Congratulations, you are getting married! Your wedding day may be a moment you have dreamed about for a long time. However, with the cost of weddings going up every year you might not be surprised to find that some parts of a wedding are even more expensive than you imagined. In order to avoid going into massive debt for your wedding, set a budget and stick to it, sometimes easier said than done!

Limit the Guest List
You may want to invite everyone you know to your wedding, but the cost can shoot up very quickly. Set the number of people you can afford to invite, then narrow your guest list down to that number. You can always arrange to meet others after the wedding to talk about your special day. Alternatively get creative with the events on the day… perhaps invite some guests to the church/civil ceremony but not to the formal meal. That will save on catering costs but still enable people to get involved in your big day. You can also have evening-only guests, again saving on catering costs but ensuring people are able to celebrate with you by dancing the night away!

Look at the Calendar
The wedding season is during the spring and summertime. If you have a wedding outside of those seasons, wedding vendors may charge less for their services. If you are planning a destination wedding, check to see when their off-season begins. Venues that are popular during the winter may be available at a cheaper price during the summer. And regardless of the season you choose, vendors sometime offer a significant discount for midweek weddings.

Print Invitations Yourself
You can order invitations online and save money compared to local vendors. If you are creative, you can find fancy fonts online and design the invitations yourself. Print the invitations out on card stock and invite some friends to help you with labelling envelopes and mailing invitations. Make a fun evening of it… you can provide the pizza and wine in return for their labour!

Explore Music Options
Hiring a live band to perform at your wedding may not be possible on your budget. Instead, contact DJs and ask them what their rates are. Be sure to let them know how long you want them to perform so they can give you an accurate quote. Ask the DJ if they offer a discount if you pay the full cost in advance.

Do Something Different with the Cake
Instead of having a large cake to serve, consider using a smaller cake for a display. Some bakeries can even decorate a large styrofoam cake for pictures. Then, have sheet cakes cut and served to your guests. Also, consider serving cupcakes instead of cake slices.