Marriages of Notable People

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George Fulford
George Fuller Miller Sr.
George G. Blackburn
George G. Cleveland
George Gallup Jr.
George Galway MacCann
George Gardiner (politician)
George Gascón
George Gaynes
George Gear
George Gerbner
George Gobel
George Goodheart
George Goodman
George Grant (philosopher)
George Gray (Queensland politician, born 1903)
George Gray (television personality)
George Grljusich
George Gustines
George H. Carley
George H. King
George H. Mahon
George H. Quarterman
George H. Steuart (diplomat)
George H. W. Bush
George H. Winner Jr.
George Hacker (bishop)
George Haig, 2nd Earl Haig
George Hamilton (actor)
George Harding Cuthbertson
George Hardy (labor leader)
George Hardy (Tuskegee Airman)
George Harmon Coxe
George Harriman
George Harrison
George Harvie-Watt
George Hasay
George Heard Hamilton
George Hearn
George Henderson (bishop)
George Henry Horton
George Henry Vanderbilt Cecil
George Herbert Walker III
George Herbert Walker Jr.
George Herbert, 8th Earl of Carnarvon
George Hill Mathewson Lawrence
George Hinterhoeller
George Hodel
George Hollingbery
George Hook
George Hopkins Williams II
George Horse Capture
George Howarth
George Hunsinger
George Hunt Williamson
George Huntston Williams
George Ignatieff
George Innes-Ker, 9th Duke of Roxburghe
George Irving (English actor)
George Israel
George Ivașcu
George J. Hochbrueckner
George J. Lewis
George J. Maloof Sr.
George J. Mitchell
George J. Morgan
George James Tsunis
George John Dasch
George Jonas
George Jung
George Juskalian
George K. Fraenkel
George Keegan
George Kennedy
George Khaniri
George Kidd (wrestler)
George Kingsley Acquah
George Kirby
George Kirstein
George Klein (DJ)
George Konheim
George Kordahi
George Kwame Aboagye
George L. Brown
George L. Cadigan
George L. Campbell
George L. Graziadio Jr.
George L. Hersey
George L. K. Morris
George L. Keith
George L. Knox II
George Lakey
George Lam
George Lamming
George Landen Dann
George Landrith
George Landwehr von Pragenau
George Lane (British Army officer)
George Langford
George Lascelles, 7th Earl of Harewood
George Lavender
George Layton
George Lazenby
George Lazenby Reynolds
George Lee (journalist)
George Legrady
George Leite
George Lennon
George Leonard
George Lichty
George Lincoln Rockwell
George Lindbeck
George Lindemann
George Little (New Brunswick politician)
George Lopez
George Louis, Prince of Erbach-Schönberg
George Lovelace
George Lucas
George Lynn Cross
George M. Cochran
George M. Holmes
George M. Marcus
George M. Murray (bishop)
George M. Sheldrick
George M. Sullivan
George M. Wallhauser
George M. Wilson
George MacDonald Fraser
George Mackay Brown
George Mackie, Baron Mackie of Benshie
George Mallaby (actor)
George Mann (Minnesota politician)
George Maragos
George Marsden
George Martin (American actor)
George Maziarz
George McCague
George McElroy (journalist)
George McGovern
George McNeil (artist)
George Middleton (diplomat)
George Mikes
George Miller (Arizona politician)
George Miller (filmmaker)
George Montgomery (actor)
George Moraitis
George Morrison (documentary maker)
George Mountbatten, 4th Marquess of Milford Haven
George Moyer Alexander
George Muir (politician)
George Murphy
George Musey
George N. Alily
George N. Leighton
George N. Parks
George N. Zenovich
George Nelson
George Nelson Hunt III
George Nemeth
George Nethercutt
George Newbern
George Nonte
George Norman Stansfield
George Nyamweya
George O'Hanlon
George O. Abell
George O. Petrie
George O. Wood
George O. Zimmerman
George Oehlers
George Oguntade
George Onakkoor
George Onorato
George Oros
George Ortiz
George Orwell
George Osborne
George Owen Mackie
George P. Elliott
George P. Gunn
George P. Livanos
George Paginton
George Papadopoulos
George Pascoe-Watson
George Payne (actor)
George Pearce (Queensland politician)
George Peppard
George Perez (actor)
George Petalotis
George Petersen (biochemist)
George Petty-Fitzmaurice, 8th Marquess of Lansdowne
George Piștereanu
George Placzek
George Plimpton
George Plumptre
George Polk
George Poyser (politician)
George Prokopiou
George Pullicino
George Puscas (sports writer)
George Putnam (newsman)
George Quaintance
George R. C. Stuart
George R. Collins
George R. Dekle Sr.
George R. Gallagher
George R. R. Martin
George R. Roberts
George R. Selway
George Raft
George Rainsford (actor)
George Randolph Hearst
George Randolph Hearst III
George Randolph Hearst Jr.
George Rath
George Reeves
George Reid (Scottish politician)
George Reindorp
George Rieveschl
George Rivera
George Robert Johnston
George Robinson (Northern Ireland politician)
George Robson (rugby union)
George Rochester
George Roden
George Rodger
George Roy Hill
George Runner
George S Paul
George S. Coumantaros
George S. Eccles
George S. Irving
George S. Odiorne
George S. Pillsbury
George S. Vest
George S. Wise
George Saitoti
George Samuel Hurst
George Sanders
George Saunders
George Savalas
George Savarese
George Schlatter
George Scully Jr.
George Seaton
George Seawright
George Seay
George Segal
George Sewell
George Shapiro
George Shaw (academic dress scholar)
George Shaw Wheeler
George Sherman
George Shinn
George Shultz
George Siber
George Sidhom
George Simion
George Simms
George Skibine
George Smitherman
George Snyder (politician)
George Soros
George Souris
George Spangenberg
George Spencer-Churchill, Marquess of Blandford
George Stanley
George Stanley Rushbrooke
George Steiner
George Stephanopoulos
George Stephen Morrison
George Stevens Jr.
George Strauss
George Szanto
George Szirtes
George T. Ashe
George T. Frampton
George T. Kenney
George T. Masuda
George T. Ross
George T. Yang
George Tabori
George Takei
George Taylor Morris
George Thomas (Indian politician)
George Thomas Kottukapally
George Thompson Sekibo
George Tomasini
George Townshend, 7th Marquess Townshend
George Trakas
George Tscherny
George Tuccaro
George Ty
George Tyne
George V. Pixley
George Van Peursem
George Vecsey
George Vella
George Verwer
George Von Elm

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