Marriages of Notable People

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Frances Taylor Davis
Frances Todman
Frances Wessells
Frances Winfield
Frances Wolf
Francesc Granell
Francesca Braggiotti
Francesca Buller
Francesca Eastwood
Francesca Gino
Francesca Morvillo
Francesca Neri
Francesca Nunzi
Francesca Simon
Francesca Thyssen-Bornemisza
Francesca Yetunde Emanuel
Francesco Acquaroli (politician)
Francesco Alberoni
Francesco Bellavista Caltagirone
Francesco Boccia
Francesco Carrozzini
Francesco Cossiga
Francesco d'Errico
Francesco De Lorenzo
Francesco Gaetano Caltagirone
Francesco Jovine
Francesco Merloni
Francesco Molinari
Francesco Paolo Figliuolo
Francesco Quinn
Francesco Rucco
Francesco Rutelli
Francesco Schettino
Francesco Sorbara
Francesco Vitali
Franceska Mann
Franchesca Ramsey
Franchot Tone
Francie Swift
Francien Giraudi
Francine (wrestling)
Francine Charbonneau
Francine Everett
Francine Racette
Francis Alexander Shields
Francis Allen-Palenske
Francis Andersen
Francis Beer
Francis Bok
Francis Bowes Sayre Jr.
Francis Bretherton
Francis C. Heitmeier
Francis Cabot
Francis Campbell Gray
Francis Carsten
Francis Chan
Francis Choi
Francis Chukwuemeka Eze
Francis Cleveland
Francis Crick
Francis D. Hole
Francis D. Imbuga
Francis Davis
Francis de Wolff
Francis Deng
Francis deSouza
Francis Dias
Francis E. Low
Francis E. Waive
Francis Egerton, 7th Duke of Sutherland
Francis Eric Bloy
Francis Escudero
Francis Fleetwood
Francis Ford Coppola
Francis Franco
Francis Fukuyama
Francis Garchitorena
Francis George (politician)
Francis Grosvenor, 8th Earl of Wilton
Francis Hamilton Stuart
Francis J. Cain
Francis J. Doyle III
Francis J. Greenburger
Francis J. Ricciardone Jr.
Francis Jardeleza
Francis K. Brooks
Francis L. Sullivan
Francis Leo Marcos
Francis Lickfield
Francis MacNutt
Francis Magundayao
Francis Matthews (actor)
Francis Mwijukye
Francis Napier, 15th Lord Napier
Francis Nyauri
Francis Nyenze
Francis O'Brien (Irish politician)
Francis O'Reilly
Francis Ormsby-Gore, 6th Baron Harlech
Francis Otunta
Francis Patrick Donovan
Francis Perrin (actor)
Francis Pryor
Francis Pym
Francis Roache
Francis Rooney
Francis S. Morgan
Francis Salway
Francis Scarpaleggia
Francis Seow
Francis Showering
Francis Tulloch
Francis Veber
Francis X. Bushman Jr.
Francis X. Kane
Francis X. Morrissey
Francis Yeoh
Francis Zamora
Francis-Xavier Kojo Sosu
Francisca Lachapel
Francisca Merino
Francisca Van Dunem
Francisco Barrio
Francisco Bulnes Sanfuentes
Francisco Camps
Francisco Chahuán
Francisco Coching
Francisco Cumplido
Francisco da Costa Gomes
Francisco de Borbón y Borbón
Francisco de Borbón y Escasany, 5th Duke of Seville
Francisco de Narváez
Francisco de Pando y Armand
Francisco de Paula Brochado da Rocha
Francisco Emmanuel Ortega III
Francisco Estévez
Francisco Goldman
Francisco González Ledesma
Francisco Griéguez
Francisco H. Vázquez
Francisco Huenchumilla
Francisco Icaza
Francisco J. Quintana
Francisco Javier Cuadra
Francisco Javier Fernández Clamont
Francisco José Madero González
Francisco Jose Matugas II
Francisco Lacueva
Francisco Lluch Mora
Francisco López López
Francisco Luna Kan
Francisco Matugas
Francisco Miró Quesada Cantuarias
Francisco Morales Bermúdez
Francisco Nicholson
Francisco Olvera Ruiz
Francisco Orlich Bolmarcich
Francisco Pérez-Bannen
Francisco Rabal
Francisco Rabat
Francisco Reus-Froylan
Francisco Reyes Morandé
Francisco Rivera Ordóñez
Francisco Rosa Rivera
Francisco Sagasti
Francisco Sardinha
Francisco Tario
Francisco Toledo
Francisco Tudela
Francisco Urcuyo
Francisco Vidal Salinas
Francisco Villarroel
Francisco Weffort
Francisco Xavier do Amaral
Francisco Zenteno Bujáidar
Franciska Gaal
Franciszek Bajorek
Franck Mwe di Malila
Franck Sylvain
Franco Amurri
Franco Fornari
Franco Interlenghi
Franco Macri
Franco Maria Malfatti
Franco Nero
Franco Parisi
Franco Piavoli
Franco Rasetti
Franco Sensi
Franco Tatò
Franco Ventriglia
François Audouy
François Bachy
François Bédarida
François Benjamin
François Bozizé
François Clemmons
François de Clermont-Tonnerre (politician)
François de Rugy
François Debré
François Delapierre
François Duvalier
François Fages
François Fillon
François Gautier
François Hollande
François Jacques (politician)
François Legault
François Michelin
François Mitterrand
François Olivennes
François Pinault
François Spoerry
François Truffaut
François-Xavier Ortoli
Françoise Beaucournu-Saguez
Françoise Bettencourt Meyers
Françoise David
Françoise de Panafieu
Françoise Dior
Françoise Dolto
Françoise Dorin
Françoise Forton
Françoise Gilot
Françoise Hardy
Françoise Lepage
Françoise Loranger
Françoise Mallet-Joris
Françoise Riopelle
Françoise Xenakis
Francys Arsentiev
Frané Lessac
Franjo Arapović
Franjo Gregurić
Franjo Tuđman
Frank A. Capell
Frank A. James III
Frank A. Salvatore
Frank Aarebrot
Frank Abbandando
Frank Agrama
Frank Albertson
Frank Aletter
Frank Allan (bishop)
Frank Almaguer
Frank Almonte
Frank Andrews Shimkus
Frank Armitage
Frank Artiles
Frank B. Morrison
Frank Bailey (firefighter)
Frank Bainimarama
Frank Baker (diplomat)
Frank Balistrieri
Frank Bank
Frank Barnitz
Frank Beckmann
Frank Berton
Frank Bigelow
Frank Blair (journalist)
Frank Blethen
Frank Bochow
Frank Bonner
Frank Bough
Frank Brown (journalist)
Frank Buckles
Frank Budgen (director)
Frank Burrill
Frank Buxton
Frank C. Cooksey
Frank C. Lynch-Staunton
Frank C. Newman
Frank Cady
Frank Calder (politician)
Frank Cali
Frank Caliendo
Frank Capra Jr.
Frank Caprio
Frank Carbone (politician)
Frank Carlucci
Frank Cass
Frank Christian (politician)
Frank Church
Frank Cicero Jr.
Frank Cieciorka
Frank Clarke (judge)
Frank Clayton Matthews
Frank Cluskey
Frank Cohen
Frank Collison
Frank Cook (politician)
Frank Costa
Frank Crowley (politician)
Frank Cuesta
Frank D Don
Frank D. Gilroy
Frank D. White
Frank Darabont
Frank De Felitta

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