas
Anthony di Bonaventura
Anthony Diekema
Anthony Doob
Anthony Drake
Anthony Edwards (actor)
Anthony Eisley
Anthony Enahoro
Anthony F. DePalma
Anthony Fane, 16th Earl of Westmorland
Anthony Fauci
Anthony FitzClarence, 7th Earl of Munster
Anthony Foley
Anthony Forwood
Anthony Franciosa
Anthony Garotinho
Anthony Gaw
Anthony Giordano
Anthony Grafton
Anthony Grant (politician)
Anthony Grey
Anthony Guiseppi-Elie
Anthony Gutman
Anthony H. Williams
Anthony Habgood
Anthony Hamilton-Smith, 3rd Baron Colwyn
Anthony Havelock-Allan
Anthony Hayes (actor)
Anthony Heald
Anthony Hemingway
Anthony Higgins (actor)
Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Horowitz
Anthony Hoskyns-Abrahall
Anthony Hyman
Anthony J. Lumsden
Anthony James Leggett
Anthony K. Roberts
Anthony Kavanagh
Anthony Kennedy
Anthony LaPaglia
Anthony Larkum
Anthony Lawrence (journalist)
Anthony Lazzaro (university administrator)
Anthony Ledwith
Anthony Lehmann
Anthony Leocadia Fletcher
Anthony Leviero
Anthony Lewis (actor)
Anthony Linick
Anthony Loke
Anthony Loyd
Anthony Lupo
Anthony M. Bucco
Anthony M. DeLuca
Anthony M. Frank
Anthony M. Scibelli
Anthony Mackie
Anthony Mandler
Anthony Mann
Anthony Marlowe
Anthony Marquez
Anthony Marreco
Anthony Mascolo
Anthony Masiello
Anthony May
Anthony McGowan
Anthony Milner (actor)
Anthony Minghella
Anthony Montgomery
Anthony Nares
Anthony Nelson (politician)
Anthony Newley
Anthony Noel, 5th Earl of Gainsborough
Anthony Noel, 6th Earl of Gainsborough
Anthony Noto
Anthony Obinna
Anthony Oettinger
Anthony Oppenheimer
Anthony Pagden
Anthony Palumbo
Anthony Pelissier
Anthony Perkins
Anthony Powell
Anthony Price
Anthony Pritzker
Anthony Provenzano
Anthony Quayle
Anthony Quinn
Anthony R. Bucco
Anthony R. Cucci
Anthony Radetic
Anthony Radziwiłł
Anthony Ray Hinton
Anthony Rodriguez (politician)
Anthony Rota
Anthony Ruivivar
Anthony Russo (mayor)
Anthony Sabatini
Anthony Saxton
Anthony Scaramucci
Anthony Scotto
Anthony Shadid
Anthony Sharpe
Anthony Siaguru
Anthony Sloman
Anthony Spilotro
Anthony St Clair-Erskine, 6th Earl of Rosslyn
Anthony Starke
Anthony Steel (actor)
Anthony Steen
Anthony Sydes
Anthony Taberna
Anthony Trimingham
Anthony Tyler Quinn
Anthony Valentine
Anthony Weiner
Anthony Whitworth-Jones
Anthony Wong (Hong Kong actor)
Anthony Wood (businessman)
Anthony Yadgaroff
Anthony Zerbe
Anthony Zizzo
Antje Jackelén
Antje von Graevenitz
Antjie Krog
Anto Antony
Anto Joseph
Anto Kovačević
Antoine Arnault
Antoine de Caunes
Antoine Fuqua
Antoine Karam (politician)
Antoine Thompson
Antoine Veil
Antoine, Prince of Ligne
Antoinette Cellier
Antoinette Sandbach
Antoinette Sedillo Lopez
Anton Buslov
Anton Coppola
Anton Dolin (film critic)
Anton Donchev
Anton Du Beke
Antón Fraguas
Anton Gorchev
Anton Gunn
Anton Hammerl
Anton Harber
Anton Jones
Anton Jude
Anton Koolhaas
Anton LaVey
Anton Leader
Anton Lesser
Anton Lubowski
Anton Rodgers
Anton Rupert
Anton Skulberg
Anton Weselak
Anton Wilfer
Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell
Antone S. Aguiar Jr.
Antonella Rinaldi
Antonello Zappadu
Antoni Cerdan
Antoni Kenar
Antoni Koper
Antoni Macierewicz
Antònia Adroher i Pascual
Antonia Bruha
Antonia Fraser
Antonia Handler Chayes
Antonia Iacobescu
Antonia Kidman
Antonia Liskova
Antonia Okonma
Antonia Rey
Antonia Romeo
Antonia Santa María
Antonie Kamerling
Antonieta Rivas Mercado
Antonija Blaće
Antonin Scalia
Antonina Dvoryanets
Antonina Kravchuk
Antonina Makarova
Antonino Buenaventura
Antonino Faà di Bruno
Antonino Roman
Antonio Aguilar
Antonio Alatorre
Antonio Banderas
Antonio Bassolino
Antonio Bonfatti
Antonio Cabangon-Chua
Antonio Campos (director)
Antonio Candido
Antônio Carlos Magalhães Neto
Antonio Carlos Moretti Bermudez
Antonio Carluccio
Antonio Catricalà
Antonio Cornejo Polar
Antonio Correa Cotto
António Costa
Antonio Cruz Torres
Antonio Cuenco
Antonio de Oyarzabal
António de Spínola
Antonio Dominguez Richa
Antônio Fagundes
Antonio Fargas
Antônio Francisco Bonfim Lopes
Antonio Frasconi
Antonio French
Antonio G. Olivieri
Antonio Galves
Antonio García-Trevijano
Antonio Garrido (golfer)
Antonio Gerona
Antonio González Orozco
António Guterres
Antonio Guzmán Fernández
António Horta-Osório (banker)
Antonio Inoki
Antonio Julian Montalván
Antonio Lagdameo Jr.
Antonio Lamer
Antonio Ledezma
Antonio Lippi
Antônio Lomanto Júnior
Antonio Luiz Braga
Antônio Luiz Seabra
Antonio Martino
Antonio Munoz (American politician)
Antonio Nachura
Antonio Pappano
Antônio Pitanga
Antonio Quirino
Antonio Raquiza
Antonio Razzi
Antonio Resines
Antonio Sabàto Sr.
Antonio Saca
Antonio Sacre
Antonio Sanchez (politician)
Antonio Saura
Antonio Serapio
Antonio Skármeta
Antonio Tagamolila
Antonio Tajani
Antonio Thrasybule Kébreau
Antonio Torres Pérez
Antonio Trillanes
Antonio Walker
Antonio Zumel
Antonis Remos
Antonis Samaras
Antony Acland
Antony Armstrong-Jones, 1st Earl of Snowdon
Antony Blinken
Antony Fisher
Antony G. Sweeney
Antony Gardner
Antony Gormley
Antony Hewish
Antony Jenkins
Antony Kidman
Antony Preston
Antony Rowe
Antony Sher
Antony Varghese
Antony Worrall Thompson
Antti Rinne

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