Time flies by, especially when it comes to remembering anniversaries. Now, your wedding anniversary has rolled around again - for the third time, can you believe it?! - and it’s a wonderful opportunity to look back at everything you’ve achieved together since your wedding day.

It may have only been 3 years of wedded bliss, but if you’re already stuck for ideas for anniversary gifts, we have got you covered.

What is the traditional 3rd wedding anniversary theme?

The traditional 3rd wedding anniversary gift theme is leather. Leather is strong, flexible, secure and warming, hopefully elements that are abundant in your marriage after three years.

What is the modern 3rd wedding anniversary theme?

The modern 3rd year anniversary gift theme is crystal or glass. Crystal and glass are symbols of transparency, clarity and purity. Ideal attributes to strive for on your three-year anniversary!

What is the 3rd wedding anniversary stone?

Pearls are the traditional third wedding anniversary stone. We know, it's technically not a gemstone, but we don't make the rules! Pearls are one of the oldest known valuable stones and symbolize beauty and purity. We like that pearls are formed over time and can't be rushed, much like a successful marriage.

Leather sunflower

What is the third wedding anniversary flower?

Sunflowers are the traditional third wedding anniversary flower. As well as being positive and bright, sunflowers symbolize love, loyalty and longevity, making them a perfect gift to celebrate your special day! If you'd prefer to give a longer lasting gift, then glass sunflowers are a wonderful modern twist on this floral theme.

What is the 3 year wedding anniversary color?

Green. Green symbolizes lush development, progress and freshness, absolutely the things you want to embody as a couple.

Traditional leather gift ideas for your 3rd wedding anniversary

Leather is quite a versatile theme, so you're sure to find the perfect traditional gift for your leather anniversary. If you have any ethical objections to leather products, then vegan leather is an equally strong and durable material, which provides a great, eco-conscious and modern alternative for a leather anniversary gift.

If you're wanting to start small, then you could opt for something like bookmark, a leather keychain or a leather wallet/purse.

If your partner loves to travel, then a really thoughtful gift would be a leather passport holder or perhaps even leather travel luggage or a briefcase. To make it a really unique gift, you could get their initials stamped into the leather items.

If they're a writer or notetaker, then a quality leather notebook would make the perfect present... and a handwritten note on the first page would be the ideal way to remind them of your undying love!

Wanting to make a style statement with your 3rd anniversary gift? Well, how about a leather jacket or leather accessories (think belts, cufflinks or watch straps). There are so many leather gifts available in all sorts of styles, you're sure to find something perfect for your spouse.

Traditional three-year anniversary gifts for the home are slightly harder to find... a leather photo album could be a great option, or perhaps a leather bowl for car keys. There are wonderful options for leather placemats and drinks coasters, all of which can be customized so that they're uniquely for the love of your life.

A great thing about leather is that it’s easy to personalise. Leather is renowned for its soft and supple qualities, which means that it can be imprinted or embossed. Lots of online shops offer personalisation services for their leather wedding anniversary gifts - so be sure to keep an eye out for this option!

Leather is quite a tough (no pun intended!) DIY traditional anniversary theme, although DIY leather bag kits are available, which look like lots of fun and would make a wonderful gift (either for your spouse to make, or for you to gift to them once it's made). Alternatively, if they're looking for a new hobby, then you could always set them on their way with a leatherworking kit.

Modern crystal or glass 3rd wedding anniversary gift ideas

Glass or crystal gifts are a step up from the themes of year 1 and 2, but they are still affordable and easy-to-find materials. There are many ways in which you can play with this theme, so use your imagination, and have fun with it!

Vintage and second-hand shops are gold-mines for unique pieces of glass and crystal. Set aside plenty of time to search them - you’ll never know what gems you might find. Find something that fits your partner’s personality. If penguins are their favourite animal, keep an eye out for a cute glass penguin sculpture. Or, if green is their favourite colour, look for a dyed piece of glass.

The modern gift theme is really ideal for DIY 3 year anniversary gift ideas. If you’ve got an old wine or beer bottle, use online craft videos to turn it into an eco-conscious gift, such as wonderful fairy light holders or vases.

Don't forget to make it personal. Glass engraving is a widely available service. Adding your partner’s name, the date of your anniversary or perhaps even the lyrics from your favorite wedding song are wonderful personal touches.

3rd Anniversary Date Ideas

There are quite a few leatherworking kits available online, which would make a really unique 3rd anniversary date night idea. If you'd prefer the modern theme, then you could opt for a glass-based activity kit such as a stained-glass kit or perhaps a mosaic kit.

It's slightly tenuous (we love tenuous date ideas!), but you could book a wine or gin tasting course/evening for the two of you. It'd definitely include glasses and that is the theme after all!

The great thing about the tradition of themed wedding anniversaries is that they provide a helpful starting point, from which you can think of a thoughtful and inspired gift, which is at once classical and personal to you both.

Who needs cheap chocolates when you’ve got these themes to inspire you?