If you are using an approved venue like a hotel for the ceremony and reception or even, just the reception, remember that the Christmas season starts in November for many hotels; this will impact on rates and the availability of dates as late November and December are popular for office functions and parties and this can extend past New Year and into January.

If you choose December for your wedding, bear in mind that many venues will be decorated for Christmas (which may not be the look you want) and you could be sharing a large venue with noisy Christmas parties in adjoining function rooms.

Winter weddings can be uniquely festive and the traditional colours associated with Christmas such as deep red, dark green, silver and gold can make an amazing colour palette for winter brides and the perfect backdrop for other rich shades of dark blue and purple.

The opulent look is perfect at a winter wedding so use fabrics like velvet and satin to create a real luxurious feel and add a touch of glamour.

Weather can be a problem at any time of year but there are some unique challenges associated with the winter to bear in mind, particularly if you are getting married in a remote or rural location. Deeply rural wedding venues may have measures in place to avoid wedding guests slipping and sliding on icy or snowy surfaces but they can’t manage the surrounding road network so have an emergency plan to be able to get your guests where they need to be if the roads become impassable. A few 4x4s could be the answer.

Severe weather events are more likely in the winter such as storms and flooding so do your research when you pick a date and make sure you have wedding insurance which covers you against cancellation due to bad weather. This is different from the venue cancelling because their kitchens have been flooded or there is a power cut; if you can’t reach the venue because of bad conditions, make sure your insurer will cover this scenario, particularly for country weddings or weddings in very remote locations.

A winter wedding isn’t better than a summer wedding, it’s just different. Both offer romance and atmosphere in a completely unique way and lend themselves to different colours and decorations, styles and design. Most brides instinctively have a preference about when they would like to get married but it is just worth considering all the options on the calendar as a winter wedding could be just a little less predictable and more unique.