Marriages of Notable People

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Rodney Smith (photographer)
Rodney W. Sippel
Rodney Weston
Rodney Winfield
Rodney Yee
Rodolfo Acosta
Rodolfo Azurin Jr.
Rodolfo Biazon
Rodolfo Gucci
Rodolfo Nin Novoa
Rodolfo Pérez Pimentel
Rodoljub Čolaković
Rodolphe Hottinger
Rodrigo Álvarez Zenteno
Rodrigo Arocena
Rodrigo Borja Cevallos
Rodrigo Carvalho
Rodrigo Chaves Robles
Rodrigo Duterte
Rodrigo Faro
Rodrigo Galilea
Rodrigo Garcia (politician)
Rodrigo Hilbert
Rodrigo Lombardi
Rodrigo Malmierca Díaz
Rodrigo Moya (photographer)
Rodrigo Paz
Rodrigo Paz Pereira
Rodrigo Rollemberg
Rodrigo Santoro
Rodrigo Vergara
Roe Messner
Roef Ragas
Roel Campos
Roelf Meyer
Rogelio Bernal Andreo
Rogelio Espina
Rogelio Julio Frigerio
Rogelio Montemayor Seguy
Rogelio Singson
Roger A. Markle
Roger A. Sheldon
Roger Agnelli
Roger Allers
Roger Ballen
Roger Barton (film editor)
Roger Beale
Roger Bedford Jr.
Roger Benitez
Roger Bennett (journalist)
Roger Berlind
Roger Berry
Roger Berube
Roger Béteille
Roger Bisby
Roger Blanchard
Roger Bodman
Roger Boesche
Roger Bootle
Roger Bowen
Roger Breske
Roger Burnley
Roger Caron
Roger Carroll
Roger Chamberlain
Roger Chapman (golfer)
Roger Christian (filmmaker)
Roger Clark (actor, born 1978)
Roger Clinton Sr.
Roger Combes
Roger Conley
Roger Cook (journalist)
Roger Cooper
Roger Corman
Roger Crawford (politician)
Roger D. Kornberg
Roger Danuarta
Roger De Courcey
Roger De Haan
Roger Deakins
Roger Delgado
Roger E. Mosley
Roger E. Olson
Roger Ebert
Roger Erickson (politician)
Roger Falconer
Roger Fauroux
Roger Gale
Roger Gibson
Roger Gifford
Roger Gill
Roger Gimbel
Roger Girerd
Roger Godsiff
Roger Gosden
Roger Grenier
Roger Grimsby
Roger Guenveur Smith
Roger Gyles
Roger H. Zion
Roger Hammond (actor)
Roger Hanshaw
Roger Hargreaves
Roger Hazard
Roger Hedgecock
Roger Hendricks Simon
Roger Highfield
Roger Hilsman
Roger Horrocks
Roger Howard Cilley
Roger Howarth
Roger J. White
Roger Jenkins (banker)
Roger Jepsen
Roger Jupp
Roger Kohn
Roger L. Green
Roger L. Shinn
Roger Lass
Roger Laufenburger
Roger Lewis (businessman)
Roger Livesey
Roger Lloyd-Pack
Roger Lodge
Roger M. Kyes
Roger MacBride Allen
Roger Malina
Roger Mandle
Roger Manno
Roger Marshall (politician)
Roger Martin (diplomat)
Roger Michell
Roger Michell (studio potter)
Roger Miller
Roger Mirams
Roger Mobley
Roger Moore
Roger Moorhouse
Roger Morris (bishop)
Roger Moyer
Roger N. Beachy
Roger Needham
Roger Nicole
Roger Niello
Roger Parent (Canadian politician)
Roger Parizeau
Roger Parker (judge)
Roger Penrose
Roger Perry
Roger Pilkington (writer)
Roger Poole
Roger Price (humorist)
Roger Pryor (actor)
Roger Rees
Roger Reinert
Roger Rivard
Roger Rogerson
Roger S. Gottlieb
Roger Sainsbury (bishop)
Roger Salazar (consultant)
Roger Saul
Roger Schawinski
Roger Scruton
Roger Seneviratne
Roger Slack
Roger Smith (actor)
Roger Soloman
Roger Spottiswoode
Roger Stewart
Roger Stone
Roger Sutton
Roger T. Forster
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran drummer)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)
Roger Teillet
Roger Thompson (politician)
Roger Trigg
Roger Tully
Roger Unger
Roger Vadim
Roger Valley
Roger van de Velde
Roger Vanderfield
Roger Vergé
Roger W. Jones
Roger Wang
Roger Watkins
Roger Wedge
Roger Welsch
Roger West
Roger Wickson (headmaster)
Roger Williams (British politician)
Roger Williams (Texas politician)
Roger Williams Straus Jr.
Roger Youderian
Rogério da Silva Rego
Rogério Skylab
Rogers H. Wright
Rogers McVaugh
Rogers Morton
Rogers Sanders Harris
Roh Ji-hoon
Roh Moo-hyun
Roh Soh-yeong
Roh Tae-woo
Rohan Browne
Rohan Delacombe
Rohan Marley
Rohan Murty
Rohan Shankar (screen writer)
Rohini (actress)
Rohini Hattangadi
Rohinton Mistry
Rohit Bhardwaj
Rohit Dhawan
Rohit Gore
Rohit Kumar Mehraulia
Rohit Purohit
Rohit Rajendra Pawar
Rohit Raju
Rohit Raut
Rohit Roy
Rohit Sardana
Rohit Shetty
Rohit Vyas
Rohita Rewri
Rohn W. Bishop
Roilo Golez
Róisín Shortall
Roja Ramani
Roja Selvamani
Rokuro Ishikawa
Rolan Bell
Roland B. Day
Roland Boudreau
Roland Charles
Roland Culver
Roland Curram
Roland de Pury
Roland Drew
Roland E. Arnall
Roland Emmerich
Roland English
Roland Franklin
Roland Giroux
Roland Gross
Roland J. Ealey
Roland Kaiser
Roland Martin (journalist)
Roland Mqwebu
Roland Penrose
Roland Peterson
Roland Renne
Roland Robertson
Roland Robinson, 1st Baron Martonmere
Roland S. Vallee
Roland V. Libonati
Roland Varno
Roland Walker
Roland Winters
Rolandas Paksas
Rolando Crespo
Roldan Aquino
Rolen Paulino
Rolene Strauss
Rolf Dörig
Rolf Dudley-Williams
Rolf Harlew Jenssen
Rolf Harris
Rolf Hauge (army officer)
Rolf Henrich
Rolf Hoppe
Rolf Landsberg
Rolf Lassgård
Rolf Loeber
Rolf Presthus
Rolf Sachs
Rolf Skår
Rolf Skoglund
Rolf Sorg
Rolf Theiler
Rolf-Dieter Heuer
Rollan Kadyev
Rolland Busch
Rolland O'Regan
Rollin Dart
Rollin G. Osterweis
Rollo Hayman
Roly Keating
Roma Downey
Romain Gary
Romain Goupil
Romaine Patterson
Romalı Perihan
Roman Abelevich Kachanov
Roman Abramovich
Roman Atwood
Roman Bohnen
Roman Filipov
Roman Giertych

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