Congrats on hitting your 5 year anniversary!

Although it’s still early (in the grand scheme of things), your fifth year is your first major milestone of married life, so it’s definitely a cause for celebration of your love.

An anniversary is your chance to celebrate everything that you have achieved as a couple since your wedding date. You can look back, think about where you started, how far you’ve come, and everything you’re looking forward to in the future. Romance is founded upon sentimentality like this. That, and not taking each other for granted.

Below, we’ve explored the traditional wedding theme for traditional fifth-anniversary gifts, provided some handy anniversary gift inspiration, and shared the modern alternative theme, so that you’ve got plenty of options to choose from.

What is the traditional 5th wedding anniversary theme?

The traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift theme is wood. Wooden gifts symbolize strength and wisdom... and you've definitely used both those attributes to make it to your fifth anniversary of marriage!

What is the modern 5th wedding anniversary theme?

The modern 5th year anniversary gift theme is silverware. Silver represents strength and purity. As well as that, it's a beautiful metal, so it's a great way to treat your spouse on this special occasion!

Beautiful sapphire necklace

What is the 5th wedding anniversary stone?

Sapphire is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary stone. Sapphires symbolize love loyalty and fidelity. They're also very strong gemstones, able to withstand the pressure and knocks of life, much like successful married couples! Sapphire jewelry makes the perfect anniversary gift too!

What is the fifth wedding anniversary flower?

The daisy is the traditional fifth wedding anniversary flower. The daisy represents fidelity and long term love. While they're sometimes seen as ordinary or boring, they have really strong roots and are a wonderful metaphor for a happy couple.

What is the 5 year wedding anniversary color?

Blue and sometimes pink are the 5th anniversary colors. Blue is the color of trust and steadfastness, both elements that are abundant as your favorite couple do life as husband and wife.

Traditional wooden gift ideas for your 5th wedding anniversary

You’ll be relieved to know that the stress is over. No more searching for gifts at random - the theme of wood will give you a solid starting point to go off (no pun intended!).

Wood is a timeless material, which provides for a massive range of options to consider as you look for a traditional five-year anniversary gift. As far as wedding gift themes go, it's a perfect opportunity to find a special gift made of natural wood or perhaps even a hand made wooden gift!

It’s also incredibly easy to personalise. If you buy your wooden anniversary gift from a craftsperson, there’ll often be a personalisation option that comes with it. It’s extra touches like these that’ll make your great gift a knock-out.

This is a great opportunity to buy a home decor gift or wooden home accessories - you could opt for wooden bowls, cutting boards, coasters, tumblers, or a combination of all the above.

Wooden photo blocks or frames are a nice, simple way to celebrate your wood anniversary and can easily be engraved with a special message or lyrics from your spouse's favorite song. You could even get a photo from your wedding day printed out to put in the frame... a really fun way to remember the special day when you started out on this love story with your best friend.

DIY wooden gifts - if you want to try your hand at making a gift yourself, the internet is an invaluable resource and traditional 5th anniversary gifts are a perfect time to give it a try! We love this tutorial for making your own wooden ring (no power tools required!), or, if you don’t want to start from scratch, you can find easy-to-use traditional gift making kits.

There are plenty of options for beautiful jewellery wood anniversary gifts, from bracelets to necklaces to rings or even watches.

And, last but not least, you could give a living gift of a tree sapling - you can plant it in the garden, and watch it grow over the years to come, the perfect way to symbolize the two of you growing in your life together and getting stronger with every passing year.

Modern silverware 5th wedding anniversary gift ideas

This modern 5th wedding anniversary gifts theme was chosen to represent purity, strength, and togetherness (symbolising all of the meals that you’ll share together).

When choosing your silverware anniversary gift, don’t just settle for any old spoon! It may sound like a tricky theme, but it offers lots of scope for fun and creativity.

This is a perfect excuse to visit all your local vintage shops on the hunt for perfect 5 year anniversary gifts. These shops are filled with intricate, beautifully designed pieces of silverware and you’ll frequently find a one-of-kind piece, for a great price.

Look for matching sets and try to buy a matching set (even if it's just enough for the two of you) of silverware. Keep an eye out for unusual or eye-catching designs while being sure to choose an aesthetic that matches your home decor and your partner’s style.

If you're the handy sort, then this is a great opportunity to turn something old into something new - if you’re not the type of couple to have silverware for dining, you could reuse old vintage pieces and make funky coat hooks or decorations.

5th Anniversary Date Ideas

Your fifth anniversary is probably far enough along your marriage journey that you can safely use power tools in each other's presence! As such, a woodworking (or silversmithing) course is a wonderful way to learn a new skill together and create the perfect gift at the same time.

If you're more outdoorsy than crafty, then how about a walk in the woods (remember the traditional theme of wood!) or even a trip to your local arboretum or national park?

For a more luxurious alternative, how about afternoon tea served on silver platters? Either arranged by you at home or at a suitably fancy establishment.

Themed anniversary gifts are full of thought and sentiment - see this as your chance to show your other half just how much they mean to you. Don’t be afraid to be gushy! The best gifts are a great way to unlock your softer side and they only come around once a year.