Marriages of Notable People

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Robert Kuok
Robert L. Johnson
Robert L. May
Robert L. Reynolds
Robert Lane Greene
Robert Lieberman
Robert Livingston (actor)
Robert Logan Jr.
Robert MacLaren Fowler
Robert McCartney (Australian politician)
Robert McCubbin
Robert McLellan
Robert Mitchum
Robert Montgomery (actor)
Robert Newton
Robert Osborn (satirist)
Robert P. Briggs
Robert P. Knight
Robert Picardo
Robert Pittman (media executive)
Robert Plant
Robert Prentiss Daniel
Robert Preston (actor)
Robert Redford
Robert Reich
Robert Rey (plastic surgeon)
Robert Roberts (writer)
Robert Rock
Robert S. Allen
Robert S. Taubman
Robert Sainsbury
Robert Samuel Blay
Robert Schwartzman
Robert Shaw (actor)
Robert Shayne
Robert Sherbrooke
Robert Six
Robert St. John
Robert Stanton (architect)
Robert Stevenson (filmmaker)
Robert Strausz-Hupé
Robert Surtees (cinematographer)
Robert Taylor (Australian actor)
Robert Tilton
Robert Todd Lincoln Beckwith
Robert Townsend (actor)
Robert Trent Jones
Robert Uhrig
Robert Varley
Robert Vaughn
Robert W. Kenny
Robert Wagner
Robert Walmsley (anatomist)
Robert Warren Miller
Robert Watson Pomeroy
Robert Wright (journalist)
Robert Wyler
Robert Young (actor)
Roberta Shore
Roberta Sklar
Roberto Arlt
Roberto Gómez Fernández
Roberto Justus
Roberto Noble
Roberto Rossellini
Roberto Weiss
Roberts Rugh
Robin Arora
Robin Comey
Robin DiAngelo
Robin Givens
Robin Leach
Robin Lord Taylor
Robin Olds
Robin Padilla
Robin Thomas
Robin Vane-Tempest-Stewart, 8th Marquess of Londonderry
Robin Vos
Rocco B. Commisso
Rocco Siffredi
Rocío Dúrcal
Rock Hudson
Rockline Venkatesh
Rockmond Dunbar
Rocky Wirtz
Rod Cameron (actor)
Rod Dreher
Rod Liddle
Rod Parsley
Rod Stryker
Rod Taylor
Rodd Redwing
Roddy Connolly
Roderick Braithwaite
Roderick Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Cromartie
Rodney Crowell
Rodney Propp
Rodolfo Olgiati
Rodoljub Čolaković
Roe Messner
Roger Barker
Roger Bootle
Roger De Courcey
Roger De Haan
Roger Hazard
Roger J. Traynor
Roger Jenkins (banker)
Roger K. Furse
Roger Livesey
Roger M. Kyes
Roger Penrose
Roger Perry
Roger Pryor (actor)
Roger Scruton
Roger Seneviratne
Roger Taylor (Duran Duran drummer)
Roger Taylor (Queen drummer)
Rohan Delacombe
Rohan Murty
Rohit Rajendra Pawar
Rohit Shetty
Rohit Vyas
Roland Anderson
Roland Culver
Roland de Pury
Roland Drew
Roland Martin (journalist)
Roland Penrose
Roland Renne
Roland Robinson, 1st Baron Martonmere
Roland V. Libonati
Roland Walker
Roland Winters
Rolf Lassgård
Rolf Theiler
Rolland O'Regan
Rollin G. Osterweis
Roman Atwood
Roman Bohnen
Roman Reigns
Romeo Jalosjos Jr.
Romesh Ranganathan
Romney Brent
Ron Berkowitz
Ron Brownstein
Ron Carter (businessman)
Ron Clark (teacher)
Ron Davis (filmmaker)
Ron Dermer
Ron DeSantis
Ron Howard
Ron Loveday
Ron Moody
Ron O'Neal
Ron Reagan
Ron Reynolds (politician)
Ron Shand
Ron White
Ron Woodroof
Rona Ambrose
Ronald Martland
Ronald Nall-Cain, 2nd Baron Brocket
Ronald Tutor
Ronald Ward
Ronald Watkins
Ronan Rafferty
Ronda Rousey
Ronna McDaniel
Ronnie James Dio
Ronnie Knight
Ronnie Schell
Ronny Chieng
Rory Bremner
Rory Culkin
Rory Flack
Rory McIlroy
Rory Stewart
Rosa Markmann
Rosa Parks
Rosa Turich
Rosalind Pitt-Rivers
Rosalind Russell
Rosamond Lehmann
Rosamond Marshall
Rosamond Pinchot
Rosanna Scotto
Roscoe Drummond
Rose Ausländer
Rose Blossom
Rose Conway-Walsh
Rose Dugdale
Rose Gonzales
Rose Hobart
Rose Mooney-Slater
Rose Porteous
Rose Resnick
Rose Scott-Moncrieff
Roseanne Barr
Roselle Nava
Rosemary Clooney
Rosemary Pratt, Marchioness Camden
Rosetta Tofano
Rosie Perez
Rosie Rivera
Rosina Galli (actress)
Ross Alexander
Ross Elliott
Ross Martin
Ross Mathews
Ross McLean (civil servant)
Ross Patterson
Ross Thomas (actor)
Rosyam Nor
Rowe Harding
Roxbee Cox, Baron Kings Norton
Roy Barcroft
Roy Calder
Roy Charles Waller
Roy Chubby Brown
Roy Crane
Roy E. Furman
Roy Hampton
Roy Hay (musician)
Roy Hudd
Roy J. Bostock
Roy Lockwood
Roy McElroy
Roy Niederhoffer
Roy Perry (dentist)
Roy Roberts
Roy Rogers
Roy Thinnes
Roy Wilkins
Royce S. Pitkin
Rozita Che Wan
Rubén Blades
Ruben Gnanalingam
Rubin Schron
Ruby Berkley Goodwin
Ruby Dandridge
Ruby Middleton Forsythe
Ruby Wax
Rudolf Bing
Rudolf Diels
Rudolf Hess (artist)
Rudolf Höss
Rudolf Ising
Rudolf Klug
Rudolf Martin
Rudolf Serkin
Rudolph J. Heinemann
Rudolph von Ripper
Rudolph Walker
Rudra Raj Pande
Rue McClanahan
Rufa Mae Quinto
Rufus Sewell
Ruhollah Khomeini
Rukiye Sultan
Rukmini Devi Arundale
Rukmini Vijayakumar
Rukshmani Kumari
Rulon C. Allred
Runme Shaw
Rupali Ganguly
Rupam Islam
Rupert Byron, 11th Baron Byron
Rupert Carington, 7th Baron Carrington
Rupert Holmes
Rupert Maas
Rush Holt Sr.
Rush Limbaugh
Russ Abbot
Russel Wright
Russell Brand
Russell Bufalino
Russell Crowe
Russell Gleason
Russell Hantz
Russell Howard
Russell Johnson
Russell M. Nelson
Russell Peters
Russell Skerman
Russell Vought
Russell Young (artist)
Ruta Lee
Ruth Bellamy
Ruth Clifford
Ruth Coppinger
Ruth Cowan Nash
Ruth Cravath
Ruth Crawford Seeger
Ruth DeMond Brooks
Ruth Graham
Ruth Harriet Louise
Ruth Hiatt
Ruth Kemper
Ruth Langsford

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