Marriages of Notable People

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Richard Norton (actor)
Richard Norton-Taylor
Richard Notebaert
Richard O'Callaghan
Richard O'Donnell (playwright)
Richard O'Donoghue
Richard O'Sullivan
Richard O. Eymann
Richard Olson (politician)
Richard Oppel
Richard Oriani
Richard Ottinger
Richard Outten
Richard P. Cooley
Richard P. Gabriel
Richard P. Gale
Richard P. Myers
Richard Parsons (author)
Richard Pathirana
Richard Paul Evans
Richard Peery
Richard Perle
Richard Peterson (fencer)
Richard Pfeiffer (politician)
Richard Phillips (merchant mariner)
Richard Picker
Richard Pike Bissell
Richard Pilkington (politician, born 1908)
Richard Pipes
Richard Plepler
Richard Potter (Canadian politician)
Richard Proehl
Richard Pryor
Richard Quine
Richard R. Emery
Richard R. Schrock
Richard R. Verma
Richard Ramirez
Richard Rawlings
Richard Reames
Richard Reeve Baxter
Richard Reeves (American writer)
Richard Reicheg
Richard Rhodes
Richard Ridings
Richard Riley
Richard Riordan (Australian politician)
Richard Riot Jaem
Richard Roberts (evangelist)
Richard Robinson (chief executive)
Richard Rockefeller
Richard Rogers
Richard Rohmer
Richard Romanus
Richard Ronan
Richard Rossi
Richard Roundtree
Richard Roxburgh
Richard Ruccolo
Richard Rusczyk
Richard Rusk
Richard Russo
Richard Rust
Richard S. Fuld Jr.
Richard S. M. Emrich
Richard S. Morse
Richard S. Newcombe
Richard S. Wheeler
Richard Sackler
Richard Sale (director)
Richard Sands (businessman)
Richard Savage (cricketer)
Richard Schaal
Richard Schiff
Richard Scotton
Richard Scudamore
Richard Sedlon
Richard Sennett
Richard Serra
Richard Sezibera
Richard Shepherd (producer)
Richard Shiffrin
Richard Shope
Richard Short (actor)
Richard Simmons (actor)
Richard Simpson (Scottish politician)
Richard Sinnott (academic)
Richard Slaughter
Richard Snell (make-up artist)
Richard Speck
Richard Speight Jr.
Richard Spring, Baron Risby
Richard Sseruwagi
Richard Stalder
Richard Stapley
Richard Stark (politician)
Richard Stearns (World Vision)
Richard Steven Horvitz
Richard Stevens (Falkland Islands politician)
Richard Stewart
Richard Stolley
Richard Stone (politician)
Richard Storey
Richard Stott
Richard Stuart
Richard Stubbs (political scientist)
Richard Sugarman
Richard Sui On Chang
Richard Sykes (diplomat)
Richard Sylbert
Richard T. Jones
Richard T. Loring
Richard T. Moore
Richard Taruskin
Richard Taylor (mathematician)
Richard Thacker Morris
Richard Third
Richard Thomas (actor)
Richard Thomas (solicitor)
Richard Tipping
Richard Todd
Richard Tomlinson (academic)
Richard Tracey
Richard Trumka
Richard Tsai
Richard Tsimba
Richard Tsoi
Richard Tubb
Richard Turner (magician)
Richard Tuwangye
Richard Twiss
Richard Tyson
Richard V. Moore
Richard Vasgaard
Richard Venture
Richard Vernon (musician)
Richard Verrall
Richard Viguerie
Richard W. Burkhardt
Richard W. Goldberg
Richard W. Hanselman
Richard W. Mallary
Richard W. Mangus
Richard W. Stanek
Richard W. Tsien
Richard Wagner (judge)
Richard Walker (angler)
Richard Walsh (actor)
Richard Walter Thomas
Richard Waring
Richard Waugh (actor)
Richard Wayne Bogosian
Richard Wayne Dirksen
Richard Webb (actor)
Richard Weikart
Richard Whiteley
Richard Whitley
Richard Whitmore
Richard Whorf
Richard Widmark
Richard Wilbur
Richard Williams (academic)
Richard Williams (animator)
Richard Wimbush
Richard Winslow "Dick" Schmidt
Richard Winters
Richard Wolffe
Richard Wood, Baron Holderness
Richard Woodcock
Richard Woolcott
Richard Wright (author)
Richard Wurmbrand
Richard Y. Stevens
Richard Yap
Richard Yarde-Buller, 4th Baron Churston
Richard Younger-Ross
Richard Yuengling Jr.
Richard Yuengling Sr.
Richard Zare
Richard Zeckhauser
Richard Zoellner
Richard Zoglin
Richard, 6th Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg
Richardson Pratt Jr
Richenda Carey
Richie D'Horsie
Richie Gray (rugby union, born 1989)
Richie Leahy
Richie Poulton
Richie Powers
Richie Ramsay
Richie Ryan (politician)
Richie Sambora
Richmond C. Beatty
Richmond Lattimore
Rick Astley
Rick Austin (politician)
Rick Baker
Rick Bass
Rick Bayless
Rick Berman
Rick Bertrand
Rick Billinger
Rick Boucher
Rick Brewer (academic)
Rick Campanelli
Rick Caruso
Rick Casson
Rick Chiarelli
Rick Colless
Rick Crouch
Rick Dancer
Rick Dantzler
Rick Dees
Rick Donald
Rick Ducommun
Rick Dykstra
Rick Elice
Rick Famuyiwa
Rick Francis
Rick Galindo
Rick Gallot
Rick Gates (political consultant)
Rick Goings
Rick Gonzalez
Rick Griffiths
Rick Hansen
Rick Hardcastle
Rick Harrison
Rick Hearst
Rick Hendrick
Rick Horner
Rick Jason
Rick Jeanneret
Rick Jones (politician)
Rick Kirkham
Rick Lazio
Rick Leventhal
Rick Levin
Rick Malambri
Rick Martel
Rick McDaniel
Rick McGraw
Rick Mercer
Rick Merkt
Rick Metsger
Rick Miller (comedian)
Rick Moranis
Rick Morris (politician)
Rick Nolan
Rick Norlock
Rick Olseen
Rick Olson (Iowa politician)
Rick Olson (Michigan politician)
Rick Owens
Rick Parker (artist)
Rick Pasqualone
Rick Pate
Rick Perales
Rick Perry
Rick Riordan
Rick Roeber
Rick Rose
Rick Rosenthal
Rick Rossovich
Rick Saccone
Rick Salomon
Rick Shangraw
Rick Shaw (radio)
Rick Snuffer
Rick Springfield
Rick Stein
Rick Steves
Rick Strankman
Rick Tillis
Rick Trainor
Rick Wakeman
Rick Ward III
Rick White (politician)
Rick Wilson (Australian politician)
Rick Yager
Rick Yancey
Rickey R. Hendon
Ricki Lake
Ricki Wertz
Ricki-Lee Coulter
Rickie Sorensen
Ricky Barnes
Ricky Champ
Ricky Jay
Ricky Kim
Ricky Knight
Ricky Lauren
Ricky Martin
Ricky Paull Goldin
Ricky Rodriguez
Ricky Sandoval
Ricky Schroder
Ricky Skaggs
Ricky Starks

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