Marriages of Notable People

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Alan L. Berger
Alan Ladd
Alan Ladd Jr.
Alan Lake
Alan Lelchuk
Alan Lennox-Boyd, 1st Viscount Boyd of Merton
Alan Lind
Alan Lovell
Alan Lowenthal
Alan Loxton
Alan M. Gates
Alan M. Wachman
Alan M. Wald
Alan Magill
Alan Maley
Alan Mark
Alan Marshall (Australian writer)
Alan Martin Boase
Alan Matheney
Alan McLeod McCulloch
Alan Meale
Alan Mehdizadeh
Alan Menken
Alan Missen
Alan Moorehead
Alan Morgan (bishop)
Alan Morinis
Alan Mulally
Alan N. Cohen
Alan Napier
Alan North
Alan Nunn May
Alan Olsen
Alan Olson
Alan Oppenheimer
Alan Osmond
Alan Page
Alan Parker
Alan Parker (businessman)
Alan Parsons
Alan Paton
Alan Peckolick
Alan Peter Cayetano
Alan Phillips (rugby union)
Alan Plater
Alan Quinlan
Alan R. Battersby
Alan R. Emery
Alan R. Graham
Alan R. Rogers
Alan Rachins
Alan Ramsey
Alan Reed
Alan Renouf
Alan Resnick
Alan Rickman
Alan Ritchson
Alan Rosenberg
Alan Rothwell
Alan Rubenstein
Alan Ruck
Alan Rusbridger
Alan Ryan
Alan S. Boyd
Alan S. Chartock
Alan Sagner
Alan Scarfe
Alan Scarfe (bishop)
Alan Schriesheim
Alan Schwartz
Alan Seabaugh
Alan Selman
Alan Shatter
Alan Shearer
Alan Shields
Alan Silvestri
Alan Simpson (American politician)
Alan Simpson (scriptwriter)
Alan Smithers
Alan Smithson
Alan Smolinisky
Alan Splet
Alan Steelman
Alan Stewart (educator)
Alan Stewart Duthie
Alan Stewart Orr
Alan Storkey
Alan Stout (philosopher)
Alan Sues
Alan Sugar
Alan Surgal
Alan Sutherland (rugby union)
Alan Tam
Alan Tang
Alan Taylor (director)
Alan Thicke
Alan Tilvern
Alan Titchmarsh
Alan Tonks
Alan Trounson
Alan Tudge
Alan Tudyk
Alan V. Tishman
Alan Valentine
Alan W. Livingston
Alan W. Partin
Alan Waddell
Alan Wakeling
Alan Walsh (physicist)
Alan Walters
Alan Watson (legal scholar)
Alan Watson (magician)
Alan Watt (diplomat)
Alan Weiss (comics)
Alan Westerman
Alan William James Cousins
Alan Williams (Swansea West MP)
Alan Winde
Alan Winton
Alan Wolstencroft
Alan Woods (gambler)
Alan Woods (public servant)
Alan Yentob
Alan Young
Alan Zweibel
Alana de la Garza
Alana Stewart
Alanis Morissette
Alankrita Bora
Alanna Knight
Alanna Ubach
Alannah Weston
Alano Miller
Alar Karis
Alasdair Fraser (barrister)
Alasdair Gray
Alasdair Liddell
Alasdair MacIntyre
Alasdair McDonnell
Alasdair Milne
Alasdair Morgan
Alastair Bruce of Crionaich
Alastair Bruce, 5th Baron Aberdare
Alastair Burnet
Alastair Campbell, Lord Bracadale
Alastair Cutting
Alastair Duncan (actor, born 1958)
Alastair Goodlad
Alastair Gordon, 6th Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair
Alastair Haggart
Alastair Hanton
Alastair Hetherington
Alastair Hignell
Alastair Kellock
Alastair Lansley
Alastair Little
Alastair Lyons
Alastair Mackenzie
Alastair McHarg
Alastair McIntosh
Alastair McIntyre
Alastair Redfern
Alastair Salvesen
Alastair Sim
Alastair Stewart
Alba Arnova
Alba Bouwer
Alba Parietti
Alban Garon
Alban Skënderaj
Albéric de Montgolfier
Albert A. Chambers
Albert A. Mullin
Albert A. Stirpe Jr.
Albert Allen Bartlett
Albert Anae
Albert Anastasia
Albert Attalla
Albert Avdolyan
Albert Baez
Albert Beckford Jones
Albert Belan
Albert Bigelow
Albert Boscov
Albert Bosomtwi-Sam
Albert Bourla
Albert Brooks
Albert Bryan (politician)
Albert Buckman Wharton Jr.
Albert Burdon
Albert C. Bostwick Jr.
Albert Camus
Albert Capwell Wyckoff
Albert Chan
Albert Cohen (actor)
Albert De Martin
Albert del Rosario
Albert Dumouchel
Albert Eide Parr
Albert Ekka
Albert Elay Shaltiel
Albert Elsen
Albert Fitzpatrick
Albert Flynn DeSilver
Albert Forster
Albert Freedman
Albert Frère
Albert Frey (SS officer)
Albert Fritz
Albert G. Hill
Albert Geyser
Albert Gore Sr.
Albert Grajales
Albert H. Bosch
Albert H. Maggs
Albert Hackett
Albert Hammond Jr.
Albert Heijn Jr.
Albert Hetterle
Albert Ho
Albert Hodges Morehead
Albert Hofmann
Albert Hofstede
Albert Hourani
Albert II, Prince of Monaco
Albert Ingham
Albert J. Lepore
Albert J. Neri
Albert J. Reiss
Albert J. Simone
Albert Jamil Butros
Albert Johnson Walker
Albert Joseph McConnell
Albert Kónya
Albert Kookesh
Albert Krieger
Albert L. Rendlen
Albert Lieven
Albert Lloyd George Rees
Albert Lord
Albert Maltz
Albert Mamary
Albert Martinez
Albert Masland
Albert Mohler
Albert N. Whiting
Albert Namatjira
Albert Nemethy
Albert Neuberger
Albert Nickerson
Albert P. Crary
Albert Paley
Albert Pierrepoint
Albert Poggio
Albert R. Broccoli
Albert R. Stuart
Albert Reginald MacDougall
Albert Reynolds
Albert Rosellini
Albert Rösti
Albert Roux
Albert Sacks
Albert Salmi
Albert Schatz (scientist)
Albert Schultz
Albert Scott Crossfield
Albert Shanker
Albert Shepherd (actor)
Albert Silva
Albert Sorensen
Albert Speer
Albert Spradling Jr.
Albert Turner (activist)
Albert Vann
Albert W. Hillestad
Albert W. Van Duzer
Albert Wass
Albert Winsemius
Albert Wren
Albert Wynn
Albert Yeung
Albert Zerkowitz
Albert, Margrave of Meissen (1934–2012)
Alberta Darling
Alberta Gay
Alberta Jeannette Cassell
Alberta Nelson
Alberta Vaughn
Alberta Williams King
Albertina Sisulu
Alberto Angela
Alberto Arredondo Gutiérrez
Alberto Baillères
Alberto Benavides de la Quintana
Alberto Bombassei
Alberto Burri
Alberto Calderón
Alberto Camenzind
Alberto Cardelle
Alberto Cardemil

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