30 years together - it’s not every day that you get to celebrate a milestone like this.

Across three decades, you’ll have shared countless memories, laughs, days out and evenings in together. Just think of everything that you’ve achieved together.

And it’s with precisely this spirit in mind that we celebrate anniversaries. Every single year, it gives us an opportunity to look back, and reflect on all those wonderful moments.

So, even though it’s been 30 years (and you may not be as gushy as newly-weds) there’s still plenty of cause for romance!

To help you make your 30th wedding anniversary a celebration to remember, our experts have created their guide to buying the perfect themed anniversary present. Below, we’ve explored the history behind these traditional gift themes, explored the new modern themes, and shared our top tips for picking the perfect present.

The history of 30 year wedding anniversaries - why pearl?

The first ‘official’ list of wedding anniversary themes was created in 1922, by the influential American writer Emily Post. In her book Etiquette, she listed themes for the anniversaries 1, 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25.

This list was based on a common Victorian practice of couples giving each other themed gifts, but it was Post who cemented the specific themes for each year.

The gaps in this list (including all of the early anniversaries and then one for every 5 years from the 25th to the 50th) were filled in 1937. This was when the American National Retail Jeweler Association provided an official update to Post’s list, where they’d filled in the gaps to include these missing themes). It was at this point that the 30th wedding anniversary theme made its way onto the list.

Traditional gift ideas for your 30th wedding anniversary

Pearl is a beautiful, mesmerising material, which lends itself to stunning presents - even if it wasn’t the theme for this year’s anniversary presents, your partner would still be thrilled!

Another thing that we adore about pearls is that they are a natural precious material, which means that every pearl is slightly unique. What could be a better symbol for love?

Choosing a pearl anniversary present is like playing poker with a deck of aces - you can’t lose!

There’s a whole world of pearl presents, and we’re here to help you narrow down your search. Below, you’ll find our experts’ top suggestions for stand-out 30th wedding anniversary gifts:

  • Pearl jewellery. This could be:
  • Earrings
  • Necklace
  • Bracelet
  • Brooch
  • Ring
  • Cufflinks
    • A mother of pearl photo frame
    • A personalised pearl-lined trinket box
    • A pearl tree wedding anniversary ornament
    • A gift of two freshwater pearls - simply gifted in a box, in their raw form
    • A bespoke framed print, telling your personal wedding story, decorated with pearls

    Where did modern wedding gift themes come from?

    Although pearl is the traditional gift theme for 30th wedding anniversaries, the modern wedding anniversary theme is quite a bit more pricey...

    This year, the modern wedding anniversary gift theme is diamond (to be fair, it has been 30 years…).

    But why does this alternative gift theme even exist?

    Well, modern wedding anniversary themes have become increasingly popular in recent years, as they put a 21st century twist on the traditional themes, to make them more relevant today.

    They’re designed to better reflect what materials are readily available to buy, and what items are now considered to be staple gifts for couples to give each other.

    If you’re prepared to fork out a bit, and want to go down the modern route, we’ve shared our top 5 tips for choosing the perfect modern anniversary gift. With these tips, your 30th wedding anniversary is sure to be the best one yet (no pressure):

    1. If you’re working with an artisan jeweller or gift creator, then ask the shop if they can personalise your item. Including names or a message makes a beautiful addition to a present.
    2. Look for a piece that fits your partner’s signature style. With a bit of careful choosing, your diamond gift will feel like it was made just for them.
    3. Who needs high street chains? Instead of going straight to a national chain, start your gift search with artisans, jewellery makers or other UK creatives.
    4. Use the internet for gift inspiration. Diamonds lend themselves to a huge range of gifts. A quick Google search will help you find a different, special diamond gift idea.
    5. The beady-eyed amongst you may have noticed that this is the return of the diamond theme, which appeared as diamond jewellery for the 10th anniversary. So, you may want to go down a different route to diamond jewellery. Try to think of something outside the box.

    Show your other half just how much you cherish them with a thoughtful themed present to mark this monumental occasion.

    With a themed anniversary present, you can pour sentimentality and personality into your gift, which unites your anniversary to those of other couples all over the country, while still giving it your own unique stamp.

    Be they modern or traditional, jewellery or keepsake, these themed presents are a wonderful addition to your anniversary celebrations.