We think Rita Rudner summed it up perfectly: “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

After 7 years as a happy couple, it won’t be all breakfast in bed and back massages. That's no excuse not to celebrate a special anniversary!

Romance is very much still on the cards, and your seventh anniversary is a perfect opportunity to celebrate how your personal love story as a married couple has grown over the past seven years. All the ups and downs, major milestones and little laughs you’ve shared since your wedding day.

What is the traditional 7th wedding anniversary theme?

The traditional 7th wedding anniversary gift theme is copper (US) or wool (UK). Copper is associated with protection, balance, and good luck - all essential components of any successful marriage. Wool symbolizes strength, comfort, and warmth - all traits that are important in any loving relationship.

What is the modern 7th wedding anniversary theme?

The modern 7th year anniversary gift theme is pens & pencils, also sometimes referred to as desk sets (although that's a little old fashioned in the modern world of hotdesking and remote working!).

What is the 7th wedding anniversary stone?

Onyx is the traditional seventh wedding anniversary stone. Onyx makes a great gift for your seventh year because it symbolizes strength, protection and good fortune. It has been used since ancient times as a stone of protection and endurance. In addition to its symbolism, onyx looks stunning in jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, bracelets, or rings. A perfect opportunity for a gorgeous 7th anniversary gift!

What is the seventh wedding anniversary flower?

The freesia is the traditional seventh wedding anniversary flower. It's a symbol of friendship and trust. The freesia was discovered by the Danish botanical collector Christian P. Ecklon, who christened the flower after his friend, the German botanist Dr. Friedrich Freese as a symbol of their fellowship. Freesias come in a wide range of colors and can be single or double blooms.

What is the 7 year wedding anniversary color?

Yellow is the 7th anniversary color. Yellow is the color of happiness, joy and friendship.

Traditional copper or wool gift ideas for your 7th wedding anniversary

Copper is a great option for traditional seventh anniversary gifts such as jewelry or artwork. A beautiful copper necklace or bracelet would make an elegant and perfect gift for your spouse. For a more unique gift option, consider getting a customized copper art piece like a wall sculpture or wind chime personalized with your initials and wedding date. Copper is also becoming increasingly popular in home décor, so you could give copper gifts like decorative vases, candle holders, planters, mugs, bowls and trays for the living room... or, if your spouse loves to cook or bake, then some copper cookware would make a really thoughtful gift.

Although the wool anniversary isn’t an ideal theme (it’s far less readily available now than it was 100 years back), there’s still plenty of room for imagination. For a cozy and romantic gift idea, consider giving your spouse a custom-made wool throw blanket or scarf. You could even get creative (or cheesy!) and design matching sweaters for you and your spouse to wear on special occasions. You could also give a unique handmade wool anniversary gift such as hand-knitted slippers or a custom-made rug. These gifts are not only thoughtful but can be used in the home for years to come, making them both practical and sentimental. Or, if you love to snuggle up together even after such a long time as a married couple, get a cute personalised couple’s wool blanket, with your initials added! Last, but not least, everyone loves some woollen socks, especially if you live in colder areas.

Modern pens/pencils and desk sets 7th wedding anniversary gift ideas

Although slightly old-fashioned nowadays, desk sets are both practical and stylish. They provide an elegant décor piece for any home office or workspace, while also offering useful organizational components like pen holders, paper trays, letter openers, and more. If you know your partner loves to stay organized and keep their desk neat and tidy, a modern desk set could make the perfect seven-year anniversary gift. Plus, every time they use it they'll be reminded of you! You can choose the exact pieces that will make up the set - from leather-bound notebooks to vintage letter opener sets - and even engrave them with special messages or quotes. This adds an extra special touch that will make sure your partner knows how much you care about them on this special day! One key tip is to avoid mass-produced desk sets. Instead, a look online and in antique shops will help you find something really special.

You could expand the theme by thinking of what their desk or office is currently missing. It could be a humorous desk accessory, or something practical, which they’d enjoy using (perhaps an insulated coffee mug or a photo mouse pad).

If they like drawing or sketching, then this is the ideal anniversary gift to stock up their sketch pencil and drawing kit. And, if all else fails, you could buy them a really fancy fountain pen which would be sure to last them for many years to come!

7th Anniversary Date Ideas

This really is the perfect anniversary for a practical and crafty date night. The wool theme means you could spend a romantic evening knitting each other your own traditional 7th anniversary gifts. Don't worry if you've never done it before, kits are available online that make it easy!

The modern pen/pencil and desk set 7 year anniversary gifts theme is ideally suited to a couple's art class or an evening drawing or writing. Much like the paper anniversary, this is a great chance to write each other a love letter or poem reminding your spouse (and you!) what you love about each other. If you prefer drawing to writing, then how about a life-drawing evening? Completely up to you as to how risqué you'd like to make it!

The copper anniversary gifts theme makes for a slightly more difficult date night, but you could interpret it liberally to include cooking a delicious meal together, which is always a fun way to spend an evening.

Whether you decide to go modern, or stick with the traditional theme, we hope you have fun choosing your sentimental, thoughtful 7th wedding anniversary gift.

Although these traditional gift themes may sound a bit challenging, they are a brilliant, completely blank canvas. Using these themes, you can find a special gift idea, which you would never have thought of otherwise!

Plus, by putting your personal spin on the wedding anniversary theme, you can really showcase what makes you unique as a couple. Cute, right?

No matter how you choose to spend your seventh wedding anniversary, it's sure to be a memorable one! Take this opportunity to bask in the accomplishments of your marriage so far and look forward to many more years filled with love & happiness ahead. Congrats on making it this far - here’s to many more amazing years together!