Can you believe it’s already been 8 years since your wedding day? If this doesn’t sound like that long to you, try thinking of it this way - that’s a whole 2,920 days together (that’s right, we did the math).

What’ll blow your mind even more is thinking about everything that you’ve achieved in this time. It could be new additions to the family, new homes, furry friends, holidays, jobs, or just countless happy memories. So don’t even think about letting your eighth anniversary go un-celebrated. This day is your chance to celebrate everything that you’ve done together since you said ‘I do’.

To help you unleash your sentimental (and possibly, slightly soppy) side, we’ve shared our guide to celebrating your 8th wedding anniversary in style.

Below, we’ve shared our expert tips for choosing 8th anniversary gifts (either modern lace or linen gift or a traditional bronze anniversary gift, your choice!) and the history behind these fun anniversary traditions.

Whoever said romance was dead!?

What is the traditional 8th wedding anniversary theme?

The traditional 8th anniversary gift themes are bronze in the US and salt in the UK. Copper and tin are combined to create bronze, which is a lovely metaphor for marriage. The bronze anniversary is a perfect time to reflect on how the happy couple have combined to create a combination that is more than the some of its parts. Salt symbolizes a pure, healthy relationship... in the same way that salt brings out the best in food, it's a powerful reminder for you and your spouse to bring out the best in each other.

What is the modern 8th wedding anniversary theme?

The modern 8th year anniversary gift theme is lace or linen. Linen is usually brilliant white, representing truthfulness and purity. Lace is a wonderfully complementing material, symbolizing beauty, graciousness and elegance.

What is the 8th wedding anniversary stone?

Tourmaline is the traditional eighth wedding anniversary stone. This beautiful gemstone can be found in a variety of different colors, including a multi-colored gem. They're great for all sorts of jewellery from earrings to necklaces.

What is the eighth wedding anniversary flower?

Clematis is the traditional 8th wedding anniversary flower. This stunning bloom symbolizes the beauty of ingenuity or intelligence. They come in all sorts of colors, from blues, pinks and purples to reds, whites and even bi-color too. It's a wonderfully long-lasting flowering plant too - it first flowers within the first few months of the year and lasts all the way up to fall.

What is the 8 year wedding anniversary color?

Bronze is the color for the eight wedding anniversary. As well as many of the same reasons that make it the traditional gift choice, bronze as a color symbolizes warmth and strength, both hopefully things you have in abundance in your marriage.

Traditional bronze or salt anniversary gift ideas for your 8th anniversary

We're not going to mince our words, bronze is quite a tricky anniversary gift theme! Apart from the obvious bronze sculpture or ornament, it's hard to come up with really wonderful gift ideas for this traditional theme. Not to worry, we'll help you with ideas to come up with a great eight-year anniversary gift!

Bronze can be used to make beautiful jewellery pieces, especially bracelets. A matching pair of bracelets to mark the special occasion could make a great 8th anniversary gift for the special couple.

If your spouse is the sentimental type, then how about getting your wedding vows (or maybe the lyrics from their favorite love song) etched on to a brass plaque for a unique gift with a personalized touch?

And, although we suggested they were rather obvious eighth anniversary traditional gifts, there are some lovely options for bronze sculptures and ornaments, so don't discount them if you're wanting to go the traditional route.

Salt is definitely not the easiest of themes, but there are a lot of fun things that can be done.

Himalayan salt lamps have been a big trend in recent years, thanks to their soft colours and warm, cosy light. They are available in a variety of colors and styles, so be sure to choose one that best suits the style and ambience of your home.

If your partner takes regular baths, then a delightful set of bath salts could make an ideal gift, perhaps along with a scented sea salt candle for the idea bath time.

Alternatively, if they love to cook, then how about a cooking salt collection or maybe a new cookbook? And what's especially great about those as thoughtful gift options is that you'll be able to benefit from them too!

Modern lace or linen 8th wedding anniversary gifts

So, for this year’s modern eighth anniversary gift theme, you’ve got to find gifts made of either lace or linen. In recent years, linen has experienced a huge surge in popularity, which means there are lots of options out there for you to choose from!

Linen is a perfect modern theme for homeware. Cushions, blankets and wall decorations are all available in chic, neutral linen. We would always suggest that you support linen sellers that are committed to using ethically sourced and eco-conscious fabric. Be sure to make it match you spouse's style. Find prints and patterns that fit your partner’s unique aesthetic as those are more likely to make the best 8 year anniversary gifts.

Lace is great for clothing. Cute lace is having a bit of a comeback, particularly in dress collars and evening tops. It's definitely harder to find lace-themed gifts for guys, so if you're buying for him then maybe it's best to stick with linen (although we have seen some lovely lace cufflinks if you're looking for a practical gift)! There are also a wide range of beautiful lace flowers and decorations that would make a lovely gift to celebrate this special anniversary.

8th anniversary date & activity ideas

Playing on the salt theme, you could book a cooking course with a restaurant, bakery or hotel. It's a great twist on the theme, and is an activity that could make for a wonderful date night and be the perfect way to celebrate your bronze wedding anniversary together.

Alternatively, depending on how adventurous you're feeling, a trip to the home of lace could involve a romantic trip to France. Or maybe even Greece or Egypt, where they've been producing fabrics for thousands of years. Don't worry, the whole trip can be a romantic getaway without the need to actually visit factories... these themes are just an excuse for 8th wedding anniversary celebrations after all!

With this wealth of gift inspiration at your disposal, you’ve got everything you could possibly need to make this anniversary one to remember.

Although they are a pretty unusual custom, there’s something wonderful about wedding anniversary themes. They provide a fun starting point, from which you can test your imagination, and put your own stamp on a gift.

It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your special day, and showcase the personal love story that makes the two of you completely unique and a wonderful pair of humans.