Marriages of Notable People

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Pat DiCicco
Pat Evison
Pat Fallon
Pat Fiacco
Pat Fielder
Pat Finn (actor)
Pat Finnigan
Pat Fitzsimons
Pat Fleet
Pat Fraley
Pat Friday
Pat Galvin
Pat Garofalo
Pat Gelsinger
Pat George
Pat Gish
Pat Harkins
Pat Harper
Pat Harrington Jr.
Pat Harrison (educationalist)
Pat Hills
Pat Hingle
Pat Hitchcock
Pat Hogan
Pat Hurst
Pat Hutchins
Pat Kavanagh (agent)
Pat Kenny
Pat Kiernan
Pat Kirkwood (actress)
Pat Klous
Pat Kronebusch
Pat Lanigan
Pat Lindsey
Pat Lowther
Pat Martin
Pat Mazorol
Pat McCabe (rugby union)
Pat McElraft
Pat Mitchell
Pat Morita
Pat Morton
Pat Moylan (politician)
Pat Murphy (Iowa politician)
Pat Musick
Pat Neely
Pat Newman (rowing)
Pat Nicol
Pat Nixon
Pat Nowlan
Pat Pariseau
Pat Paterson
Pat Patterson (coach)
Pat Patterson (politician)
Pat Perez
Pat Phoenix
Pat Priest (actress)
Pat Quinlan (Irish Army officer)
Pat Quinn (businessman)
Pat Rabbitte
Pat Roach
Pat Roberts
Pat Robertson
Pat Sajak
Pat Stevens
Pat Storey
Pat Straub
Pat Stryker
Pat Suggate
Pat Toomey
Pat Trivigno
Pat Upton (politician)
Pat Ward
Pat Weaver
Pat Wiggins
Pat Woodell
Pat Woodrum
Pat Young
Patch Adams
Paterson Joseph
Pati Behrs
Pati Chapoy
Pati Jinich
Patience Abbe
Patience Cooper
Patience D. Roggensack
Patience Latting
Patil Puttappa
Patralekha Paul
Patri Friedman
Patri J. Pugliese
Patriarch Alexy II of Moscow
Patric Knowles
Patrice Lumumba
Patrice Martinez
Patrice Motsepe
Patrice Munsel
Patrice Wymore
Patricia "Honeychile" Wilder
Patricia A. Gabow
Patricia A. Shiu
Patricia Abravanel
Patricia Acampora
Patricia Arquette
Patricia Barry
Patricia Benoit
Patricia Bergquist
Patricia Bernstein
Patricia Blair
Patricia Bragg
Patricia Brake
Patricia Breckenridge
Patricia Breslin
Patricia Bridges
Patricia Burchat
Patricia Burke
Patricia Byrne (writer)
Patricia C. Dunn
Patricia C. Frist
Patricia Carone
Patricia Charbonneau
Patricia Chirinos
Patricia Clapp
Patricia Collins (actress)
Patricia Conde
Patricia Conolly
Patricia Cornwell
Patricia Cutts
Patricia de Lille
Patricia de Nicolaï
Patrícia de Sabrit
Patricia Donoho Hughes
Patricia Drennan
Patricia Driscoll
Patricia Duff
Patricia Ellis
Patricia Etteh
Patricia Farmer
Patricia Farr
Patricia Farrar
Patricia Flint Borns
Patricia Franklin
Patricia Gage
Patricia Gaztañaga
Patricia Glassop
Patricia Grace
Patricia H. Clarke
Patricia Haines
Patricia Hardy
Patricia Harmsworth, Viscountess Rothermere
Patricia Hayes
Patricia Healy
Patricia Heaton
Patricia Hill Burnett
Patricia Hill Collins
Patricia Hochschild Labalme
Patricia Hodge
Patricia Huston
Patricia Jessamy
Patricia Juárez
Patricia Kalember
Patricia Kane
Patricia Kempthorne
Patricia Kennealy-Morrison
Patricia Kennedy Lawford
Patricia Kern
Patricia Knatchbull, 2nd Countess Mountbatten of Burma
Patricia Knight
Patricia Lake
Patricia Lantz
Patricia Lascelles, Countess of Harewood
Patricia Louisianna Knop
Patricia Margaret Selkirk
Patricia Marks Greenfield
Patricia Marroquín
Patricia Marshall
Patricia Martin Bates
Patricia McKenna
Patricia McMahon Hawkins
Patricia McPherson
Patricia Mernone
Patricia Meunier-Lebouc
Patricia Millardet
Patricia Miller (Indiana politician)
Patricia Moberly
Patricia Monaghan
Patricia Mora Castellanos
Patricia Morrisroe
Patricia Morrow
Patricia Mueller
Patricia Neal
Patricia Nevill, Marchioness of Abergavenny
Patricia Newcomb
Patricia Owens
Patricia Payne (mezzo-soprano)
Patricia Petibon
Patricia Phelps de Cisneros
Patricia Pike
Patrícia Pillar
Patrícia Poeta
Patricia Potter
Patricia Pulling
Patricia Quinn (Northern Irish actress)
Patricia Reid Lindner
Patricia Remak
Patricia Rex
Patricia Richardson
Patricia Riggen
Patricia Roberts Harris
Patricia Robins
Patricia Roc
Patricia Ryan (actress)
Patrícia Saboya
Patricia Schmid
Patricia Schonstein
Patricia Smith (actress)
Patricia Sosa
Patricia Strauss
Patricia Tallman
Patricia Torres Ray
Patricia Tudor Sandahl
Patricia van Delden
Patricia Verdugo
Patricia Vinnicombe
Patricia Walker-Shaw
Patricia Wettig
Patricia Wheel
Patricia Wilson Berger
Patricia Wolf
Patricia Woodroffe
Patricia Ziegfeld Stephenson
Patricio Aylwin
Patricio Borghetti
Patricio Martínez García
Patricio Melero
Patricio Noriega
Patricio Patrón Laviada
Patrick Ali Pahlavi
Patrick Allen
Patrick Allen (governor-general)
Patrick Anson, 5th Earl of Lichfield
Patrick Baladi
Patrick Balfour, 3rd Baron Kinross
Patrick Bellew
Patrick Bergin
Patrick Bissell
Patrick Boyle, 10th Earl of Glasgow
Patrick Brammall
Patrick Bristow
Patrick Brown (photographer)
Patrick Brown (politician)
Patrick Byrne (Irish politician)
Patrick Cargill
Patrick Carney
Patrick Cassidy (actor)
Patrick Cescau
Patrick Clark (chef)
Patrick Cockburn
Patrick Conlon (politician)
Patrick Connor (actor)
Patrick Cooney
Patrick Cormack
Patrick Crotty
Patrick Cusick
Patrick D. McGee
Patrick D. Smith
Patrick Dean (cartoonist)
Patrick Dean (diplomat)
Patrick Delaforce
Patrick Dempsey
Patrick Dennis
Patrick Dewaere
Patrick Dixon
Patrick Drahi
Patrick Drury
Patrick Duffy
Patrick E. Donovan
Patrick E. Haggerty
Patrick Eisdell Moore
Patrick Enthoven
Patrick F. McManus
Patrick F. Taylor
Patrick Fabian
Patrick Finnegan
Patrick Fischler
Patrick Fleagle
Patrick Frawley
Patrick G. Halpin
Patrick Garcia
Patrick Garland
Patrick Godfrey
Patrick Goggles
Patrick Gorman (politician)
Patrick Gottschalk
Patrick Green (politician)
Patrick Ground
Patrick Guérette
Patrick Hall (politician)
Patrick Harris

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