Marriages of Notable People

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David Kedrowski
David Keene
David Keith (actor)
David Keith-Lucas
David Kelly (actor)
David Kelly (politician)
David Kelly (weapons expert)
David Kennedy (advertising)
David Kerr (Iowa politician)
David Kerr (Ontario politician)
David Kessler (French official)
David Kestenbaum
David Keynes Hill
David Klein (businessman)
David Koch
David Koch (television presenter)
David Koechner
David Koepp
David Kohan
David Kohler
David Koon
David Koresh
David Korins
David Korten
David Kossoff
David Krumholtz
David Kustoff
David Kyle
David L. Aaron
David L. Beck
David L. Carden
David L. Cremin
David L. Englin
David L. Gilmore
David L. Gray
David L. Katz
David L. Lindsey
David L. Thomas
David Ladd
David Lam
David Lammy
David Lander
David Lane (white supremacist)
David Lange
David Langton
David Lascelles, 8th Earl of Harewood
David Lauren
David Lawrence Jr.
David Leadbetter (golf instructor)
David Lean
David Leckie
David Ledger
David Lee Jordan
David Leebron
David Leeson
David Lehman
David Leighton
David Leland
David LeRoy Anderson
David Lester (psychologist)
David Letele
David Leung
David Levene (businessman)
David Levi Strauss
David Levien
David Levin (balloonist)
David Lidington
David Lim (actor)
David Linde
David Lindesay-Bethune, 15th Earl of Lindsay
David Lingmerth
David Linsky
David Litvack
David Lloyd Kreeger
David Lloyd Meredith
David Lockwood (sociologist)
David Lodge (actor)
David Lonsdale
David Lowenthal
David Lowery (director)
David Luechtefeld
David Lyn
David Lynch
David M. Bartley
David M. Brewer
David M. Brugge
David M. Madden
David M. Satterfield
David M. Solomon
David Mabuza
David MacDonald (Canadian politician)
David MacKenzie (researcher)
David Magee
David Magerman
David Maister
David Malpass
David Mandelbaum (politician)
David Manners, 11th Duke of Rutland
David Manton
David Marciano
David Margulies
David Markham
David Marquardt
David Marshall (Singaporean politician)
David Martin (governor)
David Martin (journalist)
David Masnata y de Quesada
David Mathayo David
David Mattingley
David Maxwell (academic)
David Maxwell (politician)
David Mayhew (banker)
David McAllister
David McCabe (photographer)
David McCall
David McCallum
David McClintock
David McCormick
David McCullough
David McDonough
David McGuinty
David McKee Hall
David McKinley
David McLean (actor)
David McLetchie
David McMurtry
David McSweeney (politician)
David McWilliams (economist)
David Meerman Scott
David Mellor
David Meltzer (poet)
David Merrick
David Mervyn Blow
David Michael Barrett
David Milch
David Milgaard
David Millage
David Miller (Canadian politician)
David Mills (TV writer)
David Miner (television producer)
David Minge
David Minier
David Miramant
David Miranda (politician)
David Miscavige
David Mitchell (author)
David Mitchell (comedian)
David Mitchell (New Zealand poet)
David Mizejewski
David Montagu, 4th Baron Swaythling
David Moon (politician)
David Moorcroft
David Moore (botanist born 1933)
David Morris (actor)
David Morris (Conservative politician)
David Morrissey
David Morse
David Moscow
David Mountbatten, 3rd Marquess of Milford Haven
David Mowat
David Mullich
David Mundell
David Muradian
David Mustard (economist)
David Mwakyusa
David N. Feldman
David Nahmad
David Nasaw
David Natzler
David Naughton
David Neeleman
David Neilson
David Nelson (actor)
David Nelson (Oregon politician)
David Nething
David Newman (priest)
David Nicholas (journalist)
David Nicholls (theologian)
David Nicholson (Australian politician)
David Niño de Guzmán
David Nish (businessman)
David Niven
David Nixon (magician)
David Noah
David Noel Freedman
David Norbrook
David Nordahl
David Norgrove
David Norquist
David Novak
David Nuttall
David Nutter
David O'Brien Martin
David O. Conover
David O. Russell
David O. Sacks
David O. Selznick
David O. Sullivan
David Oancia
David Oates (archaeologist)
David Oh
David Oliver Cohen
David Ollier Weber
David Onley
David Opatoshu
David Oppenheim (musician)
David Orazietti
David Oreck
David Orentlicher
David Ormsby-Gore, 5th Baron Harlech
David Orr King
David Osmek
David Ostlund
David Otero
David Owen Brooks
David Oyelowo
David P. Bond (author)
David P. Farrington
David P. Reynolds
David Padilla
David Paich
David Palecek
David Panuelo
David Parenzo
David Parker (Mississippi politician)
David Partridge (artist)
David Paterson
David Patrick Kelly
David Paymer
David Pearce (politician)
David Pearey
David Pelletier
David Perdue
David Perry (game developer)
David Pickering (rugby union)
David Pincus
David Pitblado
David Platt (pastor)
David Pocock
David Pogue
David Poisson (politician)
David Portnoy
David Prever
David Prior, Baron Prior of Brampton
David Proud
David Prowse
David Pujadas
David Pusey
David Puttnam
David Quammen
David Quayle
David R. Barker
David R. Bennion
David R. Chesnutt
David R. Courtney
David R. Craig
David R. Gilmour
David R. Harris (sociologist)
David R. Leitch
David R. Mayer
David R. Millard
David Rabe
David Rainey
David Rambo
David Rasche
David Rath
David Ray Campbell
David Rayfiel
David Reddick
David Reed (bishop)
David Rees (mathematician)
David Rees (politician)
David Rees Snell
David Rees-Williams, 1st Baron Ogmore
David Reid (politician)
David Reimer
David Rein
David Reingold
David Reis
David Reiss (fashion retailer)
David Reiter
David Reivers
David Remnick
David Ren
David René de Rothschild
David Renwick
David Reyne
David Rhodes (media executive)
David Richards (record producer)
David Richmond (activist)
David Robb
David Robertson (minister)
David Rocco
David Ron
David Rose (bishop)
David Rosen (rabbi)
David Rosenbaum (journalist)
David Rosenberg (poet)
David Rosengarten
David Rossdale

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