Marriages of Notable People

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Frank De Vol
Frank Deasy
Frank DeCaro
Frank DeCicco
Frank Deford
Frank del Olmo
Frank DiCicco
Frank Dickson (banker)
Frank Doran (British politician)
Frank Drake
Frank Drea
Frank E. Eulner
Frank E. Kane
Frank E. Loy
Frank E. Moore
Frank E. Rom
Frank E. Schwelb
Frank Ed Mrvan Jr.
Frank Edoho
Frank Edwards (Illinois politician)
Frank Enfield
Frank Eric Lloyd
Frank Evers (businessman)
Frank Fagan
Frank Falkner
Frank Farina (politician)
Frank Farry
Frank Faubert
Frank Faylen
Frank Feighan
Frank Fenner
Frank Fenton (actor)
Frank Ferri
Frank Finlay
Frank Fitzsimmons
Frank Fletcher Hamilton
Frank Fontaine
Frank G. Burke
Frank G. Wisner
Frank Garcia (magician)
Frank Gardner (journalist)
Frank Gehry
Frank Giorgi
Frank Giustra
Frank Glieber
Frank Gohlke
Frank Gorshin
Frank Griffin (judge)
Frank Grillo
Frank Griswold
Frank Grose
Frank H. Davis
Frank H. Eggers
Frank H. Murray
Frank H. Ogawa
Frank Hagel
Frank Hall (broadcaster)
Frank Hammond
Frank Hardy
Frank Hargrove
Frank Hartley (pharmacist)
Frank Hasenfratz
Frank Heart
Frank Herbert
Frank Herbert Mason
Frank Hill (scientist)
Frank Hornstein
Frank Horton (New York politician)
Frank Hotaling
Frank Houston
Frank Howarth (public servant)
Frank Hsieh
Frank Hulme-Moir
Frank Hvam
Frank Iacobucci
Frank Inn
Frank J. Fiorenzano
Frank J. Prial
Frank J. Van Dyke
Frank Jenner
Frank Jensen
Frank Jobe
Frank Johnston (priest)
Frank Jordan
Frank K. Richardson
Frank Kearns
Frank Kearton, Baron Kearton
Frank Kelly
Frank Klotz
Frank Kloucek
Frank Konigsberg
Frank Kowalski
Frank Kurtz
Frank L. Engle
Frank L. Oliver
Frank L. Roberts
Frank L. Stulen
Frank Langella
Frank LaPena
Frank Larkin
Frank LaRose
Frank Lasee
Frank Lawton
Frank Legg
Frank Lewis (broadcaster)
Frank Liberati
Frank Loesser
Frank Lorenzo
Frank Lotito
Frank Lovejoy
Frank Lucas
Frank Lucas (Oklahoma politician)
Frank Lui
Frank M. Snowden Jr.
Frank Macchiarola
Frank Magleby
Frank Mahnic
Frank Mancuso Sr.
Frank Mankiewicz
Frank Marshall (filmmaker)
Frank Marth
Frank Martin (sculptor)
Frank Matthews (drug trafficker)
Frank Mayborn
Frank Mazzei
Frank McCloskey
Frank McCourt
Frank McDonald (journalist)
Frank McEachren
Frank McGee (journalist)
Frank McGrath (actor)
Frank McKenna
Frank Melton
Frank Mentzer
Frank Michael Fernández Jr.
Frank Mir
Frank Mitchell (actor)
Frank Mitchell (politician)
Frank Molinaro
Frank Moore Cross
Frank Moorhouse
Frank Moraes
Frank Moran (politician)
Frank Mouris
Frank Mullen
Frank Muller
Frank Mundus
Frank Murkowski
Frank Murphy (architect)
Frank N. Schubert
Frank Neff Powell
Frank Nelson (actor)
Frank Nelson (priest)
Frank Newman Turner
Frank Nigel Hepper
Frank O'Connor
Frank O'Grady
Frank Ogbuewu
Frank Olson
Frank Oppenheimer
Frank Overton
Frank Owen (politician)
Frank Oz
Frank Packer
Frank Page (broadcaster)
Frank Pakenham, 7th Earl of Longford
Frank Palmer (businessman)
Frank Panabaker
Frank Peppiatt
Frank Perozo
Frank Perry
Frank Peterman
Frank Piasecki
Frank Piatek
Frank Pierpoint Appleby
Frank Pierson
Frank Plasberg
Frank Pohlmann
Frank Polaski
Frank Price
Frank Pryor
Frank Q. Nebeker
Frank Quattrone
Frank Rainieri
Frank Rautenbach
Frank Reys
Frank Rich
Frank Romero
Frank Rose (academic)
Frank Ross (producer)
Frank Ross (Scottish politician)
Frank Roy
Frank Ruff
Frank Runyeon
Frank S. Cerveny
Frank S. Farley
Frank S. Royal
Frank S. Turner
Frank Sargeant (bishop)
Frank Sargent (scientist)
Frank Scarpitti
Frank Seddio
Frank Serafini
Frank Sharpley
Frank Sheehan
Frank Sheeran
Frank Shuster
Frank Silvera
Frank Sinatra
Frank Sinatra Jr.
Frank Ski
Frank Slayton
Frank Smeal
Frank Soskice
Frank Stallone Sr.
Frank Stewart
Frank Stranahan
Frank Stronach
Frank Sutton
Frank Sydney Spears
Frank T. Bow
Frank Tang
Frank Tarloff
Frank Tashlin
Frank Terenzini
Frank Thewlis
Frank Thomas (animator)
Frank Thomas Stanfield
Frank Thornton
Frank Thring
Frank Tipton
Frank Tulli
Frank V. Ortiz Jr.
Frank VanderSloot
Frank Varga
Frank Vest
Frank Vincent
Frank W. Hunger
Frank Walker (Jersey politician)
Frank Wall (American politician)
Frank Waters
Frank Weddig
Frank Wesley Fenno Jr.
Frank Whaley
Frank Whittle
Frank Wilcox
Frank Wilkes
Frank Windsor
Frank Wisner
Frank Wiziarde
Frank Woon-A-Tai
Frank Wren
Frank Wright (painter)
Frank X. Graves Jr.
Frank Yablans
Frank Yerby
Frank Zappa
Frank Zindler
Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Franka Potente
Frankie Avalon
Frankie Bridge
Frankie Darro
Frankie Delgado
Frankie Edgar
Frankie Gaye
Frankie Kao
Frankie Kazarian
Frankie Lam
Frankie Muniz
Frankie Sheahan
Franklin C. Bing
Franklin Cover
Franklin D. Roosevelt III
Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr.
Franklin D. Turner
Franklin Drilon
Franklin Foil
Franklin Folsom
Franklin Graham
Franklin J. Schaffner
Franklin M. Jahnke
Franklin McCain
Franklin McMahon
Franklin Otis Booth Jr.
Franklin P. Hall
Franklin Paul Rogers
Franklin Pitcher Johnson Jr.
Franklin S. Billings Jr.
Franklin Sands
Franklin W. Holgate
Franklin White (dancer)
Franklin Zimring
Franklyn MacCormack
Frans Cronje
Frans Lebu Raya
Frans Mohede
Frans Timmermans
Frans Wuwung
František Zahrádka

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