Choosing your wedding theme and colours is a fabulous way to show off your wedding style! Lots of couples are choosing to take things to the next level and inject their personality into as many wedding day aspects as they can. There are lots of fabulous ways to personalise your wedding venue so that you’re hosting your Big Day in a space that feels like your own. We’ve created a list of unique ways to do just that with your decor, food and activities.

Choose interesting centrepieces

If flowers are your thing, then select floral centrepieces with meaning to you and colours that you love! You could even think outside the box and opt for something even more unique to you than flowers. We’ve seen vintage books, edible centrepieces, lego arrangements, and lots of other creative ways couples are injecting their own personality!

Create a unique dancefloor experience

A dramatic way to personalise your wedding venue is with your dancefloor. You could hire a gorgeous checkered dancefloor or sprinkle petals all over the space the venue provides. Hang sparkling stars or origami birds from the ceiling, or draw everybody’s attention to the floor with a personal decal. Get everyone grooving with some fun dancefloor props!

Use lights

Personalise your wedding venue with the magic of light! Hang pretty naked bulbs above your seating area, set up a fairy lights curtain behind your head table or go crazy with light up letters of your initials. We love seeing LED lights in the couple’s favourite colour illuminating the walls. And even better when there’s a monogrammed gobo light!

Have fun with signs

Show off your personality with the words you choose to display on your wedding signs. If you love puns, use them in as many places as you can! Use your signs to extend your wedding theme. For example, travel themed weddings can include maps, globes and cute explorer-inspired quotes.

Create a photo wall

One fabulous way to personalise your wedding venue is with a photo wall! There are a number of ways to achieve the look. You could search for photos before your Big Day, using photos of you and your other half hanging out with your guests (thank goodness for social media making it easy to find all these photos!). Another option is to set up a photobooth. Get your guests to pose and snap them with a Polaroid or Instax camera. Then display the photos in a pretty photo wall! Don’t forget the props, which will make the experience all that more personalised.

Choose unique table names

Instead of numbers, how about table names? This is one way to incorporate your wedding theme into your decor and overall wedding experience. Use the names of your favourite songs, TV shows, countries you’ve travelled to as a couple, or even table numbers with photos of you and your other half as children at that age.

Serve your favourite food

Your wedding venue probably comes with an incredible caterer who would be more than willing to accommodate your individual requests. Serve the fancy wedding food if that’s your style. But if not, don’t shy away from mac and cheese, pizza, and cookies if that’s what you like. DIY food bars are also a fabulous way to personalise your wedding venue and the way guests mingle while they eat.

Have an unusual wedding cake

And keep it on display for as long as you can! We love seeing unique wedding cakes on display in the middle of the reception throughout dinner. Guests won’t be able to keep their eyes off of it. While you’re at it, opt for a personalised cake topper too. You could use your initials, a custom cake topper that looks just like you, or even a cute saying.

Create a dessert station

Speaking of cake, that might not be your thing and that’s totally ok. If you’d rather serve something else instead of cake, why not go for a dessert station? Think about all your favourite things - chocolate brownies, cake pops, cheesecake, tiramisu - and serve them all!