Marriages of Notable People

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Patrick Hemingway
Patrick Heron
Patrick Higginbotham
Patrick Hillery
Patrick Hogan (racehorse breeder)
Patrick Holt
Patrick Honohan
Patrick Hope
Patrick Huot
Patrick J. Adams
Patrick J. Deluhery
Patrick J. Diegnan
Patrick J. Duggan
Patrick J. Kennedy
Patrick J. McManus
Patrick J. O'Connor
Patrick J. O'Reilly (actor)
Patrick J. Reynolds (politician)
Patrick J. Stapleton Jr.
Patrick Johnson (actor)
Patrick Jordan
Patrick Joseph Morrissey
Patrick Joseph Stanton
Patrick Karam
Patrick Kearon
Patrick Kielty
Patrick Kilpatrick
Patrick Labyorteaux
Patrick Lalor
Patrick Lambert
Patrick Lau
Patrick Lawlor (politician)
Patrick Leahy
Patrick Leigh Fermor
Patrick Lenihan
Patrick Leonard
Patrick Levis
Patrick Lindsay (Irish politician)
Patrick Lynch (police officer)
Patrick M. Gallivan
Patrick Macnee
Patrick Madrid
Patrick Magee (actor)
Patrick Malahide
Patrick Marber
Patrick McCabe (novelist)
Patrick McDonnell
Patrick McGeehan
Patrick McGoohan
Patrick McGorry
Patrick McGrath (novelist)
Patrick McKenna
Patrick McLaughlin (churchman)
Patrick McLoughlin
Patrick McVey
Patrick Mercer
Patrick Michael Hayes
Patrick Michaels
Patrick Minford
Patrick Mower
Patrick Mweheire
Patrick Mynhardt
Patrick Nagatani
Patrick Nairne
Patrick Ness
Patrick Newell
Patrick O'Brian
Patrick O'Connell (chef)
Patrick O'Donovan
Patrick O'Farrell
Patrick O'Malley (Irish politician)
Patrick O'Neal (actor)
Patrick O. Murphy
Patrick Osborne (rugby union)
Patrick Page
Patrick Poivre d'Arvor
Patrick Quinn (ALS activist)
Patrick Reed
Patrick Renna
Patrick Reynolds (activist)
Patrick Reyntiens
Patrick Rose
Patrick Ryecart
Patrick Sabatier
Patrick Sabongui
Patrick Salvado Idringi
Patrick Se Kit Yuen
Patrick Shai
Patrick Shaw (diplomat)
Patrick Shen
Patrick Simon (politician)
Patrick Smith (politician)
Patrick Snyder
Patrick St. Esprit
Patrick Steptoe
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stokes (businessman)
Patrick Stopford, 9th Earl of Courtown
Patrick Stübing
Patrick Stump
Patrick Swaffer
Patrick Swayze
Patrick T. Caffery
Patrick Tam (actor)
Patrick Tang
Patrick Tatopoulos
Patrick Troughton
Patrick Vallance
Patrick Vellner
Patrick Villiers Farrow
Patrick Wall
Patrick Warburton
Patrick Wayne
Patrick Whitesell
Patrick Wilson (American actor)
Patrick Winston
Patrick Wintour
Patrick Wong
Patrick Wymark
Patricky Pitbull
Patrik Jerksten
Patrika Darbo
Patrisse Cullors
Patrizia Reggiani
Patrizio Bosti
Patruni Sastry
Patrycja Markowska
Patrycja Mikula
Patryk Jaki
Patsy Calton
Patsy Cline
Patsy Dan Rodgers
Patsy Kensit
Patsy Lawlor
Patsy Norvell
Patsy Palmer
Patsy Pulitzer
Patsy Reddy
Patsy Robertson
Patsy Rowlands
Patsy Ticer
Pattathuvila Karunakaran
Patti Ann Browne
Patti D'Arbanville
Patti Deutsch
Patti Fritz
Patti Hansen
Patti Karr
Patti LuPone
Patti Murin
Patti Newton
Patti Poppe
Patti Ruff
Patti Smith (politician)
Pattie Boyd
Pattie Coldwell
Patton Oswalt
Pattukkottai Kalyanasundaram
Patty Dann
Patty Duke
Patty Hearst
Patty Hou
Patty Jenkins
Patty Kim (politician)
Patty McCormack
Patty Murray
Patty Obasi
Patty Ritchie
Patty Sheehan
Patty Shepard
Patty Sullivan
Patty Wetterling
Patu Tiava'asu'e Falefatu Sapolu
Paturi Nagabhushanam
Patxi López
Paty Ripple Kyndiah
Paudge Connolly
Paul A. Brodeur
Paul A. Miller
Paul Adams (pilot)
Paul Adefarasin
Paul Ainslie
Paul Ainsworth
Paul Akers
Paul Almond
Paul Amoru
Paul Anderson (Minnesota state representative)
Paul Anderson (Minnesota state senator)
Paul Anderson (weightlifter)
Paul Andrews (Australian politician)
Paul Anka
Paul Anthony McDermott
Paul Antony-Barber
Paul Avis
Paul B Scott
Paul B. Fay
Paul Badura-Skoda
Paul Bailey (politician)
Paul Barbadoro
Paul Barber (bishop)
Paul Barjon
Paul Barnett (bishop)
Paul Baxendale-Walker
Paul Bayes
Paul Bazely
Paul Bearer
Paul Begala
Paul Bell (politician)
Paul Bentley
Paul Bérenger
Paul Beresford
Paul Bergrin
Paul Bernard Dilworth
Paul Bernardo
Paul Bettany
Paul Bilzerian
Paul Bishop (actor)
Paul Bitok (volleyball)
Paul Biya
Paul Blaisdell
Paul Bogart
Paul Borg Olivier
Paul Bown
Paul Brach
Paul Brindley (biologist)
Paul Brinegar
Paul Bulcke
Paul Burke (actor)
Paul Burling
Paul Burstow
Paul Busiek
Paul Bussman
Paul Butler (bishop)
Paul C. Doherty
Paul C. Gartzke
Paul C. Nagel
Paul Calle
Paul Campbell (Canadian actor)
Paul Carlson
Paul Carmouche
Paul Carpenter (actor)
Paul Carr (actor)
Paul Casey
Paul Castellano
Paul Chan Mo-po
Paul Channon
Paul Chappell
Paul Christy
Paul Chun
Paul Clark (presenter)
Paul Clauson
Paul Clymer
Paul Coghlan
Paul Collard
Paul Comi
Paul Connaughton Jnr
Paul Conroy (journalist)
Paul Copley
Paul Costa (politician)
Paul Costelloe
Paul Coulson
Paul Couvret
Paul Creaghan
Paul Crête
Paul Cronin
Paul Crouch (activist)
Paul Crouch Jr.
Paul Cushing Child
Paul D. Froehlich
Paul D. Irving
Paul D. McGowan
Paul D. Moriarty
Paul Dabbar
Paul Dalio
Paul Daniels
Paul Davidoff
Paul Dawson (politician)
Paul de Leeuw
Paul Delprat
Paul DePodesta
Paul Desmarais
Paul Desmarais III
Paul Dibb
Paul Dibble
Paul DiMeo
Paul Dinello
Paul Dini
Paul Dirac
Paul Dixon (entertainer)
Paul Donnelly Paganucci
Paul Dooley
Paul Douglas (actor)
Paul Doyle (politician)
Paul Drayson, Baron Drayson
Paul Dressel
Paul du Feu
Paul Dubov
Paul Dupuis
Paul Durcan

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