Can you believe it’s already been 8 years?

If this doesn’t sound like that long to you, try thinking of it this way - that’s a whole 2920 days together (that’s right, we did the maths).

What’ll blow your mind even more is thinking about everything that you’ve achieved in this time. It could be new additions to the family, new homes, furry friends, holidays, jobs, or just countless happy memories.

So don’t even think about letting your anniversary go un-celebrated.

This day is your chance to celebrate everything that you’ve done together since you said ‘I do’.

To help you unleash your sentimental (and possibly, slightly soppy) side, we’ve shared our guide to celebrating your 8th wedding anniversary in style.

Below, we’ve shared our expert tips for choosing a themed gift (either modern or traditional, your call!) and the history behind these fun anniversary traditions.

Whoever said romance was dead!?

The history of 8 year wedding anniversaries - why salt?

Seems pretty odd that we give each other salt to celebrate 8 years together. And actually, it seems even odder when you realise that couples have been doing it for almost a hundred years…

The theme for the 8th wedding anniversary was added to the official list by The American National Retail Jeweler Association in 1937.

Interestingly, this wasn’t a theme that was on the first list of wedding anniversary themes. In 1922, Emily Post published a book called Etiquette. In it, she cemented each anniversary with its own theme. This was already a popular trend, but it wasn’t till Post’s book that the themes were made official.

However, the first list skipped all of the anniversaries from years 5-10, so it wasn’t until the 1937 update that we saw the 8th anniversary’s theme added to the list.

Traditional gift ideas for your 8th wedding anniversary

If you’ve been doing your research, you might have seen that a few different materials came up for the 8th wedding anniversary theme.

So, just to clarify, the theme for the UK is salt, but Americans have a different theme. In America, the theme for the eighth wedding anniversary is pottery and bronze. So, don’t let this trip you up!

Bet you wish you got the pottery theme instead though, what on earth do you do with salt?

Well, don’t fret - our experts have shared their ideas with us.

It’s definitely not the easiest of themes, but there’s a lot of fun things that you can do with salt. To get you started, here is our list of 8th anniversary gift ideas:

  • A salt lamp
  • Himalayan salt lamps have been a big trend in recent years, thanks to their soft colours and warm, cosy light.
  • Luxury bath salts
  • A rock salt scented candle
  • A natural salt tasting collection - perfect for a keen cook!
  • Cooking courses
  • Booking a cooking course with a restaurant, bakery or hotel is a great twist on the theme, and is an activity that you’ll love doing together.

Where did modern wedding gift themes come from?

Just to make things even more confusing, if you have previously Googled the 8th wedding anniversary theme, you may have ALSO seen lace and linen.

With year 8, not only are there two different themes for the UK and US, but there are also two materials for the modern anniversary theme version.

How come?

Well, the list of modern anniversary themes was created in recent years, to give couples an alternative theme that they could use.

This is because many of the traditional themes are slightly odd, outdated, or difficult to buy (salt being a prime example of this challenge). So, the modern list gives couples the chance to choose more current and relevant gifts, while still getting to enjoy all the fun of buying gifts to fit a theme.

So, for this year’s modern wedding anniversary theme, you’ve got to find gifts made of either lace or linen.

In recent years, linen has experienced a huge surge in popularity, which means there’s lots of options out there for you to choose from!

To help you do something really special with this theme, have a read of our 5 top tips for choosing a modern fifth wedding anniversary gift:

  1. Look for sustainable brands. Support linen sellers that are committed to using ethically sourced and eco-conscious fabric.
  2. Make it match their style. Find prints and patterns that fit your partner’s unique aesthetic.
  3. Linen is perfect for homeware. Cushions, throws and wall decorations are all available in chic, neutral linen.
  4. Lace is great for clothing. Cute lace is having a bit of a comeback, particularly in dress collars and evening tops.
  5. Search for unique, high quality pieces, made by the UK’s brilliant indie businesses.

8th anniversary gift? Nailed it.

With this wealth of gift inspiration at your disposal, you’ve got everything you could possibly need to make this anniversary one to remember.

Although they are a pretty unusual custom, there’s something wonderful about wedding anniversary themes. They provide a fun starting point, from which you can test your imagination, and put your own stamp on a gift.

It’s a beautiful way to celebrate your love, and showcase what makes you two completely unique.