Marriages of Notable People

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Richard Baker (broadcaster)
Richard Baker (game designer)
Richard Baker (Zen teacher)
Richard Ball (Michigan politician)
Richard Ballantine
Richard Band
Richard Barry (Irish politician)
Richard Bartholomew
Richard Bartle
Richard Basehart
Richard Beamon Martin
Richard Beckinsale
Richard Bedford (geographer)
Richard Beeching
Richard Belzer
Richard Benjamin
Richard Benjamin Harrison
Richard Bennett (sailor)
Richard Benyon
Richard Berengarten
Richard Bernstein (journalist)
Richard Bertie, 14th Earl of Lindsey
Richard Biggs
Richard Blackburn (bishop)
Richard Blair (patron)
Richard Bland (golfer)
Richard Blaze
Richard Bloch
Richard Blumenthal
Richard Bocking
Richard Boehning
Richard Bonynge
Richard Boone
Richard Bordeaux Parker
Richard Boyd
Richard Bradford (actor)
Richard Bradley (archaeologist)
Richard Branda
Richard Brandram
Richard Branson
Richard Bray
Richard Bridgeman, 7th Earl of Bradford
Richard Briers
Richard Bright (actor)
Richard Britnell
Richard Broadbent
Richard Broinowski
Richard Brooks
Richard Brown (lawyer)
Richard Brown (transport executive)
Richard Bruton
Richard Bryan
Richard Buckley (journalist)
Richard Burgi
Richard Burke (Irish politician)
Richard Burr
Richard Burridge (priest)
Richard Burton
Richard Bushman
Richard Bustillo
Richard Butler (white supremacist)
Richard C. Atkinson
Richard C. Baldwin
Richard C. Breeden
Richard C. Halverson
Richard C. Meredith
Richard C. Miller
Richard C. Perry
Richard C. Sarafian
Richard Caborn
Richard Caliguiri
Richard Cambridge (actor)
Richard Caring
Richard Carleton
Richard Carlson (actor)
Richard Carlson (politician)
Richard Carlyon
Richard Carmona
Richard Carpenter (musician)
Richard Carpenter (screenwriter)
Richard Carrier
Richard Carter (actor)
Richard Cartwright (philosopher)
Richard Castucci
Richard Cebra
Richard Chandler (businessman)
Richard Charles Lee
Richard Chartres
Richard Cheetham
Richard Chew
Richard Chilton
Richard Clarke (bishop)
Richard Clements (journalist)
Richard Coar
Richard Codey
Richard Conlin
Richard Conte
Richard Coons
Richard Cooper (academic)
Richard Cordtz
Richard Corliss
Richard Corrigan
Richard Cottingham
Richard Cotton (geneticist)
Richard Court
Richard Cousins
Richard Coyle
Richard Crawford White
Richard Crenna
Richard Cromwell (actor)
Richard Cuffari
Richard D. Ryder
Richard D. Schafer
Richard D. Todd
Richard D. Young
Richard D. Zanuck
Richard Dalton (diplomat)
Richard Davalos
Richard Davenport (professor)
Richard David Emery
Richard Davies (Welsh actor)
Richard Dawkins
Richard Dawson
Richard de Mille
Richard Deitz
Richard Denning
Richard Descoings
Richard Desmond
Richard Devlin (politician)
Richard Devon
Richard DeVos
Richard Di Natale
Richard Dien Winfield
Richard Dimbleby
Richard Donner
Richard Downes
Richard Drax
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard DuFour
Richard Duke Arnott
Richard Durden
Richard Durst
Richard Dysart
Richard E. Berendzen
Richard E. Grant
Richard E. Nisbett
Richard E. Schermerhorn
Richard Earl Dicus
Richard Earl Thompson
Richard Eastham
Richard Eberhart
Richard Edelman
Richard Eden (actor)
Richard Edlund
Richard Edwin Fox
Richard Egan (actor)
Richard Elis
Richard Emory
Richard Engel
Richard Engels
Richard England (architect)
Richard Epcar
Richard Epstein
Richard Erdman
Richard Erdman (artist)
Richard Evonitz
Richard Eyer
Richard F. Colburn
Richard F. Grein
Richard F. Larsen
Richard F. Post
Richard Fairbank
Richard FariƱa
Richard Farnsworth
Richard Faulkner, Baron Faulkner of Worcester
Richard Fawkes
Richard Feynman
Richard Field Lewis Jr.
Richard Flanagan
Richard Fleischer
Richard Fletcher-Vane, 2nd Baron Inglewood
Richard Floethe
Richard Flood
Richard Foster (Alaska politician)
Richard Frame
Richard Francis-Bruce
Richard Frank Salisbury
Richard Fraser (actor)
Richard Friberg
Richard Friend
Richard Frith
Richard Funkhouser
Richard G. Hovannisian
Richard G. Olson
Richard Gach
Richard Gaines
Richard Gant
Richard Garrard
Richard Garriott
Richard Geist
Richard Gere
Richard Gergel
Richard Gibson
Richard Gilbert Scott
Richard Gilder
Richard Gilliland
Richard Gingras
Richard Glatzer
Richard Glorioso
Richard Gnodde
Richard Godwin
Richard Goldbloom
Richard Goldstone
Richard Gombrich
Richard Gomez
Richard Gorham
Richard Gott
Richard Graham (politician)
Richard Gray (director)
Richard Grayson (academic)
Richard Gregson
Richard Griffiths
Richard Grimsdale
Richard Grove
Richard Guarasci
Richard Gunn (actor)
Richard Gutierrez
Richard H. Austin
Richard H. Bassett
Richard H. G. Bonnycastle
Richard H. Holm
Richard H. Holton
Richard H. Lee (golfer)
Richard H. Lehman
Richard H. Schwartz
Richard H. Smith
Richard H. Stallings
Richard Halsey
Richard Hambro
Richard Hamilton (actor)
Richard Hammond
Richard Harding (rugby union)
Richard Harland
Richard Harpin
Richard Harries, Baron Harries of Pentregarth
Richard Harris
Richard Hart (actor)
Richard Haskayne
Richard Hatch (actor)
Richard Hatch (Survivor contestant)
Richard Heinberg
Richard Henriquez
Richard Herd
Richard Herring
Richard Herrnstein
Richard Hilderbrand
Richard Hillert
Richard Hilton
Richard Ho
Richard Hofstadter
Richard Holbrooke
Richard Hollingshead
Richard Hope Hall
Richard Hornby
Richard Howson
Richard Hu
Richard Hudson (American politician)
Richard Hudson (linguist)
Richard Hurlburt
Richard I. Winwood
Richard Ian Cox
Richard Ingrams
Richard Inwood
Richard Isay
Richard J. Carling
Richard J. Daley
Richard J. Dolwig
Richard J. Holland
Richard J. Scott
Richard J. Walton
Richard Jacobs (businessman)
Richard Jaeckel
Richard Janes
Richard Jenkins
Richard Jewell
Richard Joel
Richard Johnson (actor)
Richard Johnson (judge)
Richard Johnston (Ontario politician)
Richard Jomshof
Richard Jones (The Feeling)
Richard Jordan
Richard K. Davidson
Richard K. Morgan
Richard Karn
Richard Kearney
Richard Keen, Baron Keen of Elie
Richard Keith (actor)
Richard Keith (writer/actor/director)
Richard Kelton

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